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All - Characters who've been behind bars.T

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Let's start a list of characters who've been to prison and what crime put them there. It should be quite a list.

Here's a start


Liz Chandler - for shooting Marie Horton


Gloria - contaminating the face cream


Holly - for shooting Roger

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Lindsay -for killing Sam Rappaport & Spencer Truman

Tina - wrongly convicted of killing Maria Roberts

Gabrielle - don't remember the exact charge but it involved Carlo forcing her to hurt Viki somehow

Todd - convicted of killing Margaret

Jared - when Tess set him up

Dorian - I think it was when she was accused of killing Victor (she met Wade's mother, Tiny, in prison)


Billy - for the attempted murder of Roger

Edmund - because TIIC wanted to make Jeffrey a hero (gag)


Raven - accused of killing Logan


Kayla - accused of killing Marina Toscano

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Yes, Scotty.

Dorian was in jail twice -- the first time when she "killed" Mitch, and then about 8 years later when she was put in prison for "killing" Victor.

Love of Live

Ben, for bigamy

So we're actually talking about people who served time, not just arrested for a night or two, right?


Steve Andropolus, a Greek prison, drug smuggling

Barbara, in 1988, when she was tried for "killing" James

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Grant Harrison for killing Ryan Harrison, until he was freed for saving the warden's daughter :rolleyes:

Iris Cory, for shooting Carl Hutchins

Steve Frame, for perjuring himself during his divorce trial with Rachel


Michael Baldwin, for trying to rape Christine, among other crimes

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Craig Montgomery : for arson, TWICE (although twenty-five years apart!)

Lily Snyder: murder (Diego)

Molly Conlan: convenience store hold-up

James Stenbeck: there isn't enough room to list his crimes

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Most of the characters listed were shown in prison serving time, weren't they? Either they had storylines about their prison life (Dorian, Tina, Craig, Ben, etc.) or they were written out of the show as prisoners and stayed in there (Iris, Steve).

I think Brad was put in prison for rape, yes.

I guess you can also count Alan Spaulding. He was shown in prison several times when Daniel Pilon was winding down the role and when I believe when Ron Raines came on in 1994.

Abby and Selena were also shown in prison on GL, for a month or two.

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