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Look into the past: December 1972

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Indeed it must be december 1974. I have issues of the newsletter from Dec. 72 to April 73 and then from Dec. 74 onwards. I'm still trying to fill in the gasps and will post February 1973 tomorrow. Saynotoursoap, i would need your help for WTHI which was not covered by B. Laub.

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From what I understand, Y&R didn't get covered by Bryna until January 1974. Not sure there is much coverage of the first nine months of the show. Thanks FrenchFan, these synopsis are great, I wasn't aware of this thread, and it is great to read all of this. Especially Days during the time Bill Bell was writing and Another World, even though I never watched some of the other shows, it is interesting to see what was going on then.

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Written by : Agnes Nixon

Produced by : Bud Kloss

Ann comfronted Nick with the fact that Kitty was carrying his child. She told him they were through and that he had to marry Kitty for the child’s sake. Ann told Paul about her ending relationship with Nick and that she planned to reopen the Boutique. He told her he would move back home for appearance’s sake but he admitted to Joe that the marriage was over. Nick asked Kitty to marry him. She was overjoyed and managed to convince herself he did it for love. She began to have strong contractions. When the pain finally went away, she told herself everything was fine. Kitty and Nick went across the state line to get married.

Jeff angrily refused to cooperate with Erica in the planned magazine article about her and swapped their apartment with a married fellow doctor. She tried to enlist his family and Mary to help hepl her convince him but they all agreed to pretend that she and Jeff were a happily married couple was dishonest. Erica pressured her mother into allowing the article to be photographed in her home.

Little Philip was christened. When Chuck heard her telling the baby about his wonderful father, Philip, he cautioned her that infants aborb things and that this kind of thing put a barrier between him and the child he wanted to feel was his. She agreed to put the past away but when she learned that Phil’s Vietnam buddy, Eddie, was nearby, she was drawn to find him. Ruth was the baby’s godmother and gave him Philip’s baby cup. She still felt she had to never let Chuck and Tara know she had learned this baby was her grandson.

Margo told Jason their daughter Claudette was pinned to the son of a wealthy society family. No one knew that Jason was Claudette’s father. Ann ran into Jason, an old friend, in New York and had lunch with him.


Written by : Harding Lemay

Produced by : Paul Rauch

Mrs. Goddard, the Carrington’s housekeeper, resentful of Alice’s presence in the household, secretly went to Bay City with a picture of Alice to learn who se really was. Under the alias Dorothy Shaw from Seattle, she learned Alice was Mrs. Steve Frame. She was assured of Alice’s good character but found Steve had no interest in learning his wife’s whereabouts. She decided Alice was a threat to Iris. Elliot encouraged Alice to settle things with Steve once and for all.

Having promised Peggy he would watch out for Linda, Ray found himself reinvolved with gangster Jake Bond who was truing to involve Zach in a robbery. The confrontation led to gunfire and Ray was killed trying to shield Zach. Zach, wounded, told Linda he had learned from Ray’s death and was going to try to change to be more like Ray was.

Mark was cleared of charges in Bernice’s death and left Bay City. Meanwhile, Pat reluctantly agreed to a vacation at Steve’s house in St. Croix with John. She wasn’t sure she could forget John’s infidelity with Bernice but would try for their children’s sake. She was planning to get a job in order to build up her personal respect and self esteem.

Lenore and Robert had come to realize how very much they meant to each other. Janice refused to date Russ when she realized Mary resented Steve. Actually, Janice was attracted to Robert and resented Lenore. Janice went out of her way at work to arrange time alone with Robert and she practised writing “Mrs.” in front of his name.

Ted refused to give Rachel a divorce. He realized their marriage was over but wouldn’t do anything to make it easier for her. He had followed Rachel to Steve’s apartment when he heard her, in Steve’s arms, saying she only married Ted as she was sure she could never have Steve. Ada threatened to brand Rachel an unfit mother and take Jamie from her unless she ended her affair with Steve. Steve told Rachel he fought his feelings for her for years. Rachel still had doubts despite Steve’s assurances of his feelings for her and Jamie. She woundered if he would put her aside as he did before if Alice decided to return.


Written by : Irna Phillips & David Lesan

Produced by : Fred Bartholomew

Nancy received another letter from Penny explaining her marital problems involve a child. Meanwhile, Kim moved back to her suite at the Greymere but she continued her flirtation with Bob whenever she could. Kim was amazed that Jen chose to visit her daughter Barbara in New York rathen than be with Bob in Florida. John, who was deeply attracted to Kim, warns her she could be hurt if her objective was Bob. Jen, growing aware of Kim’s interest in Bob, asked Kim if she still resented the fact that Kim married Chuck Ryan even though he had been dating Kim when Jen met him. Kim told her that was ancient history. Rick told John about this old rivalry.

