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Video rants on the cancellations?

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I made a video rant on the cancellations today. I saw a few more on YT. Don't know if they are from SON'ers or not.

I would encourage people to get it out there. Post a video rant. You can choose to be on cam or not...I am. And, say whatever you feel. Mine has a few curse words in it. So, it's like PG-13 sorry about the hair and my blinds. I have to get some new ones. I just wanted to talk about how this ish makes me feel.

We should make a channel and flood ABC heads with the link! :wub:

my video rant!

Sorry I'm not having the best hair day. And, I used way too many cuss words and screwed up Lindsay Hartley's name at first.

Now! It's your turn. Get it out there!

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