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Has All My Children's Two-Hour TV Finale Been SCRAPPED?!

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Remember that two-hour finale for All My Children I told you would be happening? Well it looks like it's being scrapped, now that AMC is set to continue online, courtesy of new production company Prospect Park. According to sources, AMC will now only be getting a normal one-hour finale on ABC Daytime.

In other news, I'm hearing what was planned to be lengthier story arcs featuring such fan faves as Adam Chandler (David Canary) and Brooke English (Julia Barr) had to be shortened due to budgetary constraints.

"Agnes[Nixon] and Lorraine [Broderick] wanted Adam and Brooke for three weeks, but it ends up being only a handful of episodes, because of the budget," says a source.

All My Children's star-studded network television finale airs Sept. 23. Prospect Park has stated they plan to launch an online continuation of the serial just three days later on Sept. 26.

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