Dan had additional surgery on his arm but the probability of his resuming his surgical career was doubtful. Liz had an internal hermmorhage and even additional surgery did not save her. Dan was desolate at the news of her death and remembered her last words to him: that Betsy was really his child and tht Susan left Emily’s gate open, causing the accident resulting in Liz’s death. He returned home, drank heavily and sank into depression. When he learned Susan was getting a divorce and that she might be able to take Emily from him, he was shocked. Peggy was convinced someone was in the house with Liz on the day of the accident. Ronnie Talbot, Liz’s brother, wanted to take Betsy to England for a while but Dan insisted Betsy would stay with him. Wally tried to make Dan see he had to live for Emily’s sake. Dan told Wally the whole truth about Liz and himself and Betsy being their child, not Paul’s. He feared Liz’s death was retribution. Wally assured him this wasn’t true and told him of his own wife’s death and of giving his son up for adoption.

Susan realized she carelessly caused Liz’s accident but told no one. She saw Dr. Flynn again and he told her it might be her husband’s fault she was not pregnant. Since Bruce didn’t know she was trying to conceive, she couldn’t ask him to see a urologist so she told him she thought she was pregnant to get a reaction. He told her he had a vasectomy years ago after learning he might be carrying the hereditary blood disease his brother in Boston was so ill with. He realized she had planned to have a child to make him accept Emily into his home and they fight. She asked him to leave and planned to file for an annulment. Susan told her mother she realized Dan loved Liz but that was over and she hoped someday she, Dan and Emily could be a family again.

Peter discussed the possibilty of a medical career with Wally and valued his opinions highly. Mrs. Bunton thanked Wally for helping Peter. Only Wally knew Peter was the son he gave away twenty years ago. Meanwhile, neither Tom nor Don would explain why Tom left the family law firm. Tom had refused to check up on Wally’s background for Don’s personal reasons. Don had given Lisa one more week to accept of refuse his marriage proposal. Lisa hoped Wally would propose, but it seemed unlikely.


Written by : William J. Bell

Produced by : Betty Corday

Susan was horrified to learn that she, not Eric, was the agressor the night Ann was conceived. She went away and her note to Greg told him she loved him but couldn’t marry him until she found out who and what she really was. Eric felt Susan and Greg had to marry and didn’t want Greg to learn he was Ann’s father. He tried to get chapter 14 of his autobiographical manuscript deleted by the published because it was about Susan and that night in the park.

Laura and the whole Horton family were concerned that Mickey was overworking himself into a second heart attack. He was adamant about being his own man and reminded her that this meant being a husband to her in every way.

With Scott badly injured, Julie suddenly realized how good a husband and father he was. Despite all efforts, Scott died and Julie had to break the news to David. She gently but lovingly helped him through the agonizing pain he felt and helped him to accept that his father was gone. Bob arranged an educational trust fund for David but Julie refused his offer of money for her despite the financial problems she realized she would have due to the inadequacy of Scott’s estate. Julie realized that David was trying to fill Scott’s place. The Horton men and Doug tried to fill the void for him but Julie decided she needed a father for David and a husband for herself as quickly as possible. She methodically made a list: Don, Burt, Greg, Doug. Ironically, Don, Burt and Greg all called to take her to lunch while Doug sent a gift for David.

Addie learned she was pregnant. She was afraid to tell Doug who had told her he didn’t want a child because he’s sure she could not longer have one. Addie realized Doug was emotionally involved with Julie and her problems and she wouldn’t try to hold him with a child. Laura made Addie promise she wouldn’t have an abortion without discussing it with Doug first.


Written by : Robert & Eileen Mason Pollock

Produced by : Allen Potter

The Manager of the hotel in which Cathy was hiding dropped in often to her dismay. He felt sympathy for this young widow, Mrs. Norman, and her child. He noted the resemblance between her child and the kidnapped Aldrich baby but only when he accidentally learned her “son” was a girl did he call the police. They arrived to find Cathy and Stephanie on the window ledge fourteen stories up. Steve, Matt and Nick all tried to bring her in. Finally John was called and succeeded in getting Stephanie from her by promising to help her get away. She believed him as he reminded her she helped him conceal the fact he could walk long before he wanted it known in an attempt to win Althea back. When he returned to get Cathy, she panicked and screamed: “You’ve been lying all along.” and pulling away from her, she lost her footing and fell to her death.

