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Characters/Actors gone from Daytime too soon

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Liz Curtis

Val Grant

Samantha Evans

Jonah Carver

Bill Horton


Justus Ward/Monti Sharp

Alan Quartermaine

Georgie Jones

Simone/Stephanie E. Williams


Jerry Douglas & John Abbott

Diane Jenkins

Traci Abbott

Nathan Hastings

Mamie Johnson


Clarke Garrison


The Forrester Girls

Betty White

Honorable Mentions to actors: Ellen Parker, Alice Barrett, Petronia Paley, Amelia Marshall, Jonelle Allen, Anna Holbrook, Randy Brooks, Russell Curry, Joan Pringle, and a few others I loved.

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I just wanted to put Jason Gerhardt and Kodi Kitchen out there becuz I truly miss both of them. Wish Cooper hadnt been killed off which would have prevented us from the awful (imho) Spixie pairing

And to this day i still hold a grudge against rc and fv for firing KK a few days after stating in the press there would be no more firing. I think Maggie wurth could have turned into a really great character.

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I agree with Jason Gerhardt. I feel like they should've explored as to whether or not he was a relative of Brenda, and he was one of the two pairings (Jesse Beaudry being the other) I liked that Maxie had. I'm glad Georgie is being mentioned as she too should have never been murdered. I'll add Logan Hayes to that list too.


Jeremy Horton

Nick Fallon


Jamie Vernon

Phillip (Chance) Chancellor

Ronan Malloy

Brock Reynolds

Mackenzie Browning


I mentioned this the other day but Frannie & Sabrina Hughes. These two characters should've been brought back and led the show till it's bitter end.

Scott Eldridge

Brad Snyder

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Amanda Setton as Kim on OLTL: RC created her and inevitably would have ruined her, but in the right hands, Kim could have been almost as glorious as classic Tina. Setton is a very rare example of a green actor I wouldn't mind watching grow on my dime, so to speak.

Similarly, Roya Megnot should have been a daytime superstar, her Ava was like Tina and Erica rolled into one.

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How Clarke Garrison from B&B gone too soon when he had a run on the show for nearly 20 years before being bumped off contract? Ditto with Alan Quartermaine. Likewise Diane on Y&R had a lengthy run. When I think gone too soon, I think of people that were written out rather quickly, like within 3 or less years, not survived decades

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Just actors, not characters smile.png

Margaret Colin - ATWT

John O'Hurley - AMC

Amelia Marshall - GL and Passions

Charlotte Ross - DAYS

Christopher Cousins - OLTL

Sherri Saum - OLTL

Jason Brooks - DAYS

Tim Stickney - OLTL

Brett Claywell - OLTL

Scott Evans - OLTL

Daphnee Duplaix - OLTL

Justin Bruening - AMC

Rodney Van Johnson - Passions

Kerry Butler - OLTL

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Karen Witter - OLTL

Dan Gauthier - OLTL

Alexandra Wilson - Another World

Clayton Prince - Another World

I never watched the Edge of Night cause that was before my time. But since Holland Taylor and Frances Fisher were on it I can add them too since I love them! They haven't been on daytime since!

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Not to split hairs, but Holland Taylor later appeared on ALL MY CHILDREN as Agatha, who designed Erica's outfits for her Metropolitan Museum of Art gig; and Frances Fisher was later on GUIDING LIGHT as Suzette Saxon, and more recently on DAYS as a crazy neighbor to Sami (I think).

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