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Y&R Summary Feb 82

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This is a summary of the SOD synopses printed in the March 16th 1982 issue,which would detail storylines a month or so previously.

This was around the time that Wes Kenney became new exec producer.

Hope you enjoy!


Liz suggests to Jill that Karen may have lied to her about Andy because she's desperate to hold on to him. Jill decides to confront Karen.

Meanwhile, Karen acts supportive of Andy as he relates that things didn't work out for him and a special lady. He thanks Karen for being there for him

Jill barges into Karen's and calls her out on her lies, but is devastated to hear Andy call out from the bedroom and leaves.

Andy catches up with Jill at the diner and informs her about his new job. Jill responds that Karen will be thrilled. When she leaves Andy wonders how Jill knew about Karen.

Later, he confonts her and Jill says she allowed herself to fall for him and he never bothered to mention he was married.Andy says it wasn't a real marriage. Jill responds that she knows they're sleeping together and begs Andy to go.

Andy again asks Karen if she knows Jill and she denies it. But the truth comes out and Karen pleads with Andy,saying she still loves him. if that's the case, says Andy -then love him enough to let him go!


Disgusted with Lance for deserting Lorie, Victor vows to Douglas that he'll use her proxy to take control of Prentiss and destroy Lance.

Lorie is horrified to receive a gift from Vanessa,congratulating her and Lance on their wedding.Lance takes this as proof that his mother was happy about the wedding.

Lorie asks Leslie to take Brooks away during the trial on the condition that he came back once its over. Leslie agrees and arranges a move to Switzerland. However she secretly vows to hang onto Brooks.

Robert harangues Lorie over concealing evidence (the gift from Vanessa) and says he won't continue unless she is 100% trusting of him. Lorie clings to him and begs him to remain as her lawyer.

As Jonas has left town, Leslie asks Lucas to look after the restaurant for her-it will give him a purpose and stop him from drinking and dwelling on Vanessa's death.

Lance is puzzled to find a check Vanessa made out to a doctor.He visits the doctor only to find that the man has had a stroke and can't communicate.

Robert assures Lorie he believes in her innocence and kisses her passionately.


Paul and Barbara spend the night together in Aspen. Barbara assures Paul it was just for fun.Barbara suggests they head to the West coast but Paul says he has responsibilities-like a wife. Barbara says she'd like to meet her.Paul agrees and says they'd hit it off!

When Paul asks Patty about her trip with a 'girlfriend', Patty lets slip that she knows about Paul and his mystery woman. Paul blames Jack but Patty says it was all her idea and nothing happened between her and Jack, thanks to Paul.She calls her brother a hypocrite in light of his trip to Aspen with another woman.

Paul tells April about Bobbi and April phones Barbara and says she'd like to meet her.

Dorothy confesses to Wayne that Bobbi is really Barbara, April's twin.She says that Barbara wants nothing to do with them or April.

April meets up with Barbara and gushes about how happy she is to meet her and how special she is.Barbara is non plussed and uncomfortable with April's emotions.

But after April takes her to her parents, Barbara agrees to start over and try to build a relationship with her newfound family.


Cash is in debt and goes to Kay but she refuses to bail him out.

Nikki is frantic when the fur coat Victor gave her goes missing.Kay puts two and two together and gets Cash to admit her took the coat to pay those debts, Kay gives him money to retrieve the coat and he promises to stop gambling. Kay knows better.

Nikki tells victor that Cash is in debt because his escort business is failing. Cash returns the coat ,but Victor isn't buying his explanation to Nikki.


Jack offers Chris a modelling trip to Hawaii.Snapper forbids Chris from going and she says she's going whether he likes it or not!

*Not long after,Cash, April, Barbara, Dorothy and Wayne were written out.

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Thanks for posting this. I remember some of the articles around this time, I think Chris dyed her hair brown for modeling? I guess that didn't last.

I didn't know whether Robert and Lorie had ever gotten to a romance stage. I guess it fizzled out quickly. Interesting that Bell again used his old trick about the person who knows the truth but has had a stroke (like Molly Carter).

Isn't it strange that all the men brought in for Leslie or Lorie didn't really ever end up having any identity outside of those two women. And it also seems like by this time Leslie was being written a little less sympathetically.

The story with Barbara and April sounds very strange.