Everyone considered John a hero and was even more impressed by his humility but Nick, who heard Cathy’s final outcry, had put the pieces together and confronted John accusing him of knowing Cathy was carrying a dead fetus when she tricked Nick into marrying her to clear the way for John to get Althea back. Althea overheard this and was furious with Nick, refusing to even consider the possibility it might be true. John tried to convince Althea that they had to try to reconcile for the sake of Penny because she needed the stability of a normal family and that he, as a psychiatrist, could help Penny through the adjustment. Althea realized she didn’t love John but was torn by the need to do what was best for Penny.

Laurie visited Hank in the hospital but planned to return to New York immediately. Mike tried to persuade her to stay longer but when he larned she didn’t quit her singing career from boredom but that she lost her voice, he decided she was a poor example for Hank. Hank, back at the lab work, was sure his arm would never let him perform surgery again.

Carolee was convinced she misjudged Mona in the past and was grateful for her help during Stephanie’s kidnapping. Realizing Steve disliked working for the new head of obstetrics, Mona set about convincing Ann to set up a pediatrics practice in partnership with old friend Cliff DeSales, obstetrician, in the professional suites beneath Mona’s new house. Mona planned to later convionce Steve to leave his hospial practice and join his friends in private practice. Meanwhile, Nick and Ann found they were good company for each other as they understood each other’s problems and loss. Ann was afraid her memories of her late obstetrician husband would interfere if she tried to resume the practice of medicine.


Written by : Henry Slesar

Produced by : Erwin Nicholson

Ashley agreed to Phoebe’s condition that he told his wife about her before she would agree to go away for the weekend with him. When Kay avoided the confrontatation with sleeping pills, he lied and told Phoebe Kay knew.

Vic returned Jake’s wallet after making Johnny promise never to pull a holdup again. Vic arranged a restuarant manager’s job for Johnny. Jake accidentally met Johnny with Vic and later realized Johnny was the hold up man. When confronted by Jake, Johnny vehemently denied it and walked away from him. Joel, investigating Edith Berman’s death, was stunned to learn Edith actually did attempt suicide last year as Jake claimed. Joe’s client felt Edith was definitely not a suicidal type and suspected foul play.

Jake followed his suicide threat with a drunken shooting in his apartment. Only his promise to see Jim professionally prevented his being brought up on charges of careless use of firearms and attempted suicide. Jim made a housecall on Jake and after the session, realized Jake had many conflicts. He felt betrayed by Edith and she had two children by a previous marriage and he confused this betrayal with his unrequited love for Nicole who was now engaged to marry Adam. Jim was surprised to learn from a photograph at Jake’s apartment that Edith was Jim’s patient, Mrs. Wilson, who consulted him about her husband whom she felt was trying to kill her. Meanwhile, Adam and Nicole set a March 21st wedding date.

Elly Jo agreed to give Simon one third of whatever she inherited in exchange for his arranging the death of pregnant Liz. On his orders, she slipped Liz “wake up” pills and when Liz’s doctor couldn’t help her, Elly Jo planted the idea of Jessup’s hypnotherapy treatments in Orin’s mind. Orin mentioned it to Liz and desperate for sleep, Liz called Jessup. He easily put her to sleep for the night. Knowing Jim’s objections to Jessup and his methods, Liz kept this from her husband. Jessup showed Elly Jo the projector slide of a sharp, cliff-top turn near Liz’s home and explained that this slide would be the instrument of Liz’s death. Adam and Nicole saw Jessup and Elly Jo breakfasting together and the unlikenss of this twosome bothered Adam.


Written by : Frank & Doris Hursley

Produced by : James Young

Howie took Brooke to diner for her birthday and bought her a four leaf clover charm. He bought an identical charm for Jane but told her he was working late. Brooke arrived home late for her date with Howie’s boss Burt Marshall and angry and jealous, he demanded to know who she was with. He hit her and she fell, hitting her head on a table. Realizing she was dead, Marshall wiped her fingerprints from the room and sneaked out. Detective Fred Martin learned Howie and Brooke dated during Howie’s separation from Jane and questioned him. Howie maintained he worked late that night. Marshall told Martin he worked late that night too, dated Brooke only occasionally and tried hard to throw suspicions on Howie. Martin learned Howie bought two charmes (one was found on Brooke) and tooker her to dinner earlier on the night of her death. The police realize Marshall seemed to hate Howie intensely.

