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Y&R Summary Feb 82

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From the September 1978 Digest.

Vanessa has been watching with supressed glee the disintegration of Lance's marriage to Lorie. Not knowing the reasons behind Lorie's sudden decision to promote herself and her book, Vanessa now feels nothing for hate for this woman. She's very glad Lance has now turned his attentions towards Leslie. She'd be a far better match.

Housing such feelings, Vanessa decides to help matters along. She gives Lorie the final push out the door by telling her, she knows her son, he'll never be able to forgive her. Lorie believes her words because she had the same from Lance himself - but she also heard (or more to the point, didn't hear) something else. She didn't hear Lance denying he's having an affair with Leslie. Vanessa's attack only put the icing on the cake. She tells her soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law that she's packing her bags and moving out. She can tell Lance that he'll soon be hearing from her lawyer.

While Lorie is stuffing her bags, Lance is out driving around. He is trying to get a grip on what Lucas had just told him. He now knows the whole story. He knew there was more than Lorie was telling him, and now he knows exactly what that more is. He now knows Lorie's sudden decision (her sudden adoption of a me-first attitude) was caused by catching him in a passionate embrace with Leslie - an embrace which Lorie completely misunderstood. He has to talk more with his wife. HE has to tell her he was at her sister's house trying to get Leslie to bury the past and make up with her. The kiss Lorie saw was one of goodbye, not hello.

...But is it all too late? Lance arrives back at the homestead and learns from Vanessa that Lorie has departed. Lance is now a very tortured man. Should he run to Leslie or Lorie? What is he to do?


Jill has made a very painful decision. She tells Derek she thought she could handle it, but she couldn't. She can't work with him at the Golden Comb. It will just be too torturous - all the time that he's with her, she will not be able to forget that he'll soon be leaving her to return to Kay. She can't accept the crumbs that he's giving her. She wants to be able to touch him, to hold him. She won't be able to go through a whole year knowing she'll only be able to be with him platonically - if that's the case, she'd rather not see him at all - and that's what she has decided to do! After the year is out, and he has his divorce from Kay, then she'll see him.

Derek tries to get Jill to change her mind, but she will not budge from her decision. He can sense she feels he agreed to Kay's deal not so much to get a quick divorce, but to get his dream salon - and he can't tell Jill the one thing that will negate her suspicions. He can't tell Jill that the real reason he decided to live with Kay is the $100,000 trust fund Kay set up for Jill's son - a trust fund which would have been destroyed if he decided not to move in with her.

Snapper tells Greg that he had a talk with Larry and it seems that the job Greg created for Linda is causing trouble in the Larkin marriage. Greg now knows what he has to do. He has to fire Linda. He doesn't want to be responsible for the destruction of that marriage, does he?

Though it greatly hurt him, Greg had no other choice but to follow Snapper's advice - and now Linda is once again jobless. But this period of unemployment does have its benefit. It forces Linda do some much-needed soul-searching - and what she discovers, with the help of her best friend Beth Walsh, is that Larry isn't to blame for her troubles, only she is. She eagerly bought the romantic myth of marriage which was sold to all women of her generation, and now ten years later, at the age of 29, she's paying for this mistake; this gullibility - but what is she going to do about it? With two young children and husband who need her, she just can't run away and begin anew...or can she? She has to do something. She doesn't know how much longer she can take this suffocating feeling of entrapment. She loves her husband and children, but she has to think of herself, too. What is she going to do?

Lorie returns home to get the rest of her clothes and Lance takes the moment to set things straight. Lorie wasn't too anxious to hear any more lies, but the forceful tone of her husband's voice, glues her to the spot. She listens.


...And what she hears ultimately causes a reversal in her decision. Speaking very straightforwardly, Lance explains that the kiss Lorie saw him giving Leslie was one of good-bye. He can't deny he has very strong feelings for Leslie, but at that point in time, he wasn't doing anything about them - all his concentration was centered on preserving his marriage. He wanted nothing more than to make Lorie happy...and that was the reason for his returning from his business trip a day early and going to see Leslie. He was trying to get Leslie to makeup with her, and he also told Leslie about his plans. He told Leslie that that evening he was going to surprise Lorie with a second honeymoon trip to Europe.

