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Y&R Summary Feb 82

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Between April & Lauren.

While Victor & Nikki always had chemistry they weren't instantly popular. It wasn't until JLB left that they really became popular.

Not so much (mainly due to Victor being in transition).

The triangle (N/V/L) was the best part of the whole thing though.


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Here is the summary from the July 1976 issue. SOD at this time was monthly so this is a month or two months behind -- Paul Raven might remember the exact time gap more than I can.

Liz and Brock are both desperately trying to undo the evil Jill has done to Kay. Kay is locked into her obsession, and will accept the truth from neither of them. As a last resort, Brock takes Kay for a walk and leads her to Philip's grave. Kay reads the words on the tombstone and collapses sobbing.

Les and Brad entertained Lance and Lorie at dinner after telling each other of their afternoon adventures. Les has told Brad of Lance's visit and Brad has told Les of his having bought a dress for Lorie.

After dinner, Lance and Lorie are off to Rome and Stu has arrived at Brad's with Jen. All discuss Lorie and Lance and hope something will come of that relationship. Stu also mentions that Peg is off visiting a girl friend in Madison.

Lance continues his rude game with Lorie en route to Rome. The washroom door jams preventing Lorie from using the facilities. Rather than help her, Lance suggests Lorie use some pots from the galley if she can't hold out 'til Rome. At the height of Lorie's fury over his attitude, Lance relents and asks Skip to fix the door. Later, the door again jams as Lance attempts to use the facility, and Lorie delights in offering him the galley pans.

Gwen (Sister Madgeline), has prayed and prayed for guidance to no avail and admits to Reverend Mother that she must leave the order. All Gwen can think of is Greg, and wants nothing on earth so much as the chance to be a wife and mother.

Snapper, worried about Greg and Gwen has suggests that they not see each other. Gwen forestalls his objections, if not his concerns by telling him of her plans.

Reverend Mother receives the release papers from the Archbishop for Sister Madgeline to sign. After Sister completes the severance formalities, she will be free to leave with the money and clothes she had when she entered the Order. Gwen would like to see the children once more before she leaves, but Reverend Mother refuses.

Snapper may well have reason to concern himself with Gwen and Greg, but would be far more concerned about Brad if he knew that Brad had had yet another, more severe attack.

Gwen (Sister Madgeline) has decided to remain in the Order. She feels God has finally her the sign she prayed for through young Ramon. Greg had brought the unconscious boy to Gwen, who calls Snapper and prays as she holds and comforts the child. Reverend Mother offers to take Ramon from Gwen, but the boy opens his eyes and says he wants to stay with Sister Magdeline. As Ramon had never spoken before, Gwen is convinced this is the sign from God for her to keep her vocation.


Gwen tells Greg she will now take her final vows and soon be on her way to nursing school in St. Louis.

Leslie will soon be leaving for Mexico, but without Brad. Brad lets Leslie believe he must see a member of his family through more medical tests that could prove serious. He neglects to tell her that the family member is himself.

Brock has urged Jill to put aside her hatred and operate from a position of strength instead. Jill visits Kay, who is still confused but does now know that Jill has a baby. Kay thinks Brock is the father and that Jill and Brock are still married. She begs Jill to bring her grandson to her. Jill agrees, after Kay promises to have a check waiting for the baby.

Snapper is concerned about Bill's being left alone to care for the baby. He reminds Liz that Bill is a very sick man and adds that Bill is aware of his condition and even plans to leave all usable vital organs to a donor bank.

Liz confronts Bill about the matter and wonders how a decent funeral can be held with parts of him missing. He tells her he doesn't want a bunch of people staring down at him in a casket, anyway.

Lorie finds an eminent couturier displaying his designs on live models for Lance. Lance lets Lorie believe that the designs he buys are for Leslie. Lorie is furious and even demands a plane ticket home. She relents when the dresses arrive as a gift for her, from Lance and as they're having an intimate moment in her suit ,Lorie admits to wanting more from Lance than friendship.