Teddy tried to convince Jessie to marry despite her being older that he was. Carol, who had a crush on Teddy, ridiculed Jessie’s involvement. Steve and Phil tried to make her see Teddy was a sponger who was only interested in her money. She defended him and considered his proposal.

When Diana learned she was nine to ten weeks pregnant, she was horrified as she and Peter only began to try for conception four weeks ago. She was sure this child was Phil’s due to his forcing himself on her. Her doctor, assuming this child was Peter’s, told her there was no problem of the rare blood disease her first child had at birth. Diana told Phil never to visit her home again.

Duncan continued to encourage Audrey into a relationship and asked her to go away for the weekend with him. She maintained her only interest is the safe return of her son Tommy. Steve blamed himself for encouraging her to marry Tom in the first place. In Mexico, Tom, very ill, died. Tommy’s baby nurse told him she’d never give him up.

Wade, infuriated that Mary wouldn’t come back to him as his wife, threatened to sue Lee for alienation of affections as Wade’s father’s will left him a million dollars only if he and Mary were together. He nastily implied that Lee and Mary had an affair while she cared for his ill son during Meg’s hospitalization. Knowing Meg’s illness was emotional, Wade threatened to take his nasty theories to Meg herself. Mary and Lee feared for Meg but Mary could not bring herself to return to Wade and Lee agreed she didn’t have to.


Written by : Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by : Lucy Ferri Rittenberg

Michael and Leslie agreed to call off their wedding plans as a critically ill Steve had demanded they did. They planned to resume their plans when he was well again. Learning Leslie and Michael had parted, Steve’s agitation subsided and he began to recover rapidly from his heart attack. Hope was afraid Mike and Leslie would never marry.

Charlotte was very angry at Sara’s coldness to her and she encouraged Kit to try to take Joe away from Sara. Charlotte had noticed how Sara’s medical practice had put a strain on the Werner marriage and hoped to capitalize on it. Meanwhile, Peggy returned to work at the hospital as the cost of the private detectives she had looking Johnny was considerable.

Barbara had agreed to marry Adam. Holly believed Adam knew of Roger’s duplicity and resented him. She disapproved the marriage. Holly was becoming very interested in Ed and resented the fact that he is Janet’s friend. She considered pretending to believe Janet’s story in an attempt to get closer to Ed. Ed was all the more attractive to her as Holly felt if he became interested in her, Janet would be hurt. Ed’s friendship with Janet and his efforts to help her through her separation from Ken were upsetting Bert. Janet’s mother also resented Ed’s reentry into Janet’s life. Ed finally admitted he was crazy about Janet again. Janet saw her doctor and learned she was two to three months pregnant. Ken tried to put Janet out of his mind and under pressure from his mother, he began to have doubts that maybe Janet didn’t have an affair with Roger after all. When Barbara pointed out his jealousy was unreasonable and destructive, he began to put everything into perspective. He saw Janet and told her he believed her. He reaffirmed his love for her and begged her to let him come back. She told him she couldn’t but tould her he wouldn’t take that as final.

Papa Bauer passed peacefully away. The profound loss felt by his family and many friends was somewhat assuaged at the memorial service by Ed’s words portraying Papa as the standard of good and right in the family with the assurance that Papa would live through memories and ideals through the future generation of the Bauer family. Michael sang Papa’s favorite song “To Walk With God.”


Written by : Ann Marcus

Produced by : Chuck Weiss

Angel had her D&C and Pete did the lab analysis himself. He was crushed to learn she had an advanced case of an exceptionally virulent malignacy. He insisted Angel not be told and told her the cobalt treatments she had begun were preventive, to avoid a reoccurance of a minor condition. She did become suspicious and started asking questions. When she found the home of her dreams, Pete took it and they moved in. He couldn’t bring himself to deny her anything.

Betsy realized Joe wasn’t happy in his establishment job. He needed to be free and loose. Lily confided that Betsy’s father was like that and while there were lonley times, there were good times wth the bad. Betsy was up for a surgical residency with prominent Dr. Charles Warner. He recognized Joe’s feelings about Betsy’s work and warned her that a six year surgical residency leaves no time for personal conflicts.

Spence was very pleased with his new secretary Holly McAllister despite her relationship with Jim and recent meetings with Jim had cooled Spence’s old hostily towards him. Jim insisted on explaining to Iris that he ran out on her years ago as he had abnormal fears about losing her as he lost his wife who died. She told him she was happy now and none of this mattered. However, Jim realized he still loved Iris and hounded her with declarations of love and manufactured excuses to see her. She was very angry and told him they couldn’t even be friends. Holly sensed that Jim seemed to be drawing away from her and she told Iris he was acting as though he were in love with someone else.

