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AMC: New Chandler Maid Cast

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Let me guess: she got the job because she is a former Disney channel actress.

This sounds like a redux the Colby/Sean/Sydney (Winifred's niece) thing from 2006. The difference will be that McTavish immediately saw that that material was not going over well and took steps to rectify it by minimizing Sydney's role, and focusing on Colby and Sean's issues with their families. That turned it around.

D&D, in contrast, will forge ahead with their instant-triangle regardless of reaction because they seem to have absolutely no idea what is and what is not working. (Or they just don't care.)

Any other writer would have made at least some effort to make Asher even remotely interesting by now. They seem to have no idea that there is a problem there.

Any other writer would have moved Caleb into another mix of characters by now and given up on the Erica pairing. It's been almost a year and Donna Swajeski is still, in the most SOW, raving about how great Caleb and Caleb/Erica are and how excited the fans must be that Caleb is going to stand firm and fight for Erica and that he isn't going anywhere.

David Canary is leaving? No problem, we've just cast some guy around the same age. Instant patriarch! Problem solved.

Susan Lucci is going to be gone all summer? That's okay, we'll fill the void by using Brittany Allen more because Marissa is equally enthralling.

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I'm a bit older than Colby, but since I'm jobless, it's been suggested I look into being a maid. So yeah, I guess they come young.

Eh, I think she's just another character who will be gone by summer. I'm not going to sweat it to much.

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