Bored and restless because of her clerical work at Legal Aid, Chris accepts a modeling job, despite Snapper's misgivings. The session seems to go well, but Chris is upset to realize that the photographer has locked the studio door and keeps a two-way mirror in the models' changing room. Snapper arrives, to Chris' great relief, to take her home. At home, Snapper tells her that anytime she needs him, he will be there.

Lorie and Lance Prentiss learn to like each other quite a bit during their jaunt in Europe. They spar a great deal, but by the time of their arrival in Mexico City for Les's concert, they each have become aware of the other's depths and sensitivities.

Leslie's music is being affected by her concern for Brad. She inadvertently learned that Mrs. Eliot is not sick after all, but she has not learned the reason why Brad was unable to accompany her to Mexico City.

Stu and Jen are each concerned about Peggy and her involvement with Jack. Stu is hoping that Peggy will find a way to be happy without the young man. When she comes home, she is noncommittal until she talks to Jack.


When Jack convinces her that, once Joann has lost her excess weight and regains her confidence, he will leave her; Jo will be strong enough then and ultimately better off without him. Peggy will wait for Jack, no matter how long it takes.

Brock, meanwhile, offers to arrange the work schedules to suit Joann if she will go back to school as her husband suggested. He even offers to set up a loan to pay for her tuition and books. She decides, hesitantly, to discuss it with "Johnny" who, she thinks, still loves her.

Jill's baby is hurt during an emotional scene between a spiteful Jill and a drunken Kay Chancellor. Later, Jill seems to resolve to put the baby's welfare above all else in her relief when told by Snapper that the baby will be all right.


In a desperate attempt to prevent Kay's self-destruction being laid on Jill's conscience, her father begs Kay to stop the drinking and the smoking, by which means he feels she is attempting a slow suicide. It may be the last thing he will ever do, but he is determined to succeed.

Taking Chris's advice, Bill Foster proposes marriage to Liz. He hopes to persuade her to live with him as his wife. Liz is a very proper lady, and perhaps she feels he is a stranger; he is certainly a different man from the one who deserted her nine years ago. At the Chancellor house, and with Kay listening in, Bill tells Liz of his love and his fervent desire that they make a fresh start and begin a new life.


Too stunned to answer, Liz makes no reply. She is further rocked on her heels later when Sam Powers, a former suiter, visits. He asks her, again, to marry him, and for the second time that day, she is unable to voice a reply.

By dint of sheer will power, Leslie is able to sublimate her intense worry about Brad, where he is and what it is that is going on - and she plays the best music of her career. Her thrilling success is, for her, hollow without Brad.

That very same night, Brad is in his hospital room. He must undergo further tests just to find out what the problem is. He is visited by Barbara, who is a former love and presently a nurse in his hospital. When Brad explains that he cannot tell Leslie of his medical worries because he is trying to protect her from all the hurt, Barbara tells him that his love for Leslie is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

Peggy and Jack decide to have one wonderful, glorious night out to celebrate their plans to marry, once Joann is strong and secure enough to take such a blow. They refer to it as the night they will always remember. They will remember it for other reasons, because...


Joann overheard them in his office, and immediately went home to take an overdose of pills. Brock, coming to tell her that his mother will lend her the money to return to school, arrives in time to get Jo to the hospital, where she is pulled back from the bring of death. It is a return she makes unwillingly.

Jack and Peggy, meanwhile, are at the same restaurant as Stu and Jen. Peggy's father is unhappy with her avowal to marry Jack. Later, Stu is informed of Jo's attempted suicide and he rushes to the hospital. Jo asks him not to let Johnny know; she wants his love, not his pity.

Peggy, furious at finding her parents waiting up for her, as if they did not trust her, is horrified when Stu tells her that Joann tried to take her own life.


So what did you all think of the Gwen/Greg story? It seems like they struggled with story for Greg, did he ever work as a character?

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Thanks so much for the recap, I know it is a lot of effort and there is quite a bit of stuff here, much appreciated.