Laura saw Jim professionally and he reconfirmed her inability to conceive a child. She reminded him that adoption was out due to her past emotional instability. Laura spent all her spare time at her sister’s hovering over Maggie. Iris was unaware that Laura knew Mark was Maggie’s father, but she was uneasy and annoyed at Laura’s constant preoccupation with Maggie. Mark asked Tom to investigate private adoption for them. Laura finally told Mark Iris had always had everything and she had nothing. He was hurt that she considered their marriage nothing. Mark was frightened every time she said Maggie was half their child and indicated she’d do something about it.


Written by : Loring Mandel

Produced by : Bertram Berman

Rick’s divorce became final and he asked Kate to marry him. He was very supportive of her during Rebecca’s illness. Dan was consulting on the case but insisted Kate not know he was involved. Kate resented his apparent lack of concern. When donors were needed for Rebecca’s blood wash, Rick donated blood and was stunned to learn he was not Rebecca’s father. He and Vinnie, anxious that Kate and Dan not learn that Dan was actually Rebecca’s father after all, pressured Candy into stealing the incriminating records. Candy hoped for a future with Dan, herself. Rick changed his blood type on the cards and wanted her to return them. When meningitis was diagnosed, Dan’s father, a specialist, was called in from Boston. Surgery was required and Rebecca cam through it wll, to Kate’s great relieg. But Dan was intensely afraid Rebecca might be paralyzed or retarded if her persistent staph infection isn’t stopped. Dr. Ledered and Joe were hesitant to agree with Dan’s insistence on intensive drug therapy because of the dangerous possible side effects.

Tess found the rock opera plot notes in Bill’s handwriting right were Bobby hid them and was overhelmed by the similarity between them and Bobby’s plot ideas. He then set her up for a shock by wearing a replica of Bill’s favorite shirt and singing one of Bill’s songs in a darkened room. She tought for a moment he was Bill. As Bobby had planned, these incidents increased the tension between Tess and Joe as Joe felt she had to let go of the past but she had been convinced she owed it to Bill’s memory to have Bobby finish Bill’s music. Tess and Joe finally agreed not to mention Bill or the music at all. Seeing Johnny’s emotional tension, Bobby tried to set Johnny against Joe but Joe reassured the child he liked him for himself not just because he planned to marry his mother. Johnny disliker Bobby especially since Tess gave him Bill’s sweater. Jamie sensed there was something very wrong about the whole Bobby situation.

To Van and Bruce’s displeasure, Stacey had become deeply involved with ESP. Bobby used this fascination with ESP to further the impression he had some kind of contact with Bill. He led Stacey into thinking of a production of the rock opera and she entusiastically pushed the idea to Tess. Charles liked the idea, too. Meanwhile, Bruce’s newspaper was planning an article on Walter Morgan’s new business in Rosehill, but Morgan demured claiming his competitors would benefit from it. He realized that a check of his background would show he wasn’t the successful businessman he claimed to be and this would ruin Bobby’s and his plan to swindle the local residents.


Written by : Agnes Nixon & Gordon Russell

Produced by : Doris Quinlan

Viki came out of her psychologically induced coma but was suffering from selective amnesia. She was unable to remember the last eighteen months. She didn’t remember declaring Joe dead, marrying Steve, Meredith’s baby or Dave’s death, even Joe’s return. Everyone was careful to go along with her amnesia as Dr. Polk felt that suddenly learning the truth could cause Viki to retreat even further into the past. Joe told Larry about spending the night before the accident with Viki and their fight when she told him in the morning she was going back to Steve. Joe was furious that Viki wasn’t being told he was alive so he could see her. Viki dreamt about Joe and about Wanda whom she didn’t remember knowing. Also, the music from the carousel Joe bought for her that night kept running through her head but she didn’t know where she heard that tune. Realizing Viki was growing more and more suspicious, Dr. Polk finally told her about her amnesia and that she was married to Steve. He refused to tell her more as it was very important that she tried to remember for herself. She did suddenly recall Mark and Julie’s wedding and that was a start.

Mark was very upset that Julie used her mother’s and Joe’s problems to putt off initimacies between them. He tried to explain that hey were as much a family as she and her mother were. He then told her if she didn’t want to make love, she needed only say so and she didn’t have to manufacture excuses.