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I think the plan was for Robert/Lorie but when JLB announced she was leaving,Robert was switched to Leslie. Of course that fizzled out.Leslie as a character only seemed to work in the Lorie/lance/Lucas sphere.

Well, as I posted, Barbara and April were soon dropped-.guess Bill Bell wasn't sure where to take them.

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That restaurant was called 'Jonas's'.it first came into the story when Leslie developed amnesia and turned up at Jonas'.He dubbed her 'Pris'(Priscilla) At that time the go to GC restaurant was The Allegro.

Now I need some help here.Did Leslie already own it? I know Brock was a part of it in the late 70's. I think it was the original GC restaurant run by Pierre.

Anyway,at some point Leslie had the restaurant recreated in GC at the Allegro site as a gift to Jonas.(by this time she had regained her memory)

I think Jonas's was then renamed Gina's when Ms Roma borrowed money from Jack Abbott to take it over.

i may be confused so hopefully others can confirm or correct me.

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It was that he LOVED Janice Lynde more than anything.

And as usual (as Y&R recasts go) Victoria (although competent) couldn't replicate the same magic as Janice.

It's always very easy to tell which characters and/or actors Bill liked cause he was able to build some of the most incredible symbiotic relationships with them.

It also didn't help that after the recast he focused much more on Jamie/Lorie (who was always equally popular to Janice/Leslie) rendering Leslie permanently secondary.

A lot.

The original plan was for Leslie & Lance but was mainly dropped.

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Thanks. For some reason mentally I associate Janice with Brad Eliot and Victoria with Lance Prentiss. I didn't know there was overlap.

Do you ever wonder why he never asked Janice to return, or to work on B&B? He seemed to do that with other actors he was fond of. I know Janice said she had a miserable time filming Y&R but she might have felt differently after some years had passed.

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Janice did the initial Lance stuff (meeting, friendship) then around the time she & Lorie were "fighting" over him it was Victoria.

Janice was shy & focused on other stuff (theater, tv) & was never totally comfortable with the rigors of soap work.

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Wasn't Janice fired by John Conboy, interestingly in his TV Legends interview when Bill Bell was asked to say a few words about him, he refused. I don't remember if the interviewer got him to admit he wasn't a fan of John's. It makes me wonder about Brenda Dickson's statement that Bill and the producers didn't always see eye to eye and they often did things Bell wasn't happy about.

As far as Janice is concerned she aired as Leslie until Jan 77, then Victoria took over right away, literally I think the next episode. John McCook started as Lance in Dec 1975 (not sure if that was his air date or tape date) During that period if I remember, Lance chased after Leslie and used to go to all her concerts and such or something like that. I don't remember there being any romance until Victoria came on.

The most annoying thing about the cast change was Brad and Leslie were both keeping secrets, he was hiding the fact he was blind and she was hiding her pregnancy as Brad had left her because of his sight problems. The story went on for months and the big reveal didn't happen until after Victoria took over which was an anti climax.

Would love to read any summaries from the show from the 70's, it is so hard to find detailed summaries for the 70's for Y&R. I know FrenchFan has posted some stuff which has been great to read.

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It's great to see another longtime fan here of Y&R. DeeeDee, Alphanguy, and others have given some great history lessons about the show's past.

I don't have a ton of them but I do have some SOD summaries of 76-79 Y&R, incomplete as I don't have every month. I have up to somewhere in 1980, and a bit of 1981 and 1982. If you are interested then I can type some of those out. Just let me know.

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Thanks for the welcome CarlID2 Janice was off in Jan 77 and that happened after. The summaries would be great. It would help to jog my memory. I am sure there are things I forgot happened or they happened differently to what I remember. Nice to relive some memories of watching the show. It's funny, if I do see an old clip I often remember watching it all those years ago.

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I'm having really hard time seeing Jill together with Andy Richards but this was Deborah Adair's Jill so I don't know but still they even got engaged until they broke it off which lead Jill to John Abbott and Andy to Diane and then later finding Faren.

The only Paul/April story I saw was the one in the 90s when April moved back to town for a couple years. When did the Cindy Lake murder stuff happen?

I know that Victor and Nikki were instantly popular, but was the Victor/Lorie pairing liked? Wasn't Elizabeth Keifer on Y&R at this time as Robert's daughter?

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