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VH1: Mob Wives

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Ang looks absolutely terrible with the blonde hair. Im upset she didnt change it before filming. She had throat cancer? Im glad she's better but honestly who is surprised? Just listen to her

I may be in the minority, but I liked Love. LOL at her coming back to be messy

I dont like how everyone is coming for Drita. Team Drita here!

tumblr_o0xdpupDyH1qk7scno1_400.gif tumblr_o0xdpupDyH1qk7scno2_400.gif
The new blonde girl....not here for her. She seems so boring and out of place with this group

Im going to keep my eye on the other new girl. She could easily be Natalie 3.0




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I caught up on the first two episodes...


It's probably right to wrap the show up, but it's a good season. 


I hope by the end of it Carla and Drita have buried the hatchet, preferably in Renee who remains a psychotic drama queen if there ever was one. She's so weird about 'the lifestyle' and how she despises 'rats' despite the fact that she was married to one. She's viewed criminality as so normal, unlike all the other women, which strikes me as very bizarre. 


And it doesn't sound like our beloved Big Ang is in very good health at all. Her cancer has returned and she's cut off her hair in preparation for chemotherapy. God bless her. 

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That VH-1 special for Big Ang was one of the most ridiculously bad things I've seen, and propping their other shows with the thoughts of people that barely knew her was just VH-1 shilling their other shows. The only Mob Wife they could get to appear was Carla?  Very disappointing tribute to a woman that gave so much of herself to others. After reading the Eulogy from her funeral, I was so impressed in all of the charitable things she had done.

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Oh wow, I just learned that Ang died a few minutes ago. Im devastated bc she was my favorite. I saw her do an interview not too long ago and didnt think she looked good but rooted for her health to get better. RIP Ang. You will be missed

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