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All Current English Speaking Soap Operas

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Current English Speaking Soap Operas


Coronation Street (December 9, 1960)

General Hospital (April 1, 1963)

Days of our Lives (November 8, 1965)

Emmerdale (October 16, 1972)

The Young and the Restless (March 26, 1973)

EastEnders (February 19, 1985)

Neighbours (March 18, 1985)

The Bold and the Beautiful (March 23, 1987)

Home and Away (January 17, 1988)

Fair City (September 18, 1989)

Shortland Street (May 25, 1992)

Hollyoaks (October 23, 1995)

Doctors (March 27, 2000)

River City (September 24, 2002)


Is there a show I am missing?

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I'm sure there's something interesting that can be learnt from this list...

No new soap has been successfully launched since 2002, although it is debatable if River City can be classed as successful, seeing as it doesn't have a lot of viewers, and it was revamped a year ago or something, downsizing the show to 1 episode per week, turning it into a drama-esque show.

Also of potential interest: all of the English soaps are broadcast nationally in the UK, but River City and Fair City only air in their home countries.

The 70s/80s were good eras for launching new soaps, but the 90s proved difficult, and the 2000s even more so. So many casualties.

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Thanks for commenting guys. I just made the list due to curiosity and my self diagnosed OCD. LoL

I tried to find current Fair City episodes to watch online or download but I haven't found anything. TheBox and UkNova don't upload it either.

I know there was talk about Brigie de Courcy's EastEnders run awhile back, but I forget ... did you guys praise her work there or trash it?

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Digging this old thread. I currently watch the 4 American, the British soaps (except "Doctors"), the Australian soaps and Shortland Street.

I think I will add Fair City as it is also a daily soap but River City isn't right? Are there South-African soaps still aired?

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It's sad to realize that since I created the list, All My Children and One Life to Live have returned and left again. Like Carl mentions above, South African soaps Isidingo and Generations are still running, but I didn't include them because they aren't full English speaking soaps. Going by Wikipedia's 'List of Soap Operas' page, they have a few others that are still running.


In regards to the UK, I struggle with whether to include Red Rock as a full fledged soap opera, or a show more along the lines of series' like Holby City or Casualty; more serialized dramas with heavy soap opera inputs. Expanding to radio, there is, of course, the longest running soap opera, The Archers.


And if you want to be more inclusive, Canada is still going strong with Degrassi.

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