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B&B May Sweeps

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Steffy/Hope/Liam: The newly weds start their happy life together but is Hope ready to give up? Prepare for an unanticipated heart-wrenching twist that will rock all involved.

Brooke/Bill/Katie/Bridget: Bill attempts to set aside his feelings for Brooke and recommit to his marriage. However, Brooke may be unable to keep their tryst a secret. When Bridget calls Brooke and tells her she's coming for a visit, Brooke devises a plan of her own.

Maya/Rick: These two are falling more in love despite Caroline’s antics.

Caroline: Caroline throws a fashion show for charity and uses Rick, Oliver, Thomas, Marcus, and Carter as models. But there’s a catch to her event.

Dollar Bill: Enlisted by Caroline, Dollar Bill brings Maya’s ex to town to keep Maya away from Rick.

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Brad needs to put the pen down and step away from B&B b/c the crap he is churning out is making his dad spin in his grave.

First of all, if Bill is so "in love" with Brooke (or Katie), why does he constantly inflict pain on Brooke's kids? Bill interjecting in other people's lives is getting old and is a major turn off. Have Katie or someone plug a bullet in that a**, have him grow as character, and move on. Otherwise, it's rinse, wash, repeat, and this fan is thisclose to bidding B&B adieu.

Another example of rinse, wash, repeat is Steffy/Hope/Liam. This triangle is NOTHING like Brooke/Ridge/Taylor in their heyday. Ridge at least loved one woman for 6 mths to year before yearning for the other woman. Liam; however, yearns for a different woman every 2 weeks. It's jarring and (again) I'm over it. Please bring my Hope a NEW man (or put her back with Oliver), so she can get over Liam for good.

Caroline. . . meh. Rick & Maya, on the other hand, hot! I hope that this doesn't pan out to be another insta-couple for the moment like my Dayzee & Thomas, who I still want together. I want Ricky & Maya to be together for the long haul.

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