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Y&R Summary Feb 82

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All four of the Brooks' daughters have a difficult time ahead of them this night, but only Peggy and Chris have any inkling of what they must face. Leslie and Lorie are quite unprepared.

Peggy identifies Ron Becker as her assailant, then - screaming out in agony - she attacks him herself, but is restrained by Stu and Chris.

Although Chris hotly denies having any influence over Peggy in this matter, Stu - and later, Jen, are not convinced of the accuracy of Peggy's identification. Jen points out the circumstances of Peggy's attack and wonders how, since she never really saw his face, she could identify her attacker?

Stu mentions the fact that Ron approached Peggy before the line up to express his condolences. (Or, as Chris sees it, to pull a fantastic bluff). She could have been highly influenced by Chris' prejudice. While Stu and Jen express their concern for the Becker family, Chris is adamant in her belief in Ron's guilt.

Nancy Becker is equally adamant about her husband's innocence, and she comes to the Brooks and begs them for their help. She knows that Chris has disliked Ron ever since she learned of his past, but, she cries, "He is innocent!" And with his new job, they had their first chance for a normal life in six years. Stu and Jen are at a loss for words.

Guilty or innocent, Ron must be held in custody because he cannot post bond.


While Leslie plays the benefit, with her music more wonderful than ever before because Brad is in the audience, he is praying that his sight does not fail him completely before tonight is over. He has made up his mind not to saddle Leslie with an invalid for the rest of their lives; he is going to leave - without a trace.

In his farewell letter to Leslie he tells her of his love, but not the real reason why he is leaving. He merely asks her to trust him this once more.

His departure is forestalled by Lorie, who has guessed what he has been planning. She is determined to protect Leslie and to stop Brad from completely devastating Leslie by disappearing. She is standing outside the door as he, virtually sightless, steps out. Although she feels as if she's betraying her sister, Lorie takes him to her apartment.

Leslie, humming to herself, opens Brad's letter.

A job is a job, thinks Jill as she begins her first day in the Baker Hotel barbershop as manicurist.

Just as she is being propositioned for the second time that day, Snapper arrives, grabs her hand and takes her home. She protests, but he quietly explains about compromise and says, "All you have is you. If you compromise that, you don't know who or what you are!" Tearfully grateful, Jill admits she was very glad to see him there.

Peggy is having grave doubts, and is torturing herself with thoughts of what Nancy will do without her husband and Karen without her father? Although Chris urges her to put those doubts behind her, Peggy can't. She was raised to be a responsible person. She is trying very hard to live up to that.

While Peggy doubts, Nancy visits Ron in Jail. They are both pained, by their inability to comfort each other with an embrace: it is against regulations. Ron, tearfully, tells Nancy to divorce him so that she - with Karen - can start a new life. He is a born loser who has just lost the only chance he ever had. It's no use, he says. Nancy, however, is more of a fighter than he.

Even Stu, expressing his concern about the Beckers to Chris, says that some people can never get out from under. That certainly seems to be true of the Beckers. Nancy learns on top of everything else that her mother has died.


Lorie is still straddling the fence between her sister's pain and her desire to keep Brad from completely getting away by himself. When she begs Brad to change his mind and it doesn't work, she then concocts a plan which might.

She has learned of a wonderful doctor in San Francisco who might be able to help Brad, but he feels it is useless to try another doctor. To force him to take this situation in hand and meet it head on instead of running away, she forces him to hear for himself what pain he is causing Leslie. She gets Les to the apartment and goads her into screaming out that her only chance of retaining her sanity is to believe that Brad will come back to her.

That does it. He will let Lorie take him to Dr. Spencer. At great cost to her personal life (how great she is yet to learn) she tells Lance she must go to San Francisco. He pensively agrees to ask her no questions, as he holds the ring he has just, impulsively, bought her.


Leslie continues with the fiction that Brad is visiting his mother, who is ill. Lance wonders where Lorie is - and with whom. He pretends her mystery is intriguing, but Lorie's sudden departure has hurt him.

Lance and Vanessa are now at the summer home at Lake Geneva. When he remarks that it is an ideal time for entertaining, she is disconcerted. She has elected to live in seclusion and she regards his statement as an indictment. Does her son regard her as an encumbrance? Lance assures her he does not.

Joann is emerging as a woman in her own right. In one afternoon she is able to accept a dinner date, and also to tell Johnny that he can stay at the apartment or move; it doesn't matter any more.

