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Look into the past: December 1972

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Saynotyoursoap, I echo the other posters in thanking you for your contributions in clearing up mistakes, and adding your knowledge to the mix.

Re Loring Mandel - La Guardia's book has him listed as aka Christopher Bell and having written LOL much earlier. Is this true- ie did he have 2 stints as headwriter?

Re Secret Storm,when CBS took over from American Home Products,Winsor departed and Weiss took over. That seems to be when the Ames family were pushed to the backburner.Peter Ames had been killed off in 68-what was the reasoning behind that decision?

Jerry Ames was last seen in 69,while Susan hung around till 71.

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On ATWT, how was Paul Stewart's death handled? Was his illness seen onscreen or was he written out and then months later David heard the news. it seemed such a waste to kill off the character. The role was recast quite a few times, so it seems he was never a viable, vital character.

There were a few brothers in triangles back then. Mickey/Bill/Laura on Days. Ed/Mike/Leslie on GL. Any others?

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Exactly, that's why the endless, incestuous HW situation isn't anything new. The prob is the shows and networks really have to change with the times, and end it. But if you look at a no talent like James Lipton and how many shows he was shipped off to, it makes the idea that even someone as talentless as Jean Passanante is a "show killer" just sound silly.

They actually talk about this in their youtube interview and aren't quite as hard on the genre as it sounds like they were in what you read or saw. They also have great things to say about Chambers.

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I thought Paul Stewart died in a car crash, but I'm not sure. I remember WOST had an episode from around this time with David worried about his future with his disabled arm. A character by the name of Ronnie Talbot was living with the Stewarts in Paul's old room, and I think he was related to the woman who infamously died falling up the stairs. It's funny in the mid-80s they brought on long lost Stewarts like Stewart Channing via connection through Paul but quickly failed.

What's stranger to me is reading about Tom Hughes and his marriage to Carole back then. I know Carol lasted a good decade on the show, but of course pre-1981 Tom and post-1981 Tom seem to me to be completely different characters. Was Colson playing Tom(Tom of the 70s, before Justin Deas) at this time?

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Paul Raven, I referenced Schemering’s book again and noticed he has Loring Mandel listed before Robert Shaw and Robert Soderberg. I do not own the LaGuardia book. I assume you are referring to Soap World. Does LaGuardia’s book also list the writers in that order? If so, Schemering must have used the latter book as a reference. To my knowledge Loring Mandel (aka Christopher Bell) did not write Love of Life twice. I believe that the information in the books is incorrect.

According to the Shapiros, all of the story outlines for Love of Life had been saved. When they were approached by Fred Silverman to write the soap, they were given the outlines up to that point. The Shapiros stated that they were drawn to one story from the series’ run and that was Paul Raven’s presumed death in a plane crash. The Shapiros constructed all of their plots around the central idea of Paul’s return to Rosehill, beginning with John Randolph’s murder, Tess and Bill’s arrest and trial for the crime, and the revelation that their defense attorney Matt Corby was actually Van’s dead husband Paul.

As I wrote in a previous post, the Shapiros signed a 5 year contract. When the story of Matt/Paul reached the end, the Shapiros felt that they had learned all they needed to know about daytime drama and wanted to leave. CBS would not let them out of their contract unless they found a suitable replacement. According to the Shapiros, they attempted to get playwright Oliver Hailey to replace them, but he declined. At some point Don Wallace and Paul Roberts wrote the show briefly. Caveat: I am not 100% certain, but I believe Don Wallace and Paul Roberts took over briefly as writers, and then the Shapiros returned.

In 1972, Fred Silverman approached Loring Mandel about writing for daytime because Silverman specifically wanted someone with nighttime drama experience. Silverman instructed Mandel to watch LOL, Where the Heart Is, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, and The Secret Storm. He was given the opportunity to take over the show he liked best. Mandel selected Love of Life and became the permanent replacement for the Shapiros. By his choice, he was credited onscreen as Christopher Bell. Nancy Ford and Art Wallace were two of his associate writers.

According to Mandel, he was asked to complete the stories already initiated by the Shapiros before introducing his own material. I believe Mandel’s approach was closer in execution to Harding Lemay’s. Mandel felt that commercial breaks interrupted the action and stopped scenes from getting into the real nitty gritty of human emotion. Mandel had written a teleplay called Promises in the Dark about a teenaged girl dying from a sudden illness and how she and her family reacted to the diagnosis. Mandel intended to use the Promises story as his first major plot on Love of Life.

At that point, Where the Heart Is was cancelled, and Claire Labine was hired as a dialogue writer for Love of Life. Shortly thereafter, there was a sixteen week WGA strike. LOL’s ratings fell during the strike. When the strike ended, Love of Life’s producer (Hickman) told Loring Mandel that the show could not afford to do character motivated stories. They wanted more “soapy” action to get the ratings back up as quickly as possible, so Mandel quit the show. Claire Labine was then promoted to headwriter and brought in Paul Avila Mayer.

