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ATWT Tribute Thread


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Thanks Gilbert. I don't remember this Brad. I guess this was one of those with Annie and Dee. The name seems familiar. He looks kind of like the guy who was on My Sister Sam and Ruth's gay florist friend on Six Feet Under.

I never knew Abe Vigoda guest starred. Who is with him (besides Kim and Bob I mean)?

Who is the ballerina?

Is that a young Rex Smith with those two women in the 70s photo?

Are the black and white headshots Kim Johnston?

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Was that Lilia Skalia with Abe Vigoda? This was a mini story when Bob & Kim were on their honeymoon and helped unite these two older people.

The only ballerina I recall was Dana played by Deborah Hobart. She was involved with Bob in 79 and was canned when the Dobsons took over.

Can't identify the young people in the bw & color shots.Can anyone help?

Are we sure that is Brad Hollister(Peter Brouwer) with Margo(Margaret Colin)?

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