I completely forgot about Gwen coming back, she was a prostitute who Greg was in love with, she turned her life around and left for the convent. Greg didn't have much to do until he met Nikki, boy did she turn his life upside down. Greg, like Peggy, didn't have as much to do in the early years. Peggy had a lot more to do in her second run on the show, I think she returned around 1979.

Gwen/Greg didn't do much for me, I was more into watching Jill and Leslie. My two favorites on the show. To be honest I don't have any memories of the Gwen/Greg Story from 1976. I had completely blanked it out.

Interesting when Deidre Hall is mentioned in regards to Y&R they make it seem like she was a regular cast member when she only had guest roles on the show. I do remember seeing her in Y&R and then within a month she was on Days. I think this synopsis is from May/Jun 76, but not sure 100%. I do have strong memories of Deidre going straight from Y&R to Days, literally with only maybe a couple of weeks gap.

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Did you think Hauser did a good job as Greg? That was the material with Nikki wasn't it? I can't remember.

I didn't know Deirdre had played Beverly. Did she ever have any real story on Y&R? I wonder if she got hired at DAYS because of Bell's ties at DAYS, or if he had nothing to do with it.

I wish I could see more of Janice Lynde as Leslie. I thought she did a great job from the few clips of seen of playing a vulnerable woman who still has some kind of inner strength. That's not easy to do. It seems like at this time Y&R had very fascinating female characters.

Did you like the Jill/Philip story or what they did with Jill after that?

Jennifer Leak -- I wonder if Y&R hired her off Return to Peyton Place. Then right after Y&R she was cast on AW as the huge monster Olive, who ultimately caused John Randolph's death. Talk about going from saint to sinner.

Thanks for reading this and commenting. That's why I enjoy typing it out, if I know it helps create or bring back memories. I have the one from August somewhere, I think. If I do I'll type it out, if Paul Raven doesn't already have it.

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That 1976 recap is the most I've actually read about Peggy Brooks actually. I am more familiar with the other Brooks sisters Lorie, Leslie, and Chris than I am with her. There was a 1975 episode of Y&R up on Youtube with Deidre Hall in it with Jennifer dealing with breast cancer, I don't know if it is still up or not.

Gwen was the sister of Mitchell Sherman right? I remember watching AW's first two 90-minute episodes up online at the defunct WOST site and I must say that Jennifer Leak's Olive was right up with GL's Kit Vested as daytime's premiere psychos.

I wonder what if Bauer had stayed on as Lorie Brooks, would Bell continued to have her as a lead through the 80s and 90s?

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DeeeDee, I was wondering, would you say Y&R was in a big transition state at this time, or was it one that wasn't noticeable? 75-76-77 seems to be a lot of actors leaving, recasts, original characters like Jennifer and Brad being written out, bringing in new characters like Lance and Lucas.

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I don't remember Peggy having much story until she returned to the show, I know she left around the time Jennifer died. Then came back a couple of years later and got involved in the cult story and almost died.

Yeah Wings Hauser wasn't great, though I don't remember being all that impressed with any of the Greg's or the character. He didn't take over a story but was cast after Greg was off screen for a long period of time. I think he came on just before Nikki arrived. I liked the story with Nikki and Rose and that guy dying and Greg was defending some other guy accused of the murder.

Jill/Phillip, I was shocked when they killed him off, the Jill/Kay feud had me hooked, I know they tried the Jill/Derek/Kay triangle in 1976 and it fizzled out pretty quickly with a different actor in the role. Then Jill had little to do. I know she dated some guy who received a transplant from Bill then they picked up the Derek story again. I didn't like the Jill/Stuart thing. Other than that I like what they did with Jill in the 70's.

I also remember Dorothy Green being upset about being written out, purely because she wasn't told.

I don't remember Deidre having any story, just guest starring basically when the story required it. I don't even remember Deidre and Tom Hallick having any scenes together, am I wrong on that? Bill Bell stated in his TV Legends interview that Deidre was recommended by him for Days.

As for the transition feel. I didn't notice it, the Brad/Leslie thing was dying just Victoria took over the role and I remember feeling like Tom wasn't all that interested in being there, I had the same feeling with William Gray Espy. I didn't feel like the show was changing until they went to an hour, a lot of actors left and a whole new bunch of people were introduced.

