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GL: February Sweeps Preview!

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When asked the overall theme of February in Springfield, headwriter David Kreizman replies without hesitation: "Romance and longing." But to find out exactly who'll be longing to be romanced by whom, you'll just have to read on...

Reva vs. Olivia

"Josh was fed up with how complicated things got with Reva," explains the writer. "In a weird way, it's a lot less complicated with Olivia." Meanwhile, Reva has yet to reveal that her rival is the one who pushed Josh's beloved brother off the wagon. "It's always hanging over Olivia and Josh's heads. part of the reason that Reva hasn't dropped it yet is... well, then what? Is she ready to declare to Josh, 'Okay, let's fix things' and then risk screwing it up again? Because she's not 'fixed', and whatever drove her to break up the marriage in the first place has not completely gone away."

Should Dinah and Gus Be Worried?

With Gus' return on the very near horizon, will he come home to find Harley and Mallet much closer than they were when he left? And where does that leave Dinah? "She starts to get little hints of [what's brewing between Mallet and Harley], and she tries very hard not to let it get to her," explains Kreizman. "She's afraid and starts saying to herself, 'Here's the first step. I start questioning Mallet, following him around a little bit, and the next thing you know, I'm showing up on his doorstep with a gun!'"

Can Jonathan Keep Tammy in His Life?

Things may not be all roses and candy for Springfield's most unconventional couple this Valentine's Day. "Bigger and bigger problems will come up because even a happy Jonathan has problems and will react to things differently than most people."

Watch Out, Alan!

Alan's return should leave those who betrayed him shaking in their boots. But might he be hiding something? "There are some big secrets about what happened between Alan and the rest of the family before he left that are going to bite him in the end."

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