Nancy Becker, trying to use psychology, asks the Brooks to care for Karen while she goes to her mother's funeral, but Stu feels it would not be fair to Peggy. Jen then wonders how sure Peggy can be of her identification of Ron if his child's presence in the house can cast doubts on it?

Although it is painful for her, Peggy must testify at a grand jury hearing that will indict Ron Becker. Coming home, tormented by her doubts, she hopes that Chris will be there soon to help her.


Chris is in Denver, trying to find out exactly what happened that night six years ago: did Ron try to rape the woman or was he a victim himself, of circumstance? The woman, who has kept her past secret from her husband, will not tell Chris anything more than that she did not testify against Ron because her past was not very clean, implying she was afraid to testify. Despite Chris' pleas, she will say no more.

Brock is of more immediate help. Visiting Peggy, he recites some beautiful prayers to her; the one which says that with God's help we can all face any problem, is the one that goes straight to her heart. She is able, then, to look at him and say that she now knows she cannot blame all men for her misfortune.

Jill has also been aided by Brock. With his help she is able to get a better perspective - of herself plus a good job in a beauty salon.

Lance does his best to take care of Leslie during what he thinks is merely Brad's absence, and he makes sure she sees a doctor after a fainting spell at his summer home. Later they share one dazzling, bewildering kiss and Leslie suggests they not see each other again.

Leslie has another cause for bewilderment when she learns from Snapper that she is pregnant. She wants no one else to know about it yet, but she is thrilled to have Brad's child beginning life within her.


Nancy inherits $9,000 from her mother and uses the money to arrange Ron's bail. Jeff Lawrence will defend Ron, and during their interviews the lawyer finds enough cause to petition the court to drop the charges against Ron. Because Ron introduced himself to Peggy before the line-up, and because of the influence exerted by Chris, it is possible that there is no evidence to convict Ron of his heinous deed.

Whatever doubts Peggy may have harbored in her heart about her identification of Ron, as her attacker, they disappear when she hears of the action taken by Ron's lawyer. She is now convinced, utterly, of his guilt. Chris is also convinced - that Ron cleverly planned the introduction before the line-up.

Lorie and Brad return from San Francisco after a fruitless journey. There is, apparently, no known cause for his blindness. Brad is more than ever determined to stay out of Leslie's life now. He has no ready answer when Lorie, after her offer to accompany him in his flight is rejected, asks him how he expects to manage?

Jack Curtis, at loose ends because Peggy is not ready to see him, asks Joann for a date. He is unpleasantly surprised when she turns him down because she has a date for that night. She also has a new hair-do: and a new young woman is beginning to emerge, confident and pretty. Brock has good reason to be happy for the part he has played in Jo's "recovery."

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CarlD2 thank you so much. I am actually remembering the scenes from the show reading this. Forever grateful for the memories brought back of sitting with my mother and grandmother and watching this show and chatting about it during commercial breaks.

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December 1976

No two people could be more different than Liz and Kay, but there is a very deep attachment between them. Liz expresses her concern to Bill that Kay is drinking herself to death, and Bill, not one to stand aside while someone suffers, decides to talk to Kay.

Drinking heavily, Kay tries to ignore the doorbell. Finally, she opens the door and is helpless to prevent Bill from coming in. While he tries to explain that she could attract someone who is comfortable in her house, her world, she puffs at her cigarette with desperation.

She soon has good cause to feel desperate, because the smoke from her filter king deprives Bill of oxygen. He can't breathe! Kay has the presence of mind to give him his oxygen and call Liz for help.

Bill will be all right, but Kay is shaken to the core. She feels nothing but guilt, despite Brock's efforts to convince her that God gave her a wonderful opportunity - a chance to save the life of a friend.

In another part of town, Brad is preparing for his own ordeal. Can he find the strength to do what he feels he must? He stiffens as he hears Leslie's key turn the lock...


Lorie has picked up the gauntlet and - after Lance cancels their trip together because "someone who requires privacy" will be coming instead - she feels that Round One is a draw. She knows who that "someone" is and she couldn't leave now anyway, because someone must be there to help Leslie, to pick up the pieces.

Vanessa, meanwhile, seems to have developed a high fever. Has she finessed Lance out of the trip and postponed her "re-entry" into the world?

The jury foreman announces the verdict, but not before making a statement indicating they felt Ron was guilty, but that the case was not sufficiently proven. Ron is acquitted.

Peggy is devastated. All she can say is that somehow, someday, she will make him pay for what he did. Ron smiles. It is a slow and, to an onlooker, horrifying smile. "Now how about that?" he says to himself.


