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All - Characters who've been behind bars.T

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Erica Kane: Statesville for kidnapping and Federal Prison for insider Trading.

Janet Green: Stateville for Murder

Kendall Hart:Statesville for perjury

Ross Chnadler:Statesville for rape.

Jermery Hunter:??

Sky Chandler:Statesville


Jason Morgan:pentionville


Anthony Z:Pentionville

Blackie: murder not sure if he's in Pentionville



Antonio Vega:Murder

Chris Vega:?

Dorian Lord:Statesville Death Row , murder one

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Palmer was in prison (and wound up running the place). I think this was for hiding Silver Kane's dead body and using it to control Natalie. That's where he met Mr U.

On GH, Scotty was in jail for a couple of weeks for killing his wife Susan(he was innocent)

I am pretty sure on OLTL either Cord or Tina wound up in prison, and that's where Jaime Sanders (not the Bionic Woman, the evil brother of Kate) was going to burn them alive or something like that. It's so long ago. I remember there was a jailbreak and Cord had to fight professional wrestlers.

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