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NBC poised to fire Ann Curry from the Today show


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Pat Fili-Krushel, who used to run ABC Daytime, gets blamed in this article on NBC News' falling fortunes.


Meanwhile, the hits against smarmy, fake-ass Brian Williams continue to continue. He'll probably skate through, but I hope he splits. Maybe his superstar of the ages daughter can get him work on Girls.


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    • The hell was Bo talking about?  Lol.  This is a stupid plan and very unnecessary.  I am sure others have asked this, but when was this filmed? After Beyond Salem 2 or more recently?  Did the show think they'd be able to use John Aniston? I liked the Jarlena scenes of course.  I guess they'll tell Brady later.  Burn. I laughed when Megan called Hope "Frowny Face"

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      Good episode.  I do think the Hope/Harris stuff is a little dull though.  Nice to see Andrew. I liked the fact we are legitimately supposed to think Bo killed Kate.  I keep waiting for her to pop back up.  Is she just stuck on the island now?  
    • Ooh I like, and yes I'm glad the "friends of" are included.      Gosh, they keep stringing us along... I can't wait to see what the final roster for OC will be. Cheering for our girl Taylor Armstrong to make the official cut!  LOL at the other 6 castmembers getting sick and tired of the back 'n forth between Bad Weather. It's like, we GET it.  The dumbass who needs her Bravo paycheck thinks it's hypocritical for cousin to write about about leaving the Mormon church while still being on "the list", while Heather says she's already left in every sense of the word other than making it "official." It took 15 years for Whitney to be officially excommunicated, and Heather doesn't want to bother with the long process.  Like the Miami woman said, it's like a couple that has completely separated without getting an official divorce (but less so, because, it's just a freaking church). Whitney keeps stringing this along and then does that tackyass mess at the end of saying the top 3 secrets she thinks Heather is hiding. If we never speak of the black eye again, it'll be too soon. 
    • So far how would you rank the first 11 years from best to worst
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