Brad goes through his carefully rehearsed recital of his desire for a divorce. Leslie runs out of the apartment in a state of shock and he is drained after the effort of his ordeal.

Snapper is the only one who knows both Leslie's and Brad's secrets; ironically, because they each hold him to the silence of doctor/patient privilege, he is unable to intervene. With one stroke he could clear up this intricate, involved problem. They will not let him.

Lorie, knowing Brad could not go through such a scene a second time, urges Leslie to go back to the apartment to confront Brad with this difference between his attitude now and the letter he wrote when he first left her. Banking on this ace in the hole, the means of reuniting the lovers, Lorie awaits word.

She will be disappointed. Brad is able to pull it off. Leslie never suspects he is blind, and when she says there will be someone else, someday, he never suspects that the "someone" is his child.

Lance comes to Lorie's apartment and, in spite of the lack of champagne and flowers de rigeur in such a situation, he presents her with the ring he bought for her. For once, Lorie is speechless. It looks as if Round Two is Lorie's - Vanessa didn't stand a chance in this one.

When Ron comes home and begins talking about remaining in Genoa City instead of starting over again somewhere else as they had planned, Nancy has a small glimpse of a stranger, when she is frightened by the violence of his refusal to leave town or explain what he means by "unfinished business" he must attend to.


Peggy is shaken out of her inertia by a proposal form Brock. Just that - a proposal of marriage. Did he use it as a means of getting her to step back into life? Was he seriously asking her to be his wife? She isn't sure, and she does not understand Brock at all, but one thing is sure, it worked. He holds her hand as he describes the lovely, smiling afternoon they will share.

Bill knows he has not long to live and he begs Snapper to keep him out of the hospital until the last possible minute. The only thing he can do for his family now is to help them avoid worry about hospital bills.

Jill begins a campaign of torture to make Kay sign over the money that she feels is Little Phillip's - by right.


Only the two older women in Lorie's life are obstacles to her complete happiness. One of them is her mother, Jennifer. Lorie's discovery that she is illegitimate is something she can never forget; nor will she ever forgive her mother. So, she does not tell Jen her news, but goes instead to tell Stu at the office. She is very close to "the man who thinks he is her father" and he is thrilled with her engagement to Lance. Maybe now she will start to do something with her life.

Stu is not thrilled to learn that Leslie and Brad are not in Quincy and that Brad's mother is on a cruise. Lorie does not know what to say, so she remains silent.

The other thorn in Vanessa's side is Vanessa. Not only does she call Lorie, upon hearing the news of the engagement, to tell her that she would die before seeing her son marry a little tramp like Lorie; she also asks Lorie to come to the house for a talk. Lorie, hoping that this is an overture toward peace, receives a very hurtful surprise. Vanessa tells her that Lance has only really loved one woman in his life, and that woman is...Leslie.

Brad's plan to have Leslie divorce him has met with a snag. She has decided that she will not divorce the father of her unborn baby. If he wants a divorce, he can get it himself. What will Brad do? And how much longer can Les keep her pregnancy a secret?

Bill's attempt to hasten things along by smoking one cigarette is foiled by the arrival of Snapper. Later, when Liz is called home because of it, she lets Bill have it with no holds barred. She will not allow him to walk out of her and the children a second time. She believes God will not take him for quite a while, and she makes Bill promise never to try to tamper with the Will of God again. They pray together. Liz is not only a true fighter, she is also one terrific lady.


Chris is beginning to live in fear. She has just received an obscene phone call. Is it a coincidence? Or the first of many? Has Ron begun the campaign of revenge identical with the one he carried on against Sharon six years ago? She is sure she will be Ron's next victim, but without proof - there is nothing the law can do to protect her before she becomes another statistic.

At the Allegro, Lorie looks at her ring and wonders what, exactly, it signifies, what it means. Her musings are interrupted by the arrival of Lance. He suggests that now is a good time for him to meet her family.

They are all delighted at Lorie's announcement, and she has only a few disconcerting moments when she sees the warm rapport that exists between her fiance and Leslie.

Vanessa does her best to delay the "introduction" to Lorie, but Lance is insistent, even though Vanessa tries to use her condition as a means of holding Lance, reminding him why she is scarred.

To no avail, because although he loves his mother deeply, he will not allow her to keep him from marrying Lorie. He wants the three of them to be in accord, but he will not be blackmailed in order to mollify Vanessa.


When the two women are fact to face, they tacitly agree to pretend that this is a first meeting. Lorie does her best to offer the olive branch, knowing now the cause of Vanessa's attitude and why she wears a veil. It does little good, because Vanessa continues on her track of diverting Lance away from Lorie by praising Leslie (who is "safe," because she is married already).