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Perhaps my comments are too terse. I did not intend to imply that the Shapiros were hard on the genre. I believe they viewed it as something new and challenging, and as such, it helped them grow as writers. By their own admission, they utilized much of what they learned on Love of Life when they produced the nighttime soaps. The statement I made was in response to another poster who appeared to question why the Shapiros did not continue writing for daytime. They had nothing against the genre at all, but they wanted to move on to new challenges once they absorbed as much as they could from the soap opera experience.

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Paul's illness was shown onscreen. He died from a brain tumour and went quite quickly. He died right after Thanksgiving 1972, the same week that brother Dan was shot. Soaps loved having tragedies during holidays to underscore how lucky the rest of us were for our good fortunes.

BTW, there is an amusing anecdote about this in LaGuardia's Wonderful World of Soap Operas in which the author describes how infuriated actor Henderson Forsythe was with Irna Phillips. Irna had David take Ellen to a bar and over cocktails, he delivered the news of Paul's death. The series was extremely bizarre during this period.

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Did Mandel get to do any stories on LOL?

What do you think he would have been like as a headwriter?

I guess the other shows were canceled too soon before he was brought in to make any difference if he'd been headwriter.

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Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss

Ruth read the unmailed letter from Phil to Tara and learned of their unofficial wedding ceremony. She was sure that Tara’s son was her grandson. Chuck and Tara asked Ruth to be baby Philip’s godmother and she planned to give the child her Phillip’s silver baby cup.

The Martins learned that Jeff was planning a divorce from Erica. He and Mary anticipated his divorce. Jeff planned to move from his partment. Erica and Jason spent a skiing weekend together and she was sure she can get him to marry her. He had told Margo of his affair with Erica but maintained he wouldn’t marry anyone. Trudy Ritter, editor of Tempo Magazine, wanted to feature Erica in a cover story about a top model who is also a small town housewife. Erica planned to conceal her breakup with Jeff and told Jason she could work things out with her husband. Jason doubted it would work. Meanwhile, Jeff and Mary were upset to learn Tad’s leg was badly infected.

Ann was horrified to learn that Paul actually knew nothing of her relationship with Nick when she blurted out the truth to him. Paul moved into the city and told Ann he would give her a divorce. His only request was secrecy until divorce granted. Nick convinced Ann a quick divorce was best and arranged her flight to Santo Domingo. Paul wanted her back but agreed to arrange a lawyer there for her. Ann was upset at hurting Paul.

Kitty saw Dr. Mercer, obstetrician, and learned she has a misshapen uterus which gives her a fifty percent chance of miscarrying. She refused to believe this and when she inadvertently found the reservation to Santo Domingo, she assumed Nick was leaving the country. He told her the trip was for her after her abortion. She again insisted no abortion. He told her he wouldn’t marry her and wouldn’t take her to Dayton. She visited Ann and told her she was pregnant with Nick’s child and asked Ann to convince Nick to marry her and not abandon this baby as he did Phil. Ann was disconsolate.


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Pat was arrested for Bernice’s murder as she was the only suspect without an alibi. John attempted to confess to save her but Lt. McGowan didn’t believe him. Mark came forward and confessed he hit Bernice in a fit of rage when she taunted him and called him a child and a fool just like his father. He said he left without knowing she was dead. Mark refused John’s offer to defend him. Giving in to John’s pleas, Pat agreed to move back with the twins to their home but told him the marriage would be in name only. He agreed to her terms.

Alice, dating Elliot Carrington, told him her husband never really cared about her. He told her his ex-wife’s father gave him his start and she still felt she owned him. Iris, the ex-wife, was paying the housekeeper, Mrs. Goddard, to spy on the householf and the obtained Alice’s parents’ phone number from the telephone bill. When Iris’ visits to Dennis became disturbing to the child, Elliot forbade them entirely. When Elliot pointed out to Alice that leaving her personal belongings in Steven’s house indicated she planned to return, she called her parents and asked them to send them to her in care of a parcel express office in New York City. Steve was driven to dispair by this action and started drinking heavily.

Ted accepted a new job in Chicago and Rachel convinced him to settle there first, she and Jamie would follow but she secretly planned to stay in Bay City. When her father found Steve drinking heavily at the Inn, he called Rachel who took Steve to his apartment above his office. He told her he never should have married Alice and was going to forget her. Rachel promised not to take Jamie to Chicago. Steve asked Rachel to spend the night with him and she agreed when he promised she wouldn’t be hurt this time that they could forget their mistakes together. In the morning, he told her he was gland she stayed. He told his friend he accepted Alice was gone. Ada covered Rachel’s overnight absence from Ted who called long distance twice but she guessed Rachel was with Steve. When Ted returned, he frantically searched for Rachel but se was again with Steve who told her he and Alice were from different sides of the tracks and their marriage couldn’t work while he and Rachel were alike and she was making him happy.

Fearing great danger for Zach, Ray reluctantly agreed to cooperate in Jake’s big “deal”. Linda was upset to learn Ray was involved as he told her he considered Jake a dangerous person to associate with.


