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Cancellation Most Devastating to Genre: GL, ATWT, AMC, or OLTL?

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I don't think that's quite accurate....some didn't expect it - the impending cancellation of ATWT after GL was cancelled - and I really REALLY wish they had. I mean, I did. But that's neither here nor there...

I think TBTB on ATWT believed that there was a chance for them to get the reprieve or that the show would move elsewhere and continue in some fashion. Whether it was P&G or CBS that mis-lead them, I'm not sure (P&G). But, imo, they needed to have a 'come to Jesus' moment and REALLY put their heads together to wrap up this beloved show - the right way (not kicking and screaming or, still trying to grab new viewers - why NOT try to get back the viewers you lost???). I actually liked the ending and am satisfied with it - BUT I do think there were many mis-steps and head-scratchers. Gabriel? Blackie? Re-casting Meredith Hagner? Killing Reid? Chris and Katie? Saving Janet's baby reveal until the 2nd to last day? To name just a few..............

I maintain that it's GL's demise, followed by ATWT's that in fact started this ball rolling. I think that ABC saw from CBS's example that indeed, you can get rid of your soaps and the world won't end. (no pun intended).

BUT whatever you may think of ABC canceling AMC and OLTL - at least they sold them. And someone is going to try and continue to brand them........something GL AND ATWT fans would give their eye-teeth for.

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This is a very good point. While in hindsight the fate of the two soaps were tied together, it was a completely reasonable expectation that ATWT would outlast GL for many years: that's because, ratings wise, ATWT (generally) far outperformed GL over the past decades, just like GL outperformed AW. (And as we all know, GL outlasted AW by a decade). Furthermore, ATWT really never experienced any of the grave danger signs that GL did (such as having its budget reduced to next to nothing and being forced to shoot with hand-held cameras). Finally, the fact that ATWT had always been P&G's crown jewel would have led some people to believe that the company would have fought hard to save it (instead of doing what they actually did, which was completing disposing of such a once powerful brand).

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    • He also looks like he’s been spending most of his time raiding the minibar instead of taking regular showers.
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      I just hate this storyline so much. And I really, really hate when awful people keep getting rewarded for their awful behavior. Both in real life and in fiction. It’s not right. Say what you will about Sonny and Carly, but they’ve at least somewhat paid for their awful behavior. Not as much as they should but it was still more than this. How can anyone treat someone that they claim to care about so terribly? And then just not care at all about that person or what they did to them? Over at Days, I hated it when Ciara did it to Theo and I hated it when Craig did it to Nancy. But Joss is worse than the two of them put together. It’s like she not even human. I find her to be even worse than Carly. I know Carly has problems being a decent person too, but she would never treat the people that she says she cares about the way that Joss treated Cam and now to a lesser extent, Spencer and Michael. And honestly, I want Joss to suffer worse than any person on GH ever has.  I have absolutely no idea what the writers, or Frank are thinking with the way this storyline is being written. And do they seriously think that this consolation prize crap of Cam going to play soccer for Stanford (and Trina constantly reminding us of it) makes everything better? It doesn’t. 
    • I hesitate to post Thompson, who is just a gleeful gossip hound. But this thread is instructive, even if much of it is stuff we all could've told the GOP and the NY Times six months ago.  
    • Sure. They've been sent to live on a farm with other not gone actors where they can run and play.
    • From what I can find, Tim was datie Evie but got a job offer out of town that was too good to pass up and left in Nov 76. No mention of Pam and no reason I could see that a marriage would be mentioned later. I just checked Soap Central and there is an entry stating Evie left town and Pam and Tim were married. Not so.This is not the first false entry I have come across at that site. Someone takes delight at posting false info.
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