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OLTL: Monday, May 6, 2013 Episode Discussion

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Sometimes people don't listen. LOL! ;)

I thought the first week was just okay. I didn't really like Victor's re-introduction/reunion with his family - he just comes in and punches Todd? I thought the revelation could've been more dramatic or soapy. Dorian's storyline doesn't interest me either.

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I found todays episode underwhelming.

It was still good but idk. I dont like the whole Todd/Victor direction. But i guess attempted revenge is necesarry.

Im glad Natalie was on.

I can use a break from Jeffrey.

And most importantly Destiny better [!@#$%^&*] be on tomorrow! :@

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Me too. And wtf, Matthew going in on his girl? UGH.

Loved Jack's "Can you get out of my way?" and Dani and Jack playfully hitting each other.

ETA: OMG I just noticed them playfully threatening each other with the knives laugh.png Shelter looks nice as a restaurant haha.

The cameras watching Todd and Victor are freaky.

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