Written by: David Lesan & Irna Phillips

Produced by: Fred Bartholomew

Lisa hadn’t answered Don’s proposal of marriage. She hoped Wally would ask her to marry him. Wally felt guilty about his past and wasn’t sure he wanted to commit himself to marriage and to Lisa. Dr. Winslow visited Wally and told him Peter Burton was the son he gave up for adoption twenty years ago and asked Wally to try to be Peter’s father without Peter knowing the truth. Peter told Wally he and his adoptive mother have a much closer relationship.

Encouraged by David and Ellen, Liz went to Dan and told him she had always loved him and didn’t want to wait any longer. Dan realized she was more important to him even than his career and asked her to marry him. They married a few days later at Dan’s home. Wally performed the ceremony. When Dr. Dixon learned they were married, he was sure his theory that Liz was the woman in Dan’s past is correct.

Susan, sure that Dan’s next wife would be Emily’s baby nurge, Peggy Regan, resented Peggy’s place in Emily’s life. Susan’s husband was trying to convince her they should accept positions offered them by a New York medical center. She visited Liz and told her she would soon have Emily out of Dan’s house. After seeing her daughter, Susan left the baby gate on Emily’s door open and when Liz saw Emily at the top of the stairs, she ran to her and fell. She was rushed to the hospital with interal injuries where Dr. Burke performed surgery on her ruptured liver. Liz finally regained consciousness and told Dan Susan left the gate open. She ten told him that Betsy was is child, unaware that he had known this for some time. Susan later learned the overlooked gate was the cause of Liz’ injury but said nothing. Dan’s cast was removed and his X-rays indicated further surgery necessary on his arm. He refused to consider it, however, until Liz is definitely out of danger.

Bob and Jennifer argued over Rick’s refusal to visit her at their home. Kim continued to take advantage of Jen’s long work hours to subtly flirt with Bob at home. Fully recovered, she was still staying with them.

Tom reported to Don that the investigation of Susan’s husband showed nothing out of the ordinary. He and Don fought when he admitted he didn’t investigate Wally’s past and would not do so. Carol was very ipset when Tom wouldn’t tell her why he was refusing to work for Don any more. Lisa was puzzled too.


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: Betty Corday

Mary and Bill dated occasionally but Bill still felt Mary would eventually marry Burt and he was still unaware of Mary’s feelings for him. Laura was concerned sensing Mickey wanted to resume marital relations which they stopped last year when she learned of his affair with Linda. Mickey had been overworking and had chest pain. Bill warned that tension could cause another attack.

Susan took baby Ann to visit Eric in the hospital. His fever broke shortly after her visit and he recovered rapidly. He thanked Susan for all she did for him. He planned to return to his parents’ home instead of his apartment. Greg was upset to inadvertently learn that Eric had concealed the fact he had had a young man, Jeff Michaels, sharing his apartment for the last six months. Eric hastened to assure Greg the relationship is financial only. When he learned Greg and Susan plan to marry on Valentine’s Day, Eric visited her and admitted that he was the man in the park but insisted he wasn’t the agressor, she was. Susan vigorously denied this and told Laura the whole story branding Eric a sick liar. Then, Eric visited Laura’s office and told an equally convincing story of meeting distraught Susan in the park, comforting her, bringing her to his apartment, talking, dancing and eventually making love, after which she ran from the apartement. Laura told Susan she couldn’t tell whose story is the truth, if either is, and Susan insisted on examination under sodium pentahol to vindicate herself. Under the drug, she unwillingly confirmed Eric’s story saying she ran from him when her mind visualized him as David Martin. Out of the drugged state, she refused to believe she said this until she heard the tape recording Laura had made. Laura explained it was traumatic amnesia induced by the David Martin image. Sure her future with Greg was shattered, Susan ran from Laura’s office.

Julie, unhappy and unfulfilled, began to accept the fact that Doug was happy with her mother and would not come back to her. After baby sitting for Susan, she considered and then rejected the idea of having the child Scott longed for as she felt she didn’t love Scott. Having realized how wonderful the Anderson’s marriage was, Julie wanted this kind of love and happiness herself and asked her attorney Don Craig to file for a divorce. She planned to tell Scott that evening but he was seriously injured at the Anderson construction site when a steel beam fell and hit him. Bill performed surgery, repairing internal injuries, but told Julie Scott was very critical. Julie, blaming herself for what she had put Scott throught, insisted she wouldn’t let him die. Her reactions upset Tom who called Laura to be with Julie. Meanwhile, Addie told Alice she thought she was pregnant and feared Doug’s reaction.


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Allen Potter

Althea’s first husband Dave Davis summoned her to California where she learned that her daughter, Penny, may be losing her sight due to a fall from her horse several months before. Althea insisted on more consultation and Penny agreed to return home with fer. John, who felt there was hope of saving his marriage to Althea due to their recent professional closeness and personal friendship, was shocked when she called to say that this a good time for him to make plans to move out as Penny would need the second bedroom. He searched for a plan to avert this action.