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Here is the recap from the August 1976 issue.

Both Brock and Peggy take a hand in redirecting Joann's life. Brock urges her to learn from this ordeal, and instead of quietly accepting defeat, to fight for her husband. He reminds Jo that if Johnny didn't feel something for her still, he would have left her outright for this other woman. Later, he is surprised to learn from Chris that the other woman is Peggy, her younger sister.


Peggy blatantly tells Jo that she intends to fight for Jack herself, but that she wants it to be a fair fight. She cannot win by default, so she urges Jo to grab hold of herself and become, once again, the vibrant, assured, attractive and interesting person she once was. Only then, says Peggy, has Jo a hope of winning back her husband's love. Jo just might take this advice.

Leslie has realized that Brad is in Chicago. She fears that he may be resuming his ties with Barbara, the nurse he lived with in his "former" life, when he was still in medicine.

Brad, we know, is still undergoing many tests. He still does not know why he is losing his vision, or what can be done to correct it. He does know that his love for Leslie is overwhelming.


He is also reliving his past with Barbara. In great torment he looks at the man he used to be: how Barbara's (and his) child died under Brad's hand on the operating table; how he allowed her to think he was dead and how she mourned him for two years. He made a new life for himself, and a new man OF himself, but how cruel and heartless he was to her.

When Barbara takes him to see their son's grave, he weeps, knowing that his son had needed him, had asked for him. He weeps, too, because he despises what he did to Barbara's life.

Even when Bill had told Liz she would be better off marrying Sam and then kissed her soundly, she was dazed, but not decided. When Kay Chancellor, flabbergasted that Liz (of all people) should receive two proposals of marriage, she sees a chance of perhaps snaring Bill for herself. Kay points out to Liz how dependable Sam would be as a husband, and how happy she would be to have all the things she always wanted. And Bill, with not long to live, would have...his friends. Kay's campaign has some effect. Liz says, rather cryptically, that she has made up her mind.


Liz's decision is to remarry Bill. A renewal of their vows takes place in their home, performed by the same minister who first married them. After the ceremony, Stu and Jen come by with a token of their love and affection, a week in Hawaii for Liz and Bill's honeymoon. The Fosters' happiness is complete.

Even Kay Chancellor comes out of herself enough to send them flowers. She has "lost" Bill, but his daughter, Jill, is determined to take his place and get Kay to stop her drinking. At first resentful and perhaps fearful, Kay is convinced of Jill's sincerity by her avowal to stay out of Kay's life forever, as soon as she has helped Kay face life soberly. Jill must make a new life for herself and the baby, and she wants to do it with a clear conscience. She must make up for the wrong that she did.


Despite her protests, Jo is taken clothes shopping by Peggy and, after a special purchase, even Jo is convinced: she really IS pretty. She is changing, and even Johnny is aware of it.

Brad insists on leaving the hospital in order to be home with Leslie returns from Mexico City. At the same moment his doctor arrives to tell him the prognosis, Leslie decides to delay her departure until the next day to give Brad a chance to go home first - from whatever he was doing in Chicago.


Chris becomes very involved in Legal Aid, with the Beckers, a young couple faced with insurmountable problems. Nancy Becker collapses in a diabetic coma; Karen, their child has no one to take care of her. Ron Becker is in jail, accused of rape. It is this, the rape charge, which is unsettling for Chris - in view of her past experience.

Chris takes the little girl to Jen, who will give her the best of care and attention. Nancy is being attended by Snapper at the hospital. She will be all right, but they are penniless and friendless and she begs Chris to help Ron all she can.

Against her revulsion and despite Snapper's warning that the guy who raped her also pleaded his innocence, Chris makes an effort to help Ron, at least to talk to him.

Waiting for him to be brought in, however, she relives every agonizing moment of her own dreadful experience and, by the time Ron is sitting in front of her, all she can say is that she cannot believe his cries of innocence; she has heard it all before. She has too many scars, wounds that have never healed. She cannot cope with this.

