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AMC: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Discussion Thread

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Everyone who's all squeamish about the Cassandra storyline look at it this way, this storyline could potentially give Debbi, Darnell and Sal Emmy nominations and could give AMC a nom for Outstanding Drama next year and it's only the THIRD week and we are getting awesome performances from EVERYONE.. this shows that PP is doing a phenomenal job with AMC after it was slaughtered year after year on ABC

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*Oh my goodness..a sleazy side of Zach. LOVE IT.

*AJ is so hurt over his dad not recognising him.

*Looks like JR's getting all the info from that night.

*The camera work where Angie just walks the PVH hallways alone slowly falling into tears was magnificent.

*Dixie is all up on David's face.

*Is JR faking remorse? David even calls the memory loss as a ruse.

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