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CBS renews 18 shows

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Link to Article:


No real surprises, but following have been renewed:


Big Bang Theory (In middle of a mulit-year renewal)

How I Met Your Mother (got a two-year renewal last year)

2 Broke Girls

Mike & Molly




Hawaii Five-0

Criminal Minds


Person of Interest

The Mentalist

Blue Bloods

The Good Wife


Amazing Race

Undercover Boss



60 Minutes

48 Hours

Fate still unknown:

Two & a Half Men (Warner Bros still in talks with Kutcher)


Rules of Engagement


CSI: Miami

CSI: New York

A Gifted Man

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Glad for Criminal Minds..love the show

I am surprised the other two CSI shows have been renewed. Both shows are doing well in their timeslots. Actually CSI Miami is doing better than The Good Wife and that show got renewed.

And I hope a Gifted Man gets renewed...love the show....I am sure picking up season 1 on dvd when it comes out.

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I'm not surprised by CSI Miami and New York not getting picked up yet. "Doing well" your timeslot often isn't enough for CBS, CBS has higher standards than the other networks, especially since rarely do their new shows outright fail, so they can afford to cut loose shows other networks might keep around longer. CBS has squeezed all the money they can out of the CSI spinoff twins. Good Wife got renewed for two main reasons, it's getting close to the number of episodes needed for syndication, does well among rich households. Also helps that CBS CEO Les Moonves's wife Julie Chen is a fan of the show.

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All the mags have been discussing that the other CSI's might finally cut their losses...

I love Patrick Wilson--mainly from his brilliant stage career (I saw him in the tour of Carousel), and Little Children--but just can't get into A Gifted Man.

I like the show...it doesnt hurt that they show Patrick Wilson shirtless as often as they can....hehe...but seriously I liked the show from day one.

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Is 2 Broke Girls still full of racism?

The show kind of reminded me of Alice....with just two girls instead of three....but I just hate this show...i dont find it funny one bit. i cant believe the high demos it has....boggles my mind.

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