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Goldie and Liza


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I used to be a big fan of Goldie Hawn's but kind of lost interest as I haven't enjoyed anything she's done since about 1989 (although I'd still watch her over her boring daughter).

Anyway, I never knew she had so many TV specials. There are a few clips of her with Liza Minelli. The first is an interesting duet. Their voices don't quite go together and Liza's is pretty grating at times (and seems vaguely terrified/edgy), but I like how this is put together, and Liza is very haunting at the end. I wish I'd heard more of Goldie singing - are any of these specials out on DVD?


All That Jazz.


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You'd think with so many performance artists types on the charts now specials would return, but then, why would TV actually want to be entertaining?

Liza and Goldie would have been great in Chicago. All I ever remember RZ for is perpetually sucking a lemon.

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Exactly. Mariah had a Christmas special year before last and I couldn't help but grin because we'd been missing that kind of thing for so long. I embraced the cheesiness. Bob Hope, Diana Ross, Barbara Mandrell, Suzanne Somers... it seemed like those things came on all the time. Adele seems to have a very charming personality and the Brits from what I gather still seem to be pretty fond of such "talk to the audience" evenings with stars. She'd be a good choice for a special on ABC, going up against Idol one night or something.

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Kylie did one in the UK for the release of her album, The Kylie Show--it was modeled on old Mitzi Gaynor specials etc. Lots of numbers, and hilariously campy skits with walk on cameos between them. Some fans were apalled, but it was done tongue n cheek and I loved it.

In 1980 Donna Summer did one for ABC that mixed concert performanbces, skits (with random guest stars liek Robert Guillaume) and staged video versions of songs that was the best rated show for all of January 1980. It's on youtube but I've always wanted it on DVD (someone on Ebay claims he has the original master tapes and will make DVD copies for 50 bucks--I've been tempted)

Oh how I wish they had got the Chicago movie made--particularly as Fosse could have directed it himself, instead of the little talent Rob Marshall (He was going to do the one with Madonna in the mid 80s just before he died). Of course back then Chicago was not the major hit it became when it was revived so movie studios were less into the idea.

The Liza/Goldie special isn't on DVD though I have a burned copy--I LOVE it. There are so many camp highlights--like a dramatic scene the two act out at one part. And each gets to do a solo disco number--Goldie does YMCA with a groupof men who look like they escaped from the baths, and Liza does a hilariously slinky version of Donna Summer's Bad Girls.



Some of Donna's (don't ask me why Twiggy and that overweight female comic whose name I forget join her on Bad Girls)




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