It strengthens Lorie's resolve. To herself, she says that she will see to it that she and Lance are married, and within two weeks.


Stu and Jen are stunned by Leslie's announcement that she and Brad are separated, though she does not know why. Stu is determined to get to the bototm of this, and he goes to the apartment, using Leslie's key to gain entry. Incredibly, brad manages to hide his blindness. He convinces Stu - without actually saying the words - that he no longer loves Leslie, making Stu feel nothing but revulsion for the son-in-law who meant so much to him.

Hoping against hope that her father will be able to plumb Brad's secret reason, Leslie hears from Stu something she does not wish to hear. He tells her to divorce Brad. Now!

When Chris receives a second obscene call, Snapper is livid. He has vowed to tear Becker apart if Chris is bothered again, and Chris is worried that he might do just that when she sees the anger exploding from his entire being. Will Snapper, and not Ron, be the one who is stopped by the law?


This ends with saying that Brian Kerwin has replaced James Houghton as Greg Foster.

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CarlD2 I would be happy to get more summaries, really is bringing back memories, I didn't realize how much I had forgotten. Again thanks to Paul Raven as well for sharing summaries of Y&R from the 80's. It is really hard to find detailed summaries on the net. I only ever read the Sony ones and they are poor at best. Even with my scratchy memory I know they got a lot of things wrong, and have skipped story-lines entirely.

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From the January 1977 Digest.

At all costs, Lorie decides, Lance must not know of Leslie and Brad's separation. When she learns that Les has already told Lance, Lorie swears to herself that if they make one move toward each other, she will tell Leslie why Brad wants the divorce.

Lorie has been told by Brad that her needs are not as great as Leslie's. But is Lorie really that strong, that tough? Every time she looks at her mother she realizes anew that the very basis of her identity is based on a lie: that Stu is her real father, is a fiction maintained by Jen, Leslie and Lorie. Lorie fears rejection by Stu if he were to learn the truth, and she uses Jen's visit to the apartment as an occasion to vent her wrath.

Jen, heartbroken, leaves to go to the doctor for her check-up.

Leslie overhears Lorie lay into their mother. She tries to convince Lorie to forgive Jen, but to no avail. As she leaves, she sees Stu getting into the elevator. He knows!

Leslie rushes to the house to talk to Stu, to try to explain how Jen made this horrible mistake. Jen had left Stu. In her confusion she turned to Bruce Henderson. They had one night together and the next morning Jen went home - to Stu. Years later when Lorie was engaged to Mark, she had her worst fears confirmed: the two lovers were half-brother and sister.

Horrified, Stu remembers that Jen only came back to him last year because of her mastectomy. Bruce is the man she loves; their marriage is nothing but a lie, a travesty. He is utterly devastated.

Jen leaves the doctor's thinking she has been given a clean bill of health. She does not know that at that moment the doctor is playing an urgent call to Stu.

Snapper believes Nancy when she gives Ron an alibi for the time of the latest obscene call. Later, she is horror-stricken to learn that Ron had gone out while she was in the shower. The vehemence with which he counters her accusations frightens her out of her wits.


Dr. Atwater calls Stu to say that Jen's prognosis (in her battle against cancer) is very good, but it is her heart that concerns him; until he can find the cause of the erratic heartbeats, she must be shielded from all stress.

Jen cannot understand Stu's almost detached air. She expected him to be as joyful as she that her checkup went so well. She has no inkling of the pressure he is facing: how he must keep silent about the pain tearing his heart in two every time she says she loves him.

Peggy takes a step toward life and wears Jack's ring. Jo, her defenses shattered, her self-esteem gone, resorts to the only reaction she knows, a veritable orgy of eating. Even Brock cannot reach her. Johnny comes to the apartment, but she throws him out. She never had an engagement ring. Peggy attempts to save Jo from herself, but fails - even when she says she is returning the ring.

In Denver for Leslie's concert, Lorie attempts to convince Lance that this would be a perfect place to be married, but Lance will not rush things - Vanessa, for one, needs more time. Lorie is increasingly concerned and not a little jealous of Lance's every solicitation for her sister.

Moments before her concert, Leslie confides in the Maestro her plans and reasons for divorcing Brad. She also tells him she is pregnant.

Aghast at her predicament and the pain being endured by his lovely protegee, the Maestro resolves to intervene. He will call Brad, tell him about the baby. When the phone is not answered, he sits down to write Brad. He does not know it cannot be read - not by Brad.

