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ATWT: Finale spoilers from SOD/SOW

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These were posted at SOC:

Jack is about to propose to Carly when they learn Janet has gone into labor. Jack goes to the hospital, but Janet's contractions stop. Jack returns home and asks Carly to marry him. Carly says yes. Molly, Gwen and Ro come to the wedding Janet goes into labor after the wedding. Carly and Jack postpone their honeymoon to deliver the baby. It is revealed that Dusty is the baby's father. Parker and Carly also have good surprises for Jack.

Lily and Holden don't get back together, but have a talk where you see they still love each other and will make their way back together.

Luke is still grieving for Reid. Luke and Noah meet at WOAK and reminisce about their past. Luke gives Noah a new video camera. Noah asks Luke to come to LA (or Van thinks he does, he couldn't remember). Luke says he can't, but says he'll visit eventually. Van says it's up to the viewer to decide if Luke and Noah ever reunite as they leave it up in the air.

Luke visits Chris and Katie and Katie gives Luke Reid's stethoscope. Luke listens to Reid's heart beating in Chris' chest. That is Luke's last scene on the show.

Bob, having decided to retire, is packing up his office at Memorial. This scene between Bob and Kim is the show's final one.

From SOW:

Dusty rushed an in labor Janet to the hospital.

Gwen brings Ro to Oakdale.

Carly drops her compass in the lake.

Craig crashes the wedding.

Wednesday, Sept. 15th: Carly and Jack remarry.

From SOD:

Wednesday, Sept. 15th: Lily wants Holden and Molly to make up.

Thursday, Sept. 16th: Luke and Noah reminisce about their past.

Friday, Sept. 17th: Bob and Kim make plans for their future.

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It will be nice to see Rosanna one last time. And there seems to be some other good stuff.

I don't understand why they needed us to know Lily and Holden would get back together. I didn't want them to get back together and with Noelle in the role I don't think they were all that popular with fans. I would rather have seen the show ended with Holden/Molly and with Lily deciding not to focus on a man.

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Sounds like it'll be a solid final week. Man, oh man...As the World Turns is soon gonna be no more. Slowly but surely, every piece of my TV childhood is disappearing.

I feel the same way. It's going to be tougher during the summer for me. What am I going to do at 1pm??

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