Chris is stunned when Nancy Becker calls the Brooks to say that all the charges against Ron have been dropped. Chris at first finds it difficult to believe her instincts could be so wrong, but then she is filled with remorse for condemning Ron in her mind. In an effort to atone, she offers the Beckers all the help she can manage through Legal Aid and Jen steps forward to take care of Karen while Ron looks for work.


Brad's doctor can find no cause for his continuing, indeed worsening, problems of vision. Brad declines Barbara's offer to care for him. It is obvious to her that he will soon be completely sightless. He leaves for home, but Barbara begs him to tell Leslie. At home, awaiting Leslie, Brad is visited first by Lorie and then by the Maestro. They each voice their concern for Leslie, but their pleas that he confide in his wife go unheeded. When Leslie comes in the door, he is unable to focus properly, so he cannot rush to sweep her into his arms, as he so desperately wants to do. He then complicates matters more by admitting he had seen Barbara (whom Leslie has found out about) but insists it was not the way Leslie thinks it was. As she presses him, he says he is due at the office. Barbara, when Leslie phones her to get at the bottom of this, keeps her word to Brad. She tells Leslie nothing. It is increasingly clear that Brad will not long be able to keep his secret. Even Stu notices him stumble into a desk.


Peggy comes down very hard on Jo, forcing her to wear the new dress, to make tonight the beginning of a new romance between her and her husband. Peggy even breaks a date with Jack, herself, to insure he will be with Jo. The evening is very sweet and they dance and dine by candlelight. Johnny tells Jo how proud he is of her, how she is beginning to become her old self. While he sleeps, Jo basks in her thoughts of the evening and impulsive touches his shoulder, saying aloud how much she loves him. He stirs, and still more than half asleep, replies that he loves her, too, but he calls her Peggy. Jo is devastated.

Lorie receives a copy of her new book, published under a pseudonym. It is entitled "Out of My Sister's Shadow." Lorie hopes her life will now be proof of it.

While Lorie muses on the unknown depth of Lance, and how little is actually known about him, the man in question is talking to Vanessa Prentiss.


Vanessa, who covers half of her face with a veil, is indeed a figure of mystery. She is half of the business, Lance says, and how surprised his many associates would be to learn that half of the decisions are made by her. He chides her for working too hard, but work is life to her, she thrives on it. Although Lance carefully declines to say how much he cares for Leslie, he does tell Vanessa about her - her music, her life after like Vanessa - emerging from a deep emotional trauma. Vanessa replies that it takes great courage to face the world when rejection by it is what one fears most. Lance is her tower of strength.

Brad can tell Leslie about his worries only in his imagination. In the cold light of day, he is unable to share his problems with her, under the misguided impression that he is shielding her, no matter how desperately Leslie begs for the chance to help him. He wants her to have the security of her career; and she wants only the security of knowing she has all his love. She wonders if a child would be the answer.

The triangle formed by Joann, Jack (Johnny) and Peggy is about to be transformed into a different pattern. Jo tells Peggy that Johnny made love to her the night before; what she does not tell her rival is that Johnny was drunk (he remembers nothing about it) and he pretended she was Peggy.


Peggy confronts Jack with this news and then completely rocks him to his foundations when, to prevent him from demanding a divorce from Jo, she tells him of Jo's suicide attempt. For once he is truly at a loss. He does not know what to do.


I just realized both Chrises were raped and both worked at Legal Aid and both were models...too bad Bill Bell never had Chris Brooks return to meet Cricket.

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September and December would be great, just to remember. It takes me back. Loved the show back then. Thanks so much for the effort and time. So Deidre and Tom had scenes together, I completely forgot about them. I am curious to see what else I have forgotten. Thanks again.

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I also have a Soaps and Serials from this time with some photos. I will scan that later.

I never knew Lorie was going to write a book about being OUT of her sister's shadow. I wonder if someone was having a little laugh.

soapfan to me the really scary stuff would have been the Suzanne/Katherine story which there are some audio clips for.

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