Lorie is floored. She was so wrong. Her husband does still love her! She asks Lance if she wants to give their marriage another chance. Lance's reply is non-verbal. He takes Lorie in his arms, and with a long passionate kiss, gives her the answer she wants to hear. Poor Leslie. It looks like she's going to be left out in the cold.

The words Linda speaks knife right into Larry's gut. He can't believe his wife is saying these things. She's telling him all her troubles stem from the marriage itself. She married much too young. She married before she had a chance to find out who she was. She thought marriage would be one big romantic all, and now she's paying for her naivety. She denied herself the chance to find her own identity; her own place in life, and now it's much too late to do this - and that's why she feels trapped!

Though it pains him greatly (but what other choice did he have) Larry gives Linda the answer that she, herself, seemed afraid to speak. He tells Linda to pack her bags and go. It's the only solution for her. Being completely on her own (their kids will stay with him) is the only way Linda will be able to find the answers she so desperately seeks. Tears streaming from her eyes, Linda runs to her room to prepare herself for freedom, for her journey of self-discovery. When she married Larry she never thought it would come to this, come to such a brutalizing end. She prays her new aloneness will resolve her excruciating dilemma. It has to.

Stu has come to Jill's rescue - and she's very thankful. She's beginning to see him as more than a father figure. He has the same kind, considerate traits as the first older man in her life, Phillip Chancellor. She tells Stu she'll take up his offer of a job. She'll talk to the supervisor of the Want Ads department of his newspaper and see if she's qualified for the clerical position Stu has in mind. She can't put into words how grateful she is for this opportunity he's giving her.


Lnace has told Leslie the heartbreaking news, and she makes a vow not to let it destroy her. She can't! She has to think of the baby she's carrying - Lance's baby! She must take immediate charge of her life - and she quickly does. She calls Maestro Fausch and tells him she's ready to return to the stage. She wants a booking as soon as possible. The Meastro obliges and Leslie packs her bags to fly off to Seattle.

Though Leslie will not confirm what he suspects, Lucas does not doubt for an instant that what he believes he true. Her every unuttered sentence points to the fact that she's pregnant with Lance's child - and this must make her break up with Lance even more painful. She shouldn't be alone at a time like this. He's going to see if he can help.

Arriving at the Brooks' house, he's quite surprised to learn from Stu that Leslie has embarked on a concert tour. With all the publicity from Lorie's book, it's going to be mighty rough appearing on stage. The audience is going to be abuzz with gossip about her. Feeling very strongly that Leslie shouldn't go through this trying time alone, Lucas books a flight to Seattle. He's going to be there for her. She'll need a friend.

While Leslie prepares for the stage, Lorie and Lance prepare for romance. They are reigniting their flames on board his private jet. They are bound for some exotic place for a second honeymoon. They are going to make their marriage work.

Having no where else to go, Linda once again turns to Greg. Fighting back the tears, Linda tells Greg he's the only one who can help her. She needs her old job back. Is it still available? Not filling him in on the reason why, Greg is very confused by Linda's desperate state...but he can't refuse her. He has grown to care about her very much. If she needs him, he'll make sure that he's there for her.

Wanting to do anything she can to make Derek love her - to make him stop thinking of their marriage as a prison - Kay comes up with a plan. She's going to give him the thing he wants most in the world - a child. It can't be their child (he wants no physical contact between them), but it will be his. She's going to give him his son, Jamie. It will bring Derek such joy to be reunited with the boy...and now she'll be free to do this. Derek will no longer have a reason not to see his son. The boy is now fatherless. His stepfather died in a car accident several months ago. Derek will no longer feel he's wrecking the boy's life by revealing himself as his father. Jamie will need a father now...and who else but Derek should fill this void.

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Thanks for this CarlD2. I really appreciate the effort. Yeah that's funny I think Bill Bell was a fan of the letter L, since Linda and Larry's last names were Larkin. I vaguely remember them, I don't think they were on for very long. A few people had left by this point. Brad, Chris, Peggy and Jennifer were all gone. I don't remember thinking too much of it as Jill was still there and Leslie (though played by Victoria) was still on screen too, though I became less interested in her character once Janice left, the pregnancy to Lance made me more interested.

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