Nick’s second surgery on Hank, assisted by unwilling Dr. Hendricks, was successful and Hank should regain use of his arm. He feared his surgical career was over, however. Toni and Mike located a Lauri James record in New York for Hank and then found Lauri herself. Hearing about Hank’s situation, she told them she couldn’t visit him as he thought she was successful and probably happily married and she wanted him to go on thinking this. He was pleased with the record but wanted to see Lauri very much. Lauri was torn between the desire to see him and the fear of his learning truth.

Cathy set up her plan to kidnap Stephanie to replace the child she miscarried. She apologized to everyone in the hospital to reassure them she was mentally recovered and used the time to glean information on baby care and Stephanie’s needs and habits. Cathy, in dark wig, rent a kitchenette apartment in a local hotel and announced her young “son” would be living with her. By sending Carolee on a wild goods chase on the day of Stephanie’s check-up, Cathy managed to leave the hospital (disguised) with the child. Carolee was hysterical when she learned what Cathy had done. Nick and Sgt. Cadman televised an appeal to Cathy, but no results. Steve hoped to convince Carolee that the police felt Cathy took for spite and would return her but Billy inadvertently told Carolee that the police felt Cathy took the baby to keep and was miles away.

Ann Larimer, who was married to Steve for two days when they were teenagers, visited Mona. Ann was a widow. A pediatrician, her late husband was an obstetricia who died tragically a few months before. She met Carolee and Nick and all liked her. Mona suggested she consider working here.


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

Jake Berman was robbed at gunpoint near the park. The masked robber was a man named Johnny Dallas. Vic was upset at being unable to help Johnny find a job. Vic felt he was responsible for Johnny but Johnny tried to assure him he’s not, and told him to butt out of his life. Vic accidentally found the gun and Jake’s wallet in Johnny’s room.

Phoebe and Kevin made up. Ashley accepted a job in Monticello and wear down her resistance each time she tried to break off with him. When Kevin saw them together, Ashley realised he had competition and promised her he would tell his wife about her.

Nicole joyously accepted Adam’s propral and they returned to Monticello. Jake backed out of his New York partnership and returned also. His mind wouldn’t acccept Nicole’s decision and he was convinced he can get her back. In his disoriented state he imagined he was discussing his problems with his dead wife, Edith. He asked her adivce as she understood what Nicole meant to him, after all, he murdered Edith in order to make sure she wouldn’t tell Nicole about his mental instability. Jake told Adam he would never marry Nicole and then told Nicole she made a mistake in judgement in choosing Adam and that he would kill himself if she married Adam. She suggested he see Jim but Jake found the suggestion amusing. Nicole and Adam planned to discuss Jake’s behavior with Jim themselves.

Nancy took over Nicole’s job in Jake’s office over Mike and Adam’s doubts. Joel Gantry, the private detective from California, was investigating Edith’s death. His unidentified client felt Jake was involved in her death. Bill showed Gantry the suicide note and all investigate findings saying it’s a close case. Gantry tried to question Nicole and Adam but they wouldn’t answer questions without knowing the reasons behind them. He finally saw Mike and told him his client’s suspicions but Mike pointed out that Jake had no motive. Meanwhile, Jim wondered about Mrs. Wilson, the patient with a homicidal husband, who never returned. He didn’t know she was really Mrs. Jake Berman.

Liz was jealous of Elly Jo’s new closeness with her father and returned with Jim to Claybank to care for Orin during his convalescence. Her abruptness and hardness toward Elly Jo was apparent to everyone and Elly Jo became very restenful. Simon Jessup mentionned to Elly Jo how advantageous a fatal accident to pregnant Liz would be and how loose the stair railing was. She was indignant at this, but when Liz found her kissing Orin and told her she’d better start looking for a new position, Elly Jo inspected the stair railing and, shortly after, a serious accident occurred but it was John, the butler, who fell, not Liz who was standing beside him. Elly Jo was very afraid of God’s retribution for evil. Jessup sought her out and told her she bungled it, that he can hypnotize Liz into a fatal car accident with no way for Elly Jo or himself to be implicated. At first, she reacted negatively but when he pointed out that Liz was an ingrate and Elly Jo might find herself out in the cold, she agreed. His “fee” would be one-third of whatever she inherited from Orin’s estate to be endowed to his foundation for psychic research.


Written by: Frank & Doris Hursley

Produced by: James Young

Howie’s boss, Burt Marshall, resented Howie’s friendship with Brooke and treated him unfairly at work. Jane told Howie she would understand it if he quit, but he told her he couldn’t quit until he had another job.

Jessie’s divorce from Phil was granted and Teddy told her he wanted to marry her. He argues that the difference in their ages was meaningless and asked for time to convince her. She wanted to believe him. Carol was jealous of Teddy’s attention to Jessie and again planned to run away.

Diana, still upset, confided in Jane that Phil forced himself on her. Peter accidentally discovered her diary and learned of her having Hodgekin’s Disease. He took her to Steve immediately and another biopsy was done which proved the previous tests were incorrect, she didn’t have the disease. Phil visited her constantly, insisting he loved her, needed her and would do anything to get her and Tracy. He refused to accept the fact that she and Peter were happily married.