Carla felt she still needed more time to decide about her futur with Ed but she was becoming more protective of him and close to him. Meanwhile, Cathy was upset when she finally admitted her feelings about Steve to herself. She reminded herself that he was married to Viki and loved his wife deeply and tried to push these feelings from her mind by accepting a date with Jack Lawson. Steve confronted Joe and pushed him until he admitted he and Viki fought just before her accident. Angrily, Joe admitted Steve was right, Viki was coming back to him, but Joe insisted Viki was only doing this because she felt Steve needed her more, that she loved Joe and he loved her. Steve couldn’t help but feel that Joe’s words carried the conviction of truth and he was convinced that more happened that Joe had told him.


Written by : Robert Cenedella

Produced by : George Paris

Steven pressed Betty until she finally admitted the child she was carrying was his, not Rodney’s. Despite their love for each other, she convinced Steven that if she divorced Rod and married him, the scandal would ruin his political career. He agreed, on the understanding that they would secretly meet often. Hannah was sure even without his admitting it that Betty’s child was Steven’s. Hannah and Betty were subtly jockeying for position as lady of the Peyton house. Betty was insistent on n irrevocable trust frund from Rodney’s inheritance to protect the future of her child, no matter what. In accordance with his inheritance, Rod assumed the presidency of the Peyton Company. Leslie maneuvred himself into an advisory position with the company and tried to turn Rod against Greg who had been a trusted and competent executive in the company for years. Leslie was horrified when Rod offered the key position of head security officer to policeman Ed Rikker, a black. Rod, convinced Allison was innocent of murder depsite her conviction, had spent considerable time searching for new evidence. Betty resented his preoccupation with Allison’s problems as he was hardley ever home.

Elliot still blamed Connie for not letting him make a false confession to try to save Allison and had ignored her since the trial. He arranged a large, secrety loan from Rod and tried unsuccessfully to convince Allison to leave the country. She also saw through the false confession he coached Gino Panzini to make. Allison realized her memory of the night Benny died had substantial gaps and persuaded Michael to make arrangements for a truth serum to help her remember. She was upset that when she tried to remember the motoris who drove her to the hospital that night, all she could visualize was Benny’s face.

In West Virginia, Benny’s mother was trying to conceal the newspaper stories of the death of her son, Jason B. Tate, in Peyton Place. She was heartsick that Allison, the wife of her fatally ill son, Benny, was living with Jason, calling him her husband. She felt his death was God’s vengeance and Allison deserved to go to prison. She did not know that Jason had convinced Allison that he was Benny when Benny left Allison right after their wedding when he learned of his illness.


Written by : Ralph Ellis & Eugenie Hunt

Produced by : Woody Kloose

Patti, finally convinced that Emily was the cause of her breakup with Len, returned to Henderson just in time for the final custody hearing. Realizing she had no concrete proof against Emily, she requested Andrea take the stand. Hoping Andrea knew the truth, Patti accused her of engineering the break up. Caught by surprise, Andrea hastened to vindicate herself by exposing Emily plan to destroy Patti’s marriage and take Patti’s place with Len and Chris. Len and Patti then dropped the divorce action. Andrea, sure Len and Patti would never forgive her for concealing the truth, rushed to Len’s new house where Emily was caring for Chris. Learning what happened; Emily decided to take Chris and ran away. Andrea tried to stop her and in the struggle, a candelabrum was knocked over and soon the dining room was afire. When Patti and Len arrived, the house was in flames, Chris was missing and Emily was in shock and totally disoriented. In panic and confusion, Emily accidentally fell from a window and was killed. Andrea saw her grandson, Chris, through the flames and rushed throught the fire to rescue him. Chris was fine but Andrea was hospitalized. She later recovered from smoke inhilation and Patti told her she was grateful to her but forgiveness would have to wait. Patti told Bob that Emily died trying to save Chris. Everyone agreed that Bob should never learn the truth.

Wade and Janet prepare for their wedding and honeymoon trip to Paris. His parents arrived to meet Janet and her family and they gave them the enormous and elegant Collins house in Henderson for a wedding present. Janet assumed Stu and Tom would live with them but Stu told Ellie his house was still his house. Janet and Wade were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Collins home. Matt Weldon, a young intern at the hospital in Henderson, visited to tell Janet and her childre that he knew Dan and how much he liked him and respected him. Liza, Janet’s daughter, was fascinated by Matt and persuaded her mother to invite him to dinner and then to the wedding.

