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Resused Soap Sets

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I am told that the home of Mary and Jim Matthews on Another World had been used on either Our Five Daughters or Young Doctor Malone. (I think that it was Young Doctor Malone.)

Also, several times Dark Shadows fans could see part of a set or one of the props being used on Ryan's Hope. (especially during the early years of Ryan's Hope)

One specific scene has always remained in my brain. Ryan's Hope showed Nick Szabo's home or his funeral home. The doors were the same as the doors of Collinwood on Dark Shadows. In that same scene, Nick gives Delia a music box, and the music box is the same one that Josette had on Dark Shadows (even playing the same tune).

Many years later on One Life to Live, I am almost sure that the basement of Collinwood set used on Dark Shadows was used on One Life to Live.

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