Meg was fighting her feelings of jealousy and suspicion of Lee and Mary. Meg agreed to take Scotty to visit his grandparents in Arizona after Lee reaffirmed his love for her. Lee and Mary tried to avoid seeing each other. He felt guilty at contributing to Meg’s jealousy. Mary’s father-in-law died and left his estate (about two million dollars) to Mary and her husband, Wade, only if they were married and living together. If their marriage broke up, the money went to charity. Mary told Lee she couldn’t go back to Wade even for a fortune, she just didn’t love him.

Steve asked Audrey to marry him. She refused, saying that if she divorced Tom, he’d never let her see her child again. She was dating Dr. Steward and told him all about her past. He told her they had the basis of a good relationship as neither of them wanted to get married. She told him she was not interested in a relationship only in getting her child back. He said he’d keep trying. Lee finally heard from Tom that Tommy was fine. Unfortunately, the letter was untraceable.

Sharon was pregnant. Henry was pleased but concerned with overpopulation.


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Lucy Ferri Rittenberg

Charlotte announced she had discovered she wasn’t pregnant after all but told Dr. Jackson she was telling the truth about having been with Michael. He believed her. When Sara refused to consider her for a hospital volunteer job, Charlotte waited until Sara was out of town to convince Joe to give her the job. Learning that Kit was in love with Joe, Charlotte encouraged her to go after him.

Peggy found a note from John telling her he was leaving and never coming back, that the only way he could get well was to be alone and on his own. Michael hired a private detective to look for him. John’s psychiatrist told Peggy she was not to blame, that John couldn’t stay in a situation he couldn’t control.

Ken and Holly were furious that their mother Barbara wanted to marry Adam. She told Adam they had to wait until tension lessens. Ken finally bowed to pressure and saw Janet but told her he couldn’t even look at her without thinking of her with Roger and feeling sick. Barbara told Janet she believed she didn’t have an affair with Roger but could do nothing with Ken. Janet’s mother, Ellen Mason, arrived from San Diego and tried to convince Ken his jealousy was causing his accusations and was blingind him from seeing Janet’s love for him. He refused to consider it. Ed was seeing Janet often to console her. He realized that he once again had strong feelings for Janet but wanted her happiness above all and if that was a reconciliation with Ken, he’d encourage it. Bert was very concerned about Ed seeing Janet and feared he’d be hurt by it.

Michael forced a confronation with Steve over Steve’s interference in Michael and Leslie’s wedding plans. Steve told Michael he believed Charlotte’s story and also felt it was wrong for Leslie to marry her ex-husband’s brother. Michael told him they would marry with or without his approval. In the midst of this argument, Steve suffered a heart attack and Michael got him to the hospital. Sara treated him and told Leslie her father would be in the cardiact unit and critical for the next five days. Leslie was upset that Michael confronted her father without first discussing it with her. Steve insisted she promise to give up Michael, and seeing the results this agitation had on his condition, she agreed. Michael was understanding when she told him she would have to keep this promise.


Written by: Ann Marcus

Produced by: Chuck Weiss

Betsy, convinced that nothing could prevent her conviction for Travis’ murder and fearing the consequences to Laura and Spence if the tape was played in court, ran away and tried to lose herself in a small upstate town. She was recognized from a news magazine picture and was brought back to San Francisco. Her bail was revoked.

In her unbalanced state, thinking Mark involved in Travis’ murder, Celia Winters saw Laura and told her about the tape and that Mark was the father of Iris’ baby, Maggie. Tom learned that Celia was in love with Al Preston, that she felt Travis was to blame for Al’s death and that she fought with Travis in his hospital room. With the police, Tom found a hypodermic needle, rubber gloves, a white lab coat and a Demerol bottle concealed in Celia’s deak in the hospital admissions office. Armed with these missing pieces of evidence, they confronted Celia who, very disoriented, remembered a lady in the admission office (herself) who killed Travis. Celia was found legally insane and would get treatment. Betsy was released from jail. Betsy told Joe she was moving back to her parents’ house, she needed time to think, but she still loved him. Betsy was reinstated at the hospital. Joe told her he was decided to accept the job at Spence’s administrative assistant. Betsy feared he was only doing his because he thought it’s what she wanted, that she was holding him back.

Laura confronted Mark with Celia’s stoy. He confirmed it but explained he was so drunk he thought Iris was her sister, Laura. Laura believed him and told him she could accept it and forget it if Iris never learned that she knows the truth. Mark saw, however, that Laura was becoming obsessed with Maggie when she told him that Maggie was as much hers and his as she was Iris’ and Spence’s child.

Angel was having stomach pains and saw Dr. Jim Abbott, gynolocigst, returning to San Francisco after four years in New York, who told her she needed a D&C to be sure of her condition. Will was upset at Jim’s return as, years ago, he and Iris were in love and when he walked away from her, she almost killed herself. Iris wasn’t too upset to learn Jim had returned, but Spence was very concerned about it. Jim saw Will and apologized for his behavior with Iris. He told Will about his new girlfriend, Holly McAllister, who would join him soon. Jim told her about a possible job in Spence’s office (Angel was quitting) but told her not to mention knowing him.