Eunice asked Doug to let Kathy work on her civic project, the Bryant Park Committee. Doug flatly refused, saying Kathy wasn’t ready for a law case of her own and refused to discuss it. Realizing her ideas on her career advancement and Doug’s are irreconciliable, Kathy resigned from the firm. Scott was upset that she didn’t discuss this with him, but she made it clear her career decisions were not marital decisions. Doug blamed Eunice’s interference for Kathy’s resignation but he was sure Kathy would realize she was immature and impulsive and come back. However, Kathy accepted the Park case and got a job in the offices of John Wyatt who represented Len in the divorce case. When John learned the contractor in the Park case was involved in a prior case of Doug’s, he saw Doug and they found collusion, and the city denied approval for the building on the park site. When Doug proudly told Eunice this, she pointed out that if he had listened to anything she had told him over the past several months, he would have realized this long ago. He admitted he had not paid her the attention she deserved and promised not to tune her out again. She still felt put down.


Written by : Gerry Day & Bethel Leslie

Produced by : Joseph D. Manetta

Riley sent Laurie a ransom note but when he heard a radio news bulletin naming him as the suspected kidnapper of Clay, he panicked and didn’t pick up the money. As another day went by, Laurie became frantic. The emotional torment in Riley forced him to confession and, by chance, Mark heard this confssion. Riley confesses the kidnapping and asked for a blessing. Mark told him this was impossible unless he makes restitution by returning the child. Mark promised Riley help but Riley ran away. Mark learned of the kidnapping as he was about to leave for St. Louis but told Msgr. Quinn he had to be with Laurie through this. He comforted Laurie and assured her God wasn’t vengefully punishing her for being in love with a priest. He insisted he knew Riley wasn’t homicidal. When she learned Riley was seen at the confessional, she was horrified that Mark didn’t mention it and still wouldn’t. She later understood his vows of silence had to be kept and went to church to apologize to him. Finding him at prayer, she knelt to pray too. While they were praying, Riley entered the church with Clay. Ian arranged psychiatric car for Riley. Mark returned later to Laurie’s home and told her he loved her and had to go away to think. He obtained a leave of absence and went to his mother Jessie’s ranch in Texas to work it out. Jessie was horrified at the idea of his leaving the priesthood. Mark’s hot tempered brother, Stacey, on parole now, resented Mark and refused to let Mark help him or even be close to him. His rudeness to Mark filled the Reddin home with great tension.

Robert was playing Belle like a fish on a hook, keeping her off balance and fascinated. He encouraged her interest in racing cars, his chosen career and flattered her and catered to her ego, telling her they were alike in needing to win and show the world. In addition to her need for mal companionship and attention, Belle realized Robert could be another way to get back to Joanna for hurting her. With subtility, Robert maneuvred Belle into insisting he accepted money from her for new automobile equipment. Robert had told Joanna all along that he would use Belle to get money but assured Joanna Belle herself meant nothing to him. He cautioned himself not to fall in love with Joanna, with whom he was living, as romance didn’t figure in his racing plans timetable.

Dan wrote Joanna that Belle wouldn’t visit him in prison if Joanna did. Joanna understood Dan’s need and love for Belle, but hated her even more. Joanna tried to help Charlotte attract Doug Winthrop, Joanna’s old boyfriend, by showing Doug how happy se was with Robert, but the dinner plans backfried when Robert didn’t show up. He told her it was business but it was the races with Belle.

Brian was upset at the indavertent closeness he had developed with Amy and Kevin. He had secretly artificially inseminted Amy so she could give Kevin the child they thought she was carrying when he injured and paralyzed. Brian had not told Amy that he was the donor.


Written by : Henry Slesar

Produced by : Lyle B. Hill

Lahoma, feeling threatened and inadequate by self comparison with Crystal, arranged for Crystal to meet Sam and was gratified when they hit it off well together. Lahoma insitinctively distrusted Crystal without knowing she was brought to Somerset to diminish Lahoma’s influence over Sam. Sam seemed unconcerned by Stan’s report that almost all the new plant employees had bullet and knife wound scars.

Rex, paralyzed since his accident, returned to work at Delaney Brands. He was furious when he realized that Virgil had cut production costs by cutting the quality of the whole canned food line. Leo promised Rex he would correct this. Laura saw the strain and pressured of Rex’s work were exhausting him to the point of collapse. She was further upset by Rex’s frustration at being a husband in name only since he was hurt. Leo visited Laura to ask for better relations between them for the sake of their children Tony and Ginger. Leo comforted Laura when she broke down in tears over Rex’s situation. Meanwhile, Virgil ordered Carter to have Emily sell all her Delaney Brands stock as the syndicate wanted fill control. However, on the basis of Sam’s glowing report on the company, she refused to sell.

