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GH: Return of the killer granny

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From TV Guide:

.....Helena returns June 30th. CT says Helena will be back doing what she does best, pitting people against each other and ruining lives

No on can pin the Aiden switcheroo on Helena and now she's blaming it on Liz.

Helena's trying to keep the mystery going. She will taunt Lucky that he won't know if he's Aiden's father for another 20 years.

Helena will tell Lucky that if Aiden grows up noble & charismatic, he's a Cassadine, if he grows up a whiskey drinking drug addict who puts his faith in tramps desitned to disappoint him, he's a Spencer

CT says it's delicious stuff.

It will all end with a threat. Helena is going to hint that Lucky might not even have Aiden for 20 years, it leaves the door open for a kidnapping

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