Written by: Loring Mandel

Produced by: Bertram Berman

Kate resumed her singing career at the Club Victoria and was a great success. Rick was very protective of her and, out of her sight, manhandled a drunk customer whom he felt got fresh with Kate. When Rebecca suddenly became ill again, Rick rushed them to the hospitaL. Dr Lederer said the staph infection may have reoccured. Dan and Joe feared it might be meningitis (Dan’s father’s speciality). Dan agreed to consult on Rebecca’s case as long as Kate doesn’t know. Candy was upset that he was getting involved with the child as his preoccupation with Kate was standing in the way of her establishing a relationship with Dan. Dan’s mother told Candy she wanted to help her take Dan away from Kate once and for all. Rick told Kate he loved her and wanted to marry her and that he knew Rebecca is his child and he loved her too. At first, Kate tried to deny this but later admitted it’s true. He’d wait for her answer.

Tess and Joe continued to argue about Charles’ overprotectiveness towards her and the constant references to her late husband Bill and his music. When Johnny voluntarily referred to Joe as Dad, Bobby secretly enlarged the possibilites in the child’s mind until Johnny told Charles he was going to be adopted by Joe and be Johnny Corelli, not Johnny Prentiss. Charles blew up at Joe who denied the accusations of trying to replace Bill in Johnny’s life. Tess was upset at this confrontation and the episode dangerously strained the relationship between Joe and her. Bobby announced that his father had died. He told Tess when he worked on Bill’s music, he almost felt he was being guided by an unseen hand. When he hinted at leaving Rosehill, Sally and Tess convinced him to stay and work on Bill’s music. He suggested a theme for the Rock Opera – a paraplegic who fantasizes a whole physical life beyond the limites of his body. Actually the theme was Bill’s own idea worked out after he left Rosehill before his death. Bobby had notes in Bill’s own handwriting which Tess had never seen. Bobby and his accomplice Morgan were further encouraged by learning that Johnny had a large trust fund from the Randolph estate as well. Morgan put a down payment on a piece of local property to present a legitimate front.

Jamie and Sally fought over her cousin Bobby. Jamie didn’t trust Bobby and felt Joe was being treated unfairly. Jamie was doing an article for Bruce’s newspaper on the treatment of terminally ill patients inspired by Bobby’s account of his father. Meanwhile, Van was upset at Stacy’s involvement with ESP under Bobby’s direction, particularly when she learned that Stacy planned to try to contact her dead mother.


Written by: Agnes Nixon & Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan

Julie wanted to see a gynecologist about her marital relations problem but Mark insisted it was not a physical problem and they could work it out together. When she accidentally ran into Jack Lawson, she neglected to mention it to Mark. When he inadvertently learnt about it, he confronted her and told her she wasn’t honest about it. She became overly defensive and they fought until he walked out to go to the hospital. They both realized they were wrong and both apologised.

Vinnie was assigned to undercover work for the FBI driving a truck on a hijacking investigation. He got the assignment because of his truckdriving background. Meanwhile, Meredith recovered and was released from the hospital. She was concerned, howver, about the dreams she had in which she died in the hospital.

Carla told Ed she needed more time, she had to learn to give. Meanwhile, Cathy sought out Steve during Viki’s absence and cheered him up. When he accidentally injured his wrist, she cooked for him and drived him to work. He was very grateful to her and unaware of the depth of her feelings for him. Joe decided to leave the hotel without seeing Viki but they accidentally met in the hallway and she decided that, since their meeting was coincidental, they should cover the disaster story together. They worked as will together as they did in the past and celebrate over dinner when the assignment was finished. Carried away, they made love and spent the night together. In the morning, Joe was crushed when Viki told him she had already decided to go back to Steve. She told him last night was her fault and a mistake, that her decision was based knowing he could survive without her but Steve couldn’t. They argued and she ran out, driving off too fast and she skided her car into a tree.

Joe called Victor and he and Jim Craig flew to Mt. Jefferson hospital. Viki had a hairline fracture of the skull but suddenly lapsed into a coma before Steve arrived. Joe refused to tell anyone what happened before the accident. Steve was furious that he hadn’t been told that Viki and Joe were together covering the story. Dr. Cardwell, neurosurgeon, and Jim felt there was no physiological cause for Viki’s coma and considered the possibility of psychologically induced-hysterical-coma. Steve gave consent for Viki to be moved back to Llanview. Joe’s quick-tempered outbursts, triggered by his feelings of guilt, upset all his friends and they wondered about the cause. Larry and Victor wondered about Joe’s possible involvement in Viki’s accident.


