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The Soap Box


By Alan Carter

With apologies to Esquire, I'm periodically going to showcase the soap women- and men-we love. First: Martha Byrne (As the World Turns). Assuming the role of Lily in 1985, Byrne made her a marvelously morose teen, winning a 1987 Emmy. ''It was easy,'' says Byrne, now 24. ''As a teenager you're depressed to begin with.'' After she quit in 1989, her replacement never quite flowered. Last year Byrne returned as Lily, currently a torch singer and kidnap victim, expertly portraying her as ''a total emotional mess.'' She now anchors one of daytime's most compelling love triangles with Lily's husband, Damian (Paolo Seganti), and Holden (Jon Hensley). ''The audience is really torn-which I love,'' says Byrne. ''One (fan) letter says, 'I love you.' Another says, 'You're a tramp.' What more could I want?''

Entertainment Weekly - Published in issue #212 Mar 04, 1994

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The snippet from the SPW Jessica/Duncan article was great -- too bad soaps aren't so committed to telling strong social issue and romance stories today.

Seeing those old cast photos from the 60s and 70s are wonderful. Do you know who everyone is in them? Who was in the dressing room and who was that above Kim and Doug and Frannie?

Thanks again for all this stuff. And for the moment where Judge Lowell is looking at Zach Roerig's nipples :lol:

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just found this over at SoapsWEB:


From left to right, seated, first row:

Franny Brennan (Toni Darnay), Dan Stewart (Jeffrey Rowland), Susan Burke (Connie Scott), Paul Stewart (Edmund Gaynes)

Standing, second row:

Ellen Cole (Patricia Bruder), seated -- Alma Miller (Ethel Remey), Chris Hughes (Don MacLaughlin), Pa Hughes (Santos Ortega), Nancy Hughes (Helen Wagner)

Third row:

David Stewart (Henderson Forsythe), Lisa Hughes (Eileen Fulton), Penny Wade (rosemary Prinz), Judy English (Sibyl Collier), Amanda Holmes (Deborah Steinberg)

Top row:

Donald Hughes (Peter Brandon), Doug Cassen (Nat Polen), Judge Lowell (William Johnstone), Claire Cassen (Barbara Berjer), Neil Wade (Michael Lipton), Fred Collins (George Sampson), Bob Hughes (Don Hastings), Ann Holmes (Augusta Dabney), Bill Holmes (William Prince)


Tom Hughes (Frankie Michaels)

It states on the heading that is from December 1965

Edited by Gilbert
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November 1965 Cast List

Tom Hughes (Frankie Michaels)

Bill Holmes (William Prince)

Ann Holmes (Augusta Dabney)

Bob Hughes (Don Hastings)

Fred Collins (George Sampson)

Neil Wade (Michael Lipton)

Claire Cassen (Barbara Berger)

Judge Jim Lowell (William Johnstone)

Doug Cassen (Nat Polen)

Donald Hughes (Peter Brandon)

Amanda Holmes (Deborah Steinberg)

Judy English (Sibyl Collier)

Penny Wade (Rosemary Prinz)

Lisa Hughes (Eileen Fulton)

David Stewart (Henderson Forsythe)

Nancy Hughes (Helen Wagner)

Grandpa Hughes (Santos Ortega)

Chris Hughes (Don MacLaughlin)

Alma Miller (Ethel Remey)

Ellen Cole (Patricia Bruder)

Paul Stewart (Edmund Gaines)

Susan Burke (Connie Scott)

Dan Stewart (Jeffrey Rowland)

Frannie Brennan (Toni Darnay)

