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  1. Deeede do you remember any scenes at all between Brenda and Melody, I sure don't, which seems odd given the storylines in 1979/1980, especially with Liz getting shot. I know Jill was off doing her thing with Derek and Kay at that time. I don't even really remember Jill reacting to Nikki and Greg getting married, but that shows how bad my memory is, you seem to remember a lot of small detail. Was it just more a reaction at the time that was never followed up, or was it a constant thing on Jill's part. Apart from being Chris' bridesmaid at her wedding to Snapper, and the Gwen Sherman story, I don't remember Jill having much to say about Greg and Snapper's lives, but again that is just my bad memory I guess.
  2. It is hard to say where it would originate. Though Nikki and Kay became close around 1981 or 1982 when the whole Kevin Bancroft thing was going down, I'd say it was more likely a result of their friendship, Kay never missed an opportunity to fill people in on her version of events from the past. Though Nikki was around during Jill's marriage to Stuart and I am sure Nikki heard plenty about it and was never a fan, though Nikki certainly wasn't innocent and was too busy covering her tracks from Greg over Addison's death and then joining a cult to worry much about Jill's life. I did find it odd they never had a scene, I don't even think they shared the screen when Liz got shot by one of the men Rose ordered to kill Greg, can someone remember.
  3. Terry Lester was in the role when Victor took over Jabot. Brad was put in charge or something like that and that is when Jack went on 'vacation' and Terry left.
  4. Yeah John and Kay did not have a history when he was first on the show, that was definitely written in later, though I am pretty sure by the time Dina arrived it was clear she was friends with both Dina and John and that was in 1983. Also thanks again CarlD2 for the synopsis, great reading this stuff and remembering the show this way seeing as we can't watch it.
  5. This isn't from memory but reading some old newspaper articles. Apparently Derek was introduced in 1976, I have no memory of that. This was when Cooper was playing him and Kay was dating Ralph Olsen. They started the same story that took place a year later but it was dropped, I wish I could find the article because it states there were behind the scenes drama that led to the story being scrapped. As for Vanessa, in the beginning she only liked Leslie because she wasn't Laurie and she was married and Vanessa felt there was no possibility of her getting together with Lance. The truth is Vanessa didn't want any woman to have Lance, she wanted him all to herself. I think she might have warmed to Leslie and maybe even accepted her in Lance's life, she didn't seem too upset when she realized that Leslie was pregnant with Lance's baby. Although her happiness probably had more to do with ruining Lance and Laurie's marriage. I'd say if Leslie and Lance really got together Vanessa would have been just as upset.
  6. Oh yes, sorry I hadn't read it, thank you so much for that, just finished reading it now, was so sad when she left the show or was fired as was reported at the time. I really appreciate the effort you go through to put this stuff up. I admit I was one of the silly ones who wondered if Janice played the piano or if it was someone else. My mother had to point out that they never show the hands if the actor isn't really playing, thanks mom. Not sure if this was the first transplant/love story as I didn't watch any other soaps, but it was definitely new to me.
  7. David Mallory was a man who received a cornea transplant or something from Bill Foster Sr. Jill was engaged to him but fell for Derek. Jodie and Tom I don't remember. Thanks for the synopsis. I am pretty sure this is June. It seems when SOD was monthly they were about three months behind.
  8. I don't remember them actually getting together, didn't she get pregnant with Lance's baby shortly after this? I think it was a flirtation that went nowhere, Brock seemed to have a lot of those.
  9. Thanks Paul Raven this is great. I remember very clearly that Ron and Nancy reunited and got custody of Karen and left town, I hated it. Chris fought to keep her, when it was done she was so exhausted emotionally that she left town. I didn't remember Carolyn being on the show before, wow, my memory is bad. I can't imagine her playing a hooker. Brad I think did just accept defeat with Leslie and left town, maybe there was more to it, but I remember thinking it was a weak ending to a great character.
  10. Yeah DeeeDee it seems that way
  11. Thanks for that Paul Raven, it is great to read the old stuff. I should do a big search on here to see what else I can find. What did Jill do for her first year on the show? I can barely remember what was going on in Nov 73, though it makes sense that Jill only got her job with Kay in 1974 as I remember that happening when I was watching.
  12. CarlD2 thanks. Any summaries are welcome. They jog the memory and I don't see a lot of 70's or 80's summaries so that would be great. I had heard that Bell had wanted to take the show off but CBS refused because they had nothing to replace it with, then the show became a bigger hit. Not sure if that is true or not. Paul, yeah I miss Y&R of the 70's, I think the first ten years were the best, though I enjoyed it up until around 1999 then I became a casual viewer, by 2003 I stopped watching. Maybe it is just me but I couldn't handle Kay being Jill's mother. I also read a synopsis in an old newspaper that stated that when the show first started the Henderson's were to be the other core family and the Fosters a third family of minor characters. Since Bruce was a doctor it would mean you would have had two wealthy or well to do families and one struggling family, though this conflicts with Bell's assertion that he had the class struggle in mind from the beginning. Though Bruce did turn up in the first year. Though I didn't start watching until Nov of that year. That begs the question, are there any monthly summaries of the first year? I know Bryna Laub was the only one doing that sort of thing and I read somewhere that she didn't get Y&R straight away in her area.
  13. Hey guys here is an interview with Bill Bell from 1976. Enjoy
  14. Yeah, never was a big fan of the musical aspects of the show, not too bad in the 70's but the rock concert stuff was a bit much. Not being a teenager "ahem" at the time I wonder what teen fans of the show thought?
  15. In terms of Dorothy Green, I heard she didn't know she was being written off the show until she bugged some BTS people on the show because she had a suspicion about it. Yeah I agree Jill always loved John, I find it hard to explain that aspect of Jill's character. I guess, she may have loved him but she was manipulative as hell and was always in survival mode both times she was married to him. One thing I always hated about Y&R was the way it painted Jill as the devil when she clearly wasn't always at fault. When she had the affair with Jack, he seduced her, she had crashed her car and was in shock and vulnerable and he seduced her. Then when the truth came out everyone acted like Jack was her victim. Though John blamed both Jill and Jack and fair enough, he seemed to be the only one to do so. Also Nikki did a lot of things Jill did and yet her kids didn't hate her and she didn't have Kay constantly telling her what a bad mother she is. I guess the show wanted Jill to be an Alexis Carrington type. Does anyone know if Brenda was even partly true about Bill Bell and producers not seeing eye to eye about her character as she stated some years ago in an interview, I know Brenda can be melodramatic, but hearing certain tings about the show recently has made me wonder if there isn't some truth to her story. Here are the clips just posted on youtube the quality isn't great though.
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