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DAYS: New Promo


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Announcer: "On Days Of Our Lives, It's heartbreaking..."

Clips of Zach getting hit by the car.

A new clip of BOPE in the trauma center. Hope: "....someone killed our baby!" as she cries and hugs Bo.

Announcer: "Saying goodbye to your child....."

Bo and Hope at Zach's bedside. Hope (crying): "What will I do without you?"

Announcer: And this week.....a father's shocking discovery.

Chelsea crying in the hospital hallway. She realizes what she's done.

Bo grabs her by the shoulders: "YOU KILLED MY BOY!!!"

Bo sits in a chair - crying/stressing.

Bo: "How am I going to tell Hope....my daughter killed Zach!?"

Announcer: Days of Our Lives!

It looks like PR and RM will be stepping it up, and KA will continue to deliver some memorable performances.

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I really wanna see this.

Damn, my affiliate never shows promos for some reason during daytime.

God DAYS has definetly kicked 2006 off on the right note, it has just be soo good and Monday's episode is just once again a tearjerker.

you can go to MelroseDaysPlace to see the promo. right click in the tv and hit play.

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Thanks for posting. This storyline has just been phenominal so far, and today's looks to be a real tearjerker.

I hate the fact that Zack get sacrificed for Claire, but the actors involved are really getting to show their stuff bigtime and that's what its all about. Renee Jones just put me over the edge at the end of Friday's show when she came out and looked at Bo and Hope. That was really powerful stuff.

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What a promo!?!?!...that was very touching..I juss teared up..

Gosh I hate chelesa..was it really neccessary to bring her on board....I mean she servers no purpose watsoever to meeh...I think she is a useless character...Kill her off already..again..

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