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Big Brother (Live Feeds/Other Spoilers)

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Figured this would help a lot of folks out. =]



Week 1 - HOH: McCrae - PoV: McCrae

Nominees: Candice, Jessie - MVP Nomination: David - Replacement Nomination: Elissa

Eviction: David (First Evictee)

Have Nots: Elissa, Helen, Andy, Howard, Jessie

Week 2 - HOH: Aaryn (Jeremy) - PoV: Jeremy

Nominees: Elissa, Helen - MVP Nomination: Jeremy - Replacement MVP Nomination: Nick

Eviction: Nick (15th Place)

Have Nots: Elissa, Helen, Andy, Candice

Week 3 - HOH: Helen - PoV: Kaitlin

Nominees: Jeremy, Kaitlin - MVP Nomination: Spencer - Replacement Nomination: Aaryn

Eviction: Jeremy (14th Place)

Have Nots: Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Judd

Week 4 - HOH: Judd - PoV: Elissa

Nominees: Kaitlin, Aaryn - America's Nomination: Elissa - America's Replacement Nomination: Gina Marie

Eviction: Kaitlin (13th Place)

Have Nots: Andy, Jessie, Candice, Spencer

Week 5 - HOH: Aaryn [Amanda's Nominations] - PoV: Spencer

Nominees: Howard, Spencer - America's Nomination: Amanda - Replacement Nomination: Candice

Eviction: Howard (12th Place)

Have Nots: Candice, Amanda, Judd, Gina Marie

Week 6 Part 1 - HOH: Gina Marie [Amanda's Nominations] - PoV: Jessie (Judd)

Nominees: Candice, Jessie - America's Nomination: Amanda - Replacement Nomination: Spencer

Eviction: Candice (11th Place - 1st Juror)

Have Nots: None


Week 6 Part 2 - HOH: Aaryn [Amanda's Nominations] - PoV: Aaryn

Nominees: Jessie, Spencer - Replacement Nomination: Judd

Eviction: Judd (Production Interference)

Week 7 - HOH: Andy [Amanda's Nominations] - PoV: Andy

Nominees: Jessie, Spencer

Eviction: Jessie (10th Place - 2nd Juror)

Have Nots: Elissa, Helen, Gina Marie, Aaryn


Week 8 - HOH: Aaryn [Amanda's Nominations] - PoV: Elissa

Nominees: Elissa, Helen - Replacement Nomination: Spencer

Eviction: Helen (9th Place - 3rd Juror)

Have Nots: Elissa, Helen, Gina Marie, Amanda


Week 9 - HOH: Elissa - PoV: Amanda

Nominees: Aaryn, McCrae - Replacement Nomination: Andy

Eviction: Aaryn (8th Place - 4th Juror)


Week 10 Part 1 - HOH: Gina Marie - PoV: McCrae

Nominees: Amanda, McCrae - Replacement Nomination: Spencer

Eviction: Amanda (7th Place - 5th Juror)


Week 10 Part 2 - HOH: McCrae - PoV: Judd

Nominees: Elissa, Gina Marie

Eviction: Elissa (6th Place - 6th Juror)


Week 11 Part 1: - HOH: Spencer - PoV: McCrae

Nominees: McCrae, Gina Marie - Replacement Nominee: Judd

Eviction: Judd (5th Place - 7th Juror ; Originally: 10th Place - 2nd Juror)


Week 11 Part 2: HOH: Andy - PoV: Andy

Nominees: McCrae, Spencer

Eviction: McCrae (4th Place - 8th Juror)


Week 12: [HOH Part 1: Gina Marie; HOH Part 2: Andy; HOH Part 3: Andy] FINAL HOH: Andy

Nominees: Spencer, Gina Marie

Eviction: Spencer (3rd Place - 9th and Final Juror)







(5) Aaryn - 4 HOH's, 1 PoV

(5) McCrae - 2 HOH's, 3 PoV's

(5) Andy - 3 HoH's, 2 PoV's

(3) Elissa - 1 HOH - 2 PoV's

(2) Gina Marie - 2 HOH's

(2) Spencer, Judd - 1 HOH, 1 PoV

(1) Helen - 1 HOH

(1) Jeremy, Kaitlin, Jessie, Amanda - 1 PoV

GIRLS (14 = 8 HOH, 6 PoV) - vs BOYS (15 = 7 HOH, 8 PoV)


(9) Spencer - Record for most Nominations in a Season

(5) Elissa

(4) Gina Marie, McCrae, Jessie

(3) Amanda, Aaryn, Candice

(2) Judd, Aaryn, Helen, Kaitlin, Jeremy

(1) Andy, Howard, David, Nick

CASH ACCUMULATION *excluding taxes*

Andy: 500,000 [Winner of BB15] + 94.83 [Prize] = $500,094.83

Gina Marie: 50,000 [2nd Place] = $50,000.00

Elissa: 25,000 [America's Favorite House Guest] + 13,000 [Jury] = $38,000.00

Spencer: 10,000 [Prize] + Bahamas Trip For 2 [Prize] + 13,000 [Jury] = $23,000.00 + Bahamas Trip for 2

McCrae: 5,000 [Prize] + 13,000 [Jury] = $18,000.00

Judd: 5,000 [Prize] + 13,000 [Jury] = $18,000.00

Candice: 5,000 [Prize] + 13,000 [Jury] = $18,000.00

Amanda: 13,000 [Jury] = $13,000.00

Jessie: 13,000 [Jury] = $13,000.00

Helen: 13,000 [Jury] = $13,000.00

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From what I'm reading, Kaitlin is a racist c*nt. She's said the n-word about three times already.

Arryn is becoming unhinged and possessive. She'll be an early boot.

AmanDUH is Liza 2.0. Hopefully she goes soon.

Jessie is too focused on Jeremy rather than winning. I hope she goes first.

I pray that Elissa and Candice make it through the week and ban together. I feel that these two will be the only ones that break away from the mob.

Jeremy needs to go next with dull ass Spencer next.

McRae is already irking my nerves after having won me over last night. He can go pre jury too.

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This season has been AMAZING so far. This cast is seriously delivering.

I hate the girls for being so [!@#$%^&*] catty instead of banding together and I am rooting so hard for Elissa or David to win the POV. Jessie and Kaitlin are just stupid catty whores but Amanda's cattiness is diabolical and her telling Elissa to just give up but saying it as if it were heartfelt advice was hilarious.

They cast a lot of strong personalities and I could see this being one of the best seasons.

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Showmances for sure are Arryn/David & Jeremy bouncing back in forth between C*ntlin and Jessie, hence why they're frenemies. Judd wants Gina but she really wants Nick.

Kudos to Howard & Spencer. They're realizing that it's better to keep Candice and Elissa. Candice bc she loathes Amanda, and Elissa bc she'll most likely win MVP every week and they can use that to their advantage.

Howard is the one to win IMO.

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Did you not see the meme I posted? "America" is Grodner. I loathed Rachel during her initial season but w/o Brendon, she's more mellow and she was WAY better than him on TAR.

McCrae won POV, now let's see if he sticks to what he told Candice and takes her down and put up Elissa.

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