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Daytime TV Reader's Poll Thread

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Thnkas for continuing to post these!

This goes back to an earlier comment, but I think the ABC soaps (aside from Dark Shadows which had such a huge fan following), while not nearly as well rated as the CBS and NBC soaps at this time anyway, also attracted a different audience compared with these soaps--one that probably was less likely to read, and vote, in such magazines (though obviously this would quickly change--the continually massively vocal DAYS fanbase aside).

Even when you read soap books from the mid 70s or before, there seems to be a sort fo resentment against shows like OLTL.

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I'm glad someone reads them. I know it's probably not easy, as there's a bit of blurring and I cut out the non-poll stuff. If it's difficult for any of you to read, let me know.

The ABC soaps do seem to be just starting to get steam at this time, and you can see the line between OLTL/AMC and GH (the comment in 1976 asking soaps not to get rid of old characters the way GH has is kind of sad -- if only they knew what was to come).

It's interesting to see how accepted Jacquie and George were when moving to OLTL. They're both footnotes to OLTL history now but they did help OLTL through a tough transition period and probably helped ABC continue to have faith in the show.

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