Written by: Robert Cenedella

Produced by: George Paris

Upset at her lack of security with Rod, Betty demanded that Martin establish a trust fund for her unborn child. He would consider it. He asked her to name the child Peyton Harrington. Meanwhile, Allison came out of her emotional shock and told Connie and Rodney she killed Benny. They refused to believe her but a body was found in the burnt cabin and was identified by fingerprints as Jason B. Tate. Steven and the police assumed this was Benny’s rela name. Allison’s fingerprints were found on the murder gun and she was booked on suspicion of homicide. Hannah and Senator Winfield convinced Steven not to disqualify himself as special prosecutor. Rod and the Carsons felt Steven was prosecuting only to further his political ambitions, but he insisted it was in Allison’s interests that he prosecuted as his only concern was learning the truth. She was bound over for trial. Rod, convinced of her innocence, visited her often and was supportive of her.

The trial was brief – Steven’s case was strong – the gun with her fingerprints, Gino’s testimony on Benny’s overpossessiveness and his desire to readdict Allison to drugs, and, crucially, Allison’s own testimony, her admission that she shot Benny. She agreed that he was threatening her life but said even that didn’t give her the right to take a life. At this point, Elliot wanted to confess himself, feeling Allison had convicted herself, but Dr. Rossi and Connie restrained him saying no one would believe him. The jury found Allison guilty of murder in the second degree. Elliot blamed Connie for this. He tried frantically to raise bail for Allison pending appeal but was unsuccessful.

On his father’s suggestion, Rod accepted his inheritance and used this money as security for Allison’s bail. Leslie was elated, he felt he was on easy street. Allison arrived home and Elliot returned to see her but he still wouldn’t forgive Connie. Rod promised Allison he would find proof of her innocence and he began by planning a complete investigation of Benny’s background.

Hannah told Martin Steven was growing suspicious of her increased activity in the Peyton Trust. Martin was eager for Rod to accept his inheritance so he and Hannah could return to peace and quiet in the Bahamas inasmuch as everyone thinks he’s dead. Hannah tried to get Steven to admit that Betty’s child could be his, but he wouldn’t admit it. Martin told Hannah no child of Steven’s could be his legitimate heir.

After the trial, Betty was hospitalized with contractions. Dr. Rossi prevented a miscarriage but warned Betty she had to be careful throughout her pregnancy. Rod told her he had accepted his inheritance, was deeply aware of his responsibilities and nothing was too good for her and his child. Her happiness at this news was dampened when she learned he actually accepted the inheritance for Allison rather than for her. She convinced him that rather than buy a house in haste, they should move into the Peyton house as he already owned it. Hannah was stunned to learn about this.


Written by: Ralph Ellis & Eugenie Hunt

Produced by: Woody Klose

Wade visited Janet and told her it was unfair to allow Liza to tyranize them. Learning her mother had seen Wade, Liza arranged to date Randy again and at her suggestion, they and their friends broke into Wade’s parents’ unoccupied home to have a party. They vandalized the house and finally the police arrived and they were arrested. Wade refused to press charges and later took Liza to see Karen, his fiancee of several years ago who had been hospitalized for the last five years suffering from a drug breakdown. Liza finally realized that one can love two people differently and told her mother she could accept her marrying Wade.

Emily subtly inferred to Patti that none of the encouraging things Doug told her about the custody hearing was fact, that it was all to reassure her because she could still lost custody of Chris. Then Emily mentioned the idea of running away and waited for Patti to grab on to it. Emily helped Patti arrange an escape to New York, but, just in time, called Andrea and Patti was stopped at the airport by Doug and Jo. In light of Patti’s attempted flight, the judge gave Len temporary custody of Chris and ordered a complete psychiatric examination of Patti before the final hearing. After Len took Chris, Patty ran away leaving a note saying everything was over.

Jo, sure that Patti and Len’s marriage had been broken up from outside, found no way to tie Andrea into it but suddenly realized Emily was always there when trouble occurred. Learning Emily felt her own marriage to Nick was destroyed by his love for his previous girlfriend, Jo went to Chicago to see him. She was amazed to find Patti there. Having nowhere to go, Patti went to Nick as a friend. She refused at first to believe Jo’s theory but Nick admitted Emily knew he loved Patti and to do this to Patti would seem to be justice to Emily. Patti was still afraid to return to fight for Chris as she realized there was no proof of Emily’s involvement in her problems. Andrea suddenly realized what Emily had done and Emily gloatingly confessed her step-by-step destruction of Patti’s marriage and her plans to marry Len herself. She warned Andrea that if she said anything about this, she would appear implicated herself and Len would hate her. Andrea was upset at Emily’s sudden influence over Len.

Kathy’s dissatisfaction in her work in Doug’s office grew daily and she had frequent run-ins with Doug. Scott felt she was being unreasonable.


Written by: Gerry Day & Bethel Leslie

Produced by: Joseph D. Manetta

Kevin and Amy saw Dr. Simon, New York specialist, who was optimistic about never regeneration in Kevin’s case. There was hope he might eventually walk again.

