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Neverending Math Problem


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*WHAT* happened to this Forum? It is a ghost town. And it looks like it used to be fun. I am going to attempt to bring it back with this one thread at least, get some people active in it again, I hope this works and I don't get let down... smile.gif

This is a Never ending Math Problem. It's easy. I am going to start off with a random math problem, solve it, and then you are going to add, subtract, divide, multiply, whatever you want to my answer. Then the next person will do the same, then the person after the next person will do the same, then the person after the person after the next person will do the same also....get it? You can be random with the numbers, be as outrageous or easy as you want. Just keep it going..


me: 2+2=4

next person:4+100=104

person after the next person:104-20=84

person after the person after the next person:84/2=42


See? You can use a calculator if you want :D. Being in High School and sucking at math, I can use all the practice I can get. You can check this thread out when your bored, waiting for a reply from someone, i have no idea man...just try it out ;-). I'll start of course...


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