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ALL: Deaths that stuck

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I don't think it holds any real weight now. They devalued it because they use it to justify every plot twist. Cassie would have wanted Nick to nail Sharon while she was married to another man and could not even remember which man she was in bed with at the time. Cassie would have wanted Sharon to [!@#$%^&*] Cassie's grandfather.

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Harper Deveraux

Nick Corelli

Curtis Reed

Jude St. Clair

Rachel Blake

Andre Solner

Daniel Scott


Travis Malloy

Penelope Kent

Franco Kelly

Roberto Barrelli

Gina von Amberg

Marlo Ungerschtemer


Angela Moroni

Vincent Moroni

Paul Mendez

Raymond Grant

Larry Welch

Colin Murphy

Zack Brady

Lois Banks

Alex North

Eve Mitchell

Willow Stark

Bart Biederbicke

Benjy Hawk

Lauren Chaffee

Andre DiMera

Ford Decker

Colleen Brady

Shawn Brady

Earl Larson

Dr. Neusbaum

Martino Vitali

Trent Robbins

Anthony Marino

The Killer

Tony DiMera

Brenda and Kyle

Lawrence Alamain

Mickey Horton

Alice Horton

Arianna Hernandez

Fay Walker

Arnold Feniger

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I have mixed feelings because yeah it was shocking but it did drive a lot of story for Nick and Sharon and completely changed that relationship leading to the mess with Phyllis. It also led to some story for Lily and Daniel. 10 years later in retrospect was it a good move no maybe not but would Cassie still being around have changed that much in terms of the show direction, no.

GH and it's death of the Quartermaines

AJ Quartermaine

Lila Quartermaine

Justus Ward

Alan Quartermaine

Emily Quartermaine

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Yeah, I remember she "died" when she went over the side of the boat off of Cobbler Island. Then she came back with that elaborate haunting scheme. After that, I wasn't sure what became of her. I guess she died "again". FrecnhFan probably has synopses.

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Phoebe Forrester

Macy Alexander (2nd time anyway)

Caroline Spencer

Bill Spencer Sr

Becky Moore

Storm Logan

Beth Logan

Shane McGrath

Angela Forrester

Darla Forrester

Saul Feinberg

Ann Douglas

Grant Chambers

Helen (the maid)

Sly Donovan

Ivana (the FC model)

Johnny (the mad man from Greenland)

Carmen (Deacons girlfriend)

...aaaand of course.....

Pucci and Tiny, the dogs

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