While his phone rings, Brad sits there beside it, tears st reaming down his face. He was able to listen to Leslie's electrifying performance. The pain is unendurable.


Bill is unable to mask any longer his continued deterioration. At the family party to celebrate his birthday he collapses. Rushed to the hospital, competent medical hands are able to stabilize his vital signs. Bill consents to remain in the hospital only because Snapper pretends that the fees will be written off because staff members families are not changed. The truth can sometimes kill.

Lorie is not very pleased when Lance invites Leslie to join them in a drive out to the Lake. They plan to discuss a wedding date with Vanessa, but Lorie knows that taking her sister along is only playing into Vanessa's hands.

At the Lake, Leslie faints (she is pregnant, remember) but pretends a lack of eating is the cause. While Lance and Lorie prepare her tea and toast, Vanessa comes into the room and, all warmth and friendliness, introduces herself. Vanessa's attitude is in striking contrast with her warfare against Lorie. Later, Vanessa manages to throw Lance and Leslie together while she pretends to a desire to show Lorie her private chambers.

Alone with her detested future daughter-in-law, Vanessa pointedly remarks to Lorie her astonishment that she and Leslie are sisters. (How much does she know? What has her private investigation of Lorie unearthed?) Taking all she can stand, Lorie grabs the offensive and unerringly finds Vanessa's jugular vein; she accuses Vanessa of opposing Lances' marriage to anyone - because SHE wants him for herself! She is in love with her son and is playing Jocasta while she attempts to make Oedipus out of Lance.

While the Fosters worry about the mounting hospital bills, Brock convinces Kay to help them. Kay cannot, it seems, give without having strings attached. She demands that Jill come to ask her herself. Jill does, and hugs Kay in gratitude, until she hears Kay's condition: Jill must sign an affadavit swearing that Philip Chancellor is not the father of her baby.


Across town, Nancy comes to grips with the horrifying truth. She confesses to Chris that she unwittingly lied when she said Ron was home that night of the phone call. Chris does her best to convince Nancy she must leave Ron immediately - for her sake and for Karen's.

Later, when Ron learns that Nancy cancelled the telephone installation, he drops his mask. She is the cause for anything he MAY have done because she is mousey and plain, and she never gave him what he needed. She is just like his mother, bossy. He storms out of the room. Nancy, her universe destroyed, crumbles onto the sofa crying out, "Chris...help me."


There is a special closeness between Lance and Leslie that Vanessa wishes to capitalize on, and she avers that Leslie is in love with Lance, although she does not yet realize it herself.

When Lorie tells Brad of her worries, he convinces her to, in effect, give Vanessa enough rope...In Brad's estimation, there is not a chance that Vanessa will let Lance become seriously involved with Les. Vanessa will show herself for the scheming shrew she is.

Lorie feels a little better but how she longs to talk it over with Stu.

And now Stu would like to talk things over with Lorie! He is on his way to her apartment when he is forestalled by Peggy. She is now officially engaged to Jack, and she wants Stu to have a talk with Jack. He does, and Jack is not happy with Stu's attitude, nor his concern that Peggy is being rushed into a marriage she is not ready for.


Ron catches Nancy is an attempt to call Chris for help. Paralyzed with fear, Nancy collapses under the force of his demented personality.

Ron then lures Chris to the apartment. He dials the number of Legal Aid and hands the phone to Little Karen, telling her to ask Chris to come and take care of her, that her mother and daddy have left her alone and she is afraid.

Chris enters the door of the Becker's apartment and while she embraces the child, her blood runs cold when she hears Ron's voice.

Ron chillingly tells Chris he will prove to her that she is wrong about him: he is a man. Chris tries to keep calm in front of this madman. It may not work.

When he finds out the price Kay demanded and received from Jill in return for her financial help, Brock is sickened by his mother's insatiable appetite for revenge.

Liz, too, is sickened when she learns Jill signed the affadavit. She is further burdened when she reads the Right-to-Die declaration signed by Bill and witnessed by - of all people - her two sons!

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After a hard day at work, that is well worth it. Thanks again CarlD2, I enjoyed catching up. Love Y&R. I think you said last post that Brian Kerwin was on Y&R at this point, I don't remember him, I don't think he was on very long. Be interested to see what story he got.

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I think he was only on for six months to a year, and was then let go.

The next synopsis I have is from the July 1977 Digest, so that means quite a few months of missing story. If you'd rather not read those since a lot of time may have passed I will understand. If you're interested in them I will type them up.

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