1976 Cast List

Chris Hughes Don MaLaughlin

Nancy Huhes Helen Wagner

Dr Bob Hughes Don Hastinggs

Donald Hughes Martin West

Tom Hughes C David Colson

Natalie Bannon Hughes Judith Chapman

Franny Hughes Maura Gilligan

Dr David Stewart Henderson Forsythe

Ellen Stewart Patricia Bruder

Dr Dan Stewart John Colenback

Valerie Conway Stewart Judith McConnell

Dr Susan Stewart Marie Masters

Judge Lowell William Johnstone

Emmy Stewart Jenny Harris

Betsy Stewart Suzanne Davidson

Annie Stewart Martina Deignan

Dawn "Dee" Stewart Marcia McLain

Beau Spencer Wayne Hudgins

Dr John Dixon Larry Bryggman

Kim Dixon Kathryn Hays

Dr Jim Strassfield Geoffrey Horne

Grant Colman James Douglas

Lisa Shea Colman Eileen Fulton

Alma Miller Ethel Remey

Jay Stallings Dennis Cooney

Carol Stallings Rita McLaughlin

Laurie Keaton Laurel Delmar

Mary Elison Kelly Wood

Teddy Ellison Joseph Christopher

Joyce Colman Barbara Rodell

Sandy Garrison Barbara Rucker

Kevin Thompson Michael Nader

Dick Martin Ed Kemmer

Nurse Marion Connelly Clarice Blackburn

Nurse Pat Holland Melinda Peterson

January 1977 Credits

Written by Richard Soderberg & Edith Sommer


Nancy Hughes


Mr Chris Hughes


Judge James Lowell

Patricia BRUDER

Ellen Lowelle Stewart

Henderson FORSYTHE

Dr David Stewart


Lisa Miller


Dr Bob Hughes


Dr Dan Stewart


Dr Susan Burke Stewart


Dr John Dixon


Carol Demming Stallings

Kathryn HAYS

Kim Reynolds Stewart


Jay Stallings


Me Tom Hughes


Me Grant Colman

Barbara RODELL

Joyce Colman


Natalie Bannon Hughes

Barbara RUCKER

Sandy McGuire

Kelly WOOD

Mary Ellison

Michael NADER

Kevin Thompson


Valerie Conway


Annie Stewart

Marcia McCLAIN

Dee Stewart


Pat Holland

Martin WEST

Me Don Hughes


Beau Spencer

Edited by Gilbert
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Thanks for all this.

I wonder who Franny Brennan was. Apparently no one important if they made her sit on the floor!

I didn't know Augusta Dabney and William Prince were on this show. They were fairly big soap names at the time but it doesn't seem like they stayed around too long.

Eileen Fulton seems a bit meek in that 1965 photo.

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Franny was David Stewart's housekeeper. I think she was obsessed with him. I should check.

The Holmeses played by Prince and Dabney were a failure. Katherine Babecki created them soon after Irna Phillips left headwriting the show. She wanted a new family but they were soon written off. Bill Holmes told his daughter Amanda her real mother was Sara Fuller, Don's boyfriend. Sara fell down the stairs and died. The story caused marital problems for Nancy and Chris as Nancy was sure Amanda pushed Sara while Chris was defending her. Amanda was cleared, dated Don ironically and left town soon after.

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Oh, Franny was the woman Ellen went on trial for killing? I wonder how she felt when Bob's daughter was called Frannie...

I didn't know that about the Holmes family. I wonder why they were a failure? Dabney seems like she would have fit in well at ATWT.

Edited by CarlD2
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This isn't really spoilerish, got this from Grayson's official site:

They will be taping the last show tomorrow, with these actors:






















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I got this list from another site..and it has more added to the final show

Paul, Emily, Eliza, Barbara, Henry

Bob, Kim, Chris

Margo, Tom, Casey, Katie, Lisa

Susan, Alison

Holden, Lily, Natalie, Luke, Faith, Ethan

Dusty, Janet, Lorenzo (Janet’s son)

Jack, Carly, Sage, Parker, Rosanna

Craig, Johnny

Lucinda, John

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I got this list from another site..and it has more added to the final show

Paul, Emily, Eliza, Barbara, Henry

Bob, Kim, Chris

Margo, Tom, Casey, Katie, Lisa

Susan, Alison

Holden, Lily, Natalie, Luke, Faith, Ethan

Dusty, Janet, Lorenzo (Janet’s son)

Jack, Carly, Sage, Parker, Rosanna

Craig, Johnny

Lucinda, John

This makes much more sense. Like I said, they probably spread the episode out over more than one work day. I believe that's entire contract cast, plus Lily, Janet, Susan, Emma, John, and the kids. Interestingly, there's no Noah or Reid. Maybe we'll get an "I've made my choice, and I choose me." (© 1995, Kelly Taylor) scene.

Edited by All My Shadows
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