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AMC: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Even though it was nice to see Joe and Ruth... I'm still so over this show right now, which sucks bc this is my show!

Nothing remotely interests me. Annie being offsceen kills this storyline.

I just can't/don't buy into the Cara/Tad thing, bc they are forcing this Castillo family down our throats, all the while Tad could actually be in storyline with Liza, David, Krystal, Jack, Opal, etc. Now none of those characters are being used.

The Kendall/Ricky stuff is so boring and stupid. Every cliffhanger is Ricky doing something shady, Kendall walks in on him and says something like "What are you doing?", the audience is supposed to believe he is caught, and yet we come back from commercial and he makes up some stupid excuse that Kendall of course buys without thinking twice. Plus I'm tired of Zach's name. Just end this storyline.

I'm so sad, this show is not the same anymore right now :( It's as bad as 2007 for me when nuGreenlee kidnapped Spike and made him deaf.

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