The plan to unsmak Jingles worked and it was Andrea’s senile Aunt, Rowena, who had been bringing Andrea her medicine dressed in the clown suit. Rowena insisted she only wanted to help Andrea to get well and, when weed killed was found in the medicine bottle, Rowena was confused and incoherent and was unable to remember that Zoe gave her the costume and the medicine and instructed her to dose Andrea with it. Rowena would be placed in a sanitarium. Zoe hated Andrea as she felt she was the reason Julian no longer loved her or would sleep with her. When confronted by Zoe, Andrea maintained she loved only David. Zoe didn’t belive this as she had overheard Julian’s declarations of love to Andrea with Andrea had politely but firmly rebuffed. Carter confessed to Zoe that he was a failure in the investment business and owed the syndicate a million dollars. His failure to get Emily to sell her sotkc as ordered meant he might be killed by Virgil. Zoe visited Virgil and bought Carter two weeks more for $5,000. She then told Virgin she knew he’s a hired killer, would he consider doing a job for her. He seemed to be willing and she later made another appointment to discuss this. She was horrified to run into Andrea and David in the lobby of Dover House, Virgil’s apartment house.

Learning Phillip was planning to take Millie on another business trip, Andrea implied Millie’s presence was not for business reasons based on the scene she witnessed at Phillip’s office. He angrily denied her implications but lated told Emily Millie might not go. He was hurt that Emily never felt jealousy and considered passion and heated emotion for the young, they were too old.


Written by : Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by : Tom Donovan

Not covered in the newsletter

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To go along with this, here are the February 1973 Episode Rankings:

1. Susan Seaforth (Julie Banning) 16

2. Peter Brown (Greg Peters) 12

*. Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton) 12

4. Susan Flannery (Laura Horton) 11

5. Patricia Barry (Addie Olson) 8

*. John Clarke (Mickey Horton) 8

*. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 8

*. Stanley Kamel (Eric Peters) 8

9. Frances Reid (Alice Horton) 7

10. Edward Mallory (Bill Horton) 6

*. Jeffrey Williams (David Banning) 6

12. Ryan MacDonald (Scott Banning) 5

*. Mark Tapscott (Bob Anderson) 5

14. Jed Allan (Don Craig) 4

*. Denise Alexander (Susan Hunter) 4

16. Jeanne Bates (Anne Peters) 3

*. Richard McMurray (Dr. Mel Bailey) 3

*. Hal Riddle (Max) 3

*. Nancy Wickwire (Phyllis Anderson) 3

20. Bill Lockwood (Marcel) 1

*. Gary Marshal (Bert Atwater) 1

*. Karin Wolfe (Mary Anderson) 1

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I guess wherever Bryna hailed from,her CBS station didn't WTHI or it's replacement Y&R. I'm surprised she didn't arrange with someone to get synpses of those shows.

I wonder how many subscribers she had?

Looking forward to seeing more from 73.

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I missed this post the first time around, so it's fascinating to read these story details--the AMC and OLTL ones for example are largely details that the broad summaries in their respective books simply leave out due to time. I also had no clue it was mentioned Tad had a sister this far back--I knew Jeff and Mary adopted him first, but didn't realize it was way back in '72. I also didn't really realize that Nixon co HW with Russell, OLTL for a time, although I did know about her spending a year training him before she felt comfortable giving up that show (you know, cuz it was her much hated, ugly step child ;) ), so I guess this makes sense.

And yes, musical chair headwriters is NOTHING new--what always shocks me is how, like now, some of the worst ones would get reused. The egomaniacal James Lipton (who now seems to act like he's some sort of all knowing theatre and movie God on Inside the Actors' Studio despite the fact he had a very limited acting career--mainly on GL, NEVER had a successful run as a HW on a soap, and had one infamously disastrous Broadway musical he wrote, Sherri! The man is someone who has managed to build up his own image and reputation out of utter talentless crap) nearly killed Another World and countless other shows, even his creation Best of Everything up until he killed Capitol. Yet they kept re-using him.

Saynotyoursoap mentioned that recycling writers back then made sense because they were more talented (indeed, P&G actually used to shuffle their writers around every few years as protocol, believing it ended burnout), and now are lacking in talent, but I'd counter that a bigger part of the problem is now writers have to suffer from much heavier network interference.

Love reading the Where the Heart Is summaries--prob, along with Lovers and Friends the one gone soap I'd love to see an episode of--

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