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5 hours ago, P.J. said:

Wild dog and Black Canary upped to regular costars in season 6.

The Dinah Drake character? Cool



Wonder if they'll do a Suicide Squad with Black Siren and other characters?

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I would rather Black Siren be next season's villain. I don't want to see Ollie struggle with trying to save her because she looks like Laurel.

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Underneath finally felt like an old school OTA episode, and the visual of Dig, Ollie and Felicity in a human chain was quite stunning. I wanted to like the premise a little more than I did---but really, I didn't think this "revealed" anything new about the breakup. I thought it was clear then that it wasn't over William, but the fact that Ollie never seems to have a problem keeping secrets from Felicity. And it kind of muddies the Felicity/Billy timeline, and makes that relationship seem even more pointless and shallow. Felicity's ready to abandon every sense of morality she's ever had because her BF of six months got dead?


I miss Thea.


But DAMN...salmon ladder!! woot!!

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I can't believe TIIC served up the weak-tea "Chase breaks because Ollie tells him his daddy thought he was insane" crap. I know we've still got two eppys left, but WTF would Ollie believe Adrian (who's been like ten steps ahead of him the entire time) would break over that? This dude knifed his own wife. He's got daddy issues, but I doubt not being hugged enough was one of them.


If Chase needed to be in ARGUS custody, couldn't they have just had Ollie knock him out during the fight?

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I get that. But couldn't Ollie have learned anything in the years since? I'm saying that a "lucky punch" would have worked better than Ollie believing Chase gave up because he got some "truth bomb". It took Chase a week to break Ollie down to the point he admitted part of him liked killing. It takes Ollie 90 seconds to stop a serial psychopath with words? C'mon.

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A action-packed ending to a less-than season. I loved the "all-star" vibe to it. Manu Bennett...YUM. And of course, my new favorite moment ever is Quentin knocking E2Laurel the [!@#$%^&*] out. THANK YOU JESUS!

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Can't post this in the Smallville thread, since it's closed(hey @Toups can we re open it for Tom & Erica being on Crisis in Infinite Earths crossover-thanks) Tom & Erica reunited 




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