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Yeah, Brook Lynn Hytes definitely. And I can see Nina West slide into the top 3 inconspicuously. 


Agreed that Miss Vanjie is good for entertainment and commentary, but as a drag queen, so basic and unpolished. How many times must she wear a leotard? Side note: She was in town last weekend and I saw her performances online --- it was bad. She's lucky she has the personality to keep people entertained. 


I feel for Evie and her medical condition and hope she goes far.  Meanwhile, Rerun from What's Happening is another that can be funny, but also thinks way too much of herself and her looks are basic. 


Snatch Game was a disappointment. Rerun Silky should've gone with an Oprah or Monique instead.  Nina's was the best. It's rare when a queen chooses someone obscure to impersonate and it goes well. Jinkx Monsoon's Little Edie was the best. 

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32 minutes ago, j swift said:

BH had a couple of other highlights.  We got to catch up with the Work of Art: The Next Great Artist's China Chow (an old Bravo favorite of mine).  She's dating Billy Idol who is not aging gracefully but still may look better than John Mellencamp these days.  I was interested to see backstage at The Greek.  They've redecorated the green rooms and they are nice.  Also, I am always happy to see Gladys Night.


BH never admits that they're drunk (cue the champagne and tequila with no food and screaming baby) when they fight.  I am sure if Kyle were sober than she would have jabbed PK right back.

Wrong thread lol

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I loooooove this season. This is the best since Bob won. I felt it was getting stale and very samey, but this is a diverse bunch with different takes in drag and lots of different personalities which makes it watchable. I’m loving it. I think looking at who is left you have a good bunch. My personal favorites are Yvie (who I’m seeing tonight), Akeria and Brook Lynn. I loooove Vangie as a personality, but I’m sick of her getting the same critiques and never having to lip sync. I also feel Plastique is getting a pass for being very one note on the runway. Nina West is one I feel is underrated, along with Akeria. I feel Nina deserved to win Snatch Game. Her runway was better than Silky which should’ve given her the edge. 

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I am mixed on this season's finale song.  While I appreciate that the videos in later season include more of the ladies performances, the variable levels of ability seemed like more of an issue in this song.  I totally disagree with the critique of Brook Lynn, but Miss Vangie was visibly not lip syncing.  Read U, Wrote U and Kitty Girl are still the two songs that I replay, and I don't this one is going on my playlist.

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39 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

AOC was pretty good as a judge. You could tell she loved the show (before she said it explicitly backstage on Untucked).


I thought Jan was great, but Gigi deserved that win.

Glad to see Brita finally gone.




Omg those tweets . The accuracy.

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