Joanna visited Dan in prison and their father-daughter-like relationship seemed to be intact. She told him she could no longer trust Belle’s love, though. Doug Winthrop accidentally met Joanna in the caferia where she worked. He was contrite and told her he still loved her, but she told him that he was part of her past, that she loved Robert. Knowing Joanna wouldn’t seek out Belle, blaming her for only thinking of herself, not of Dan or Joanna when Dan’s troubles had begun, Robert called Belle and told her where Joanna worked. When this first meeting with Joanna worked out badly, Robert told Belle where he and Joanna lived. A second confrontation ended with a fight and Bell felt hurt and angry. Belle, furious with Joanna, told Dan if he saw Joanna at all, she would not come to visit him, he had to choose between them. Joanna was upset that Robert had told Belle how to find her, but he reminded her that he had told her he would use her to get to Belle. He insisted Belle meant only money to him, so there was no need to be jealous. Robert, using all he had learned about Belle, from Joanna, catered to Belle’s vanity and pride to curry her favor. He told her they mustn’t hurt Joanna so she immediately saw Robert as a way to get back at Joanna, falling right into his plans for her. Isaac, Robert’s friend and co-racing enthusiast, was afraid that Robert’s involvement with Joanna would interfere with Robert’s Grand Prix car racing ambitions. Also, he was not convinced that Robert’s plans to get money from Belle would work.

Mark told Laurie the church is his life and she would find someone else. Realizing her very closeness was tearing him apart, he arranged a transfer to a parish in Kansas City. Mark met Chester Smith, formerly Father Leo, who left the priesthood to marry. Smith told Mark there are no simple answers but that he was happy. Mark visualized marriage to Laurie but couldn’t bring himself to decide to leave the church. Laurie accidentally met Blanche Smith, Chester’s wife. Blanche inferred that Chester felt trapped by his new life and their expected child since Blanche had guided his decision to leave the priesthood. Laurie decided she would never trap Mark, that he had to make his decision for himself. Laurie’s son, Clay was miserable about Mark’s planned departure and talked about running away. Laurie was aware of her son’s unhappiness but, in her own misery, didn’t fully realize the depths of his grief.

Riley didn’t believe Mark’s assurance that he had never discussed Riley’s past with anyone in Woodbridge. Convinced the whole town was watching every move he made, Riley put his house up for sale and planned to leave town. He checked air fares to Brazil but couldn’t afford this. The Northcotes, puzzled at Riley’s vehement feelings about mental institutions, noticed his recent strange behavior. Ian questioned Mark as to whether Riley had been a mental patient. Mark confirmed that he was and that he still had fears of being institutionalized. Ian told Mark Riley needed help. Riley had learned that Clay was the heir to two fortunes (Hollister and Clayborn) and, hearing Clay say he wanted to run away, he instilled the idea of camping in the woods in the child’s mind. He then bought camping equipment and, telling Clay his mother approved a camping trip, took the child off with him. An hour later, Laurie discovered her child was missing and became frantic.


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill

Crystal Ames’ secretarial credentials were as impeccable as her looks and Sam hired her over Lahoma’s objections. Leo was pleased as he planned for Crystal to diminish Lahoma’s influence over Sam. Sam and Lahoma fought constantly over Delaney Brands, his working late, Virgil Parris, Rex’s accident and Crystal. Lahoma was very much afraid her marriage was in serious trouble. Sam told her she was unreasonable and jealous and all would be fine with them if she would learn to trust him.

Virgil ordered Carter to have Emily Mason sell her Delaney Brands stock immediately or the syndicate would call in his debts. Zoe noticed Carter’s fear of Virgil. Rex was home from the hospital, paralyzed and in a wheel chair but planned to return to work soon. Leo warned Virgil the syndicate wanted Rex in charge of production. Laura still blamed Virgil and Ginger’s father Leo for Rex’s accident making Ginger’s life miserable until she and Tony can finally move into their own apartment. Leo told Tony several plant employees quit suddenly and Virgil replaced them from out of town. Meanwhile, Phil at the Hayloft told Sam he’d heard Delaney Brands were in money trouble since all these local men had to be laid off. Puzzled, Sam denied trouble.

Julian and Zoe fought constrantly, she taunted him and he virtually ignored her and moved into a separate bedroom. Julian secretly visited Andrea’s room and told her he married Zoe only for her family and her world, that he loved her (Andrea). She stopped him and told him never to mention this again. Dana wrote a book “Jingles the Clown” for Andrea. She was thrilled with it and took it herself to her stepfather Philip’s publishing house where she accidentally found Philip on his office couch in the arms of his secretary. Andrea ran out and later told Philip she wouldn’t say anything to her mother Emily for her sake, not for his. She told him she understood more about his grequent business trips with his faithful secretary, Millie. Philip would publish Dana’s book.

After Andrea’s collapse at her twenty-first birthday party, she made David promise that he would find a way for them to be alone together so she can love him completely before she dies. He insisted she wouldn’t die but promised to do what she asked. With Andrea’s illness reoccurring, Stan feared poison was not the answer considering Emily’s care in supervising her daughter’s food and drink intake, but David learned that Andrea had been accepting unsupervised medication from Jingles the Clown whom she assumed was her brother, Dana, in disguise. When Andrea was told that Jingles was suspected, she refused to believe it until it was pointed out that anyone could be wearing the Jingles costume. A trap was planned whereby Andrea would signal her mother if Jingles came to her room.


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Tom Donovan

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