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OLTL August Preview at SOAPnet

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Oh what a wild August it will be in Llanview County. The catfights between Blair and Tea only get more heated once Todd embarrasses Blair at Viki's and Nora's weddings by declaring his love publicly for Tea. Now that Tea's got Todd in the bag, she can completely focus on winning Matthew's case, right? Except that some hot shot attorney named Elijah has been brought in by Nora and Bo and he knows something about Tea that she doesn't want known.

Loose lips sink ships, and Tea's going to regret telling Blair she had a deep, dark secret because Blair decides to find out what it is in hopes of using it against her. So Blair hires Rex to dig around in Tea's past but the trail goes cold once Tea was rescued from the island with Ross. Blair, being the crafty southern vixen that she is, decides to pick up from there and goes out in search of the long missing Ross. What do you think Tea's big secret is?

Speaking of Blair, did we mention that she and Dorian are at the center of what will surely be the most surreal, amazing, fantastic "One Life to Live" episode in history? "OLTL" is doing a homage to the cult classic documentary "Grey Gardens" (which is about Jackie O's eccentric cousin and aunt who live with about 90 cats in a dilapidated mansion), with Dorian and Blair taking on the roles of the film's stars, "Big" and "Little" Edie Beale. Expect singing, dancing and and some really extreme fashion statements.

And what about the Bo/Nora front? Will their kiss (and our prayers that they reunite) be enough to stop Nora from marrying Clint. Here's what we can tell you: Viki will definitely marry Charlie. Yeah, we know that helps.

In other exciting news, David Vickers returns to town and makes a beeline for Dorian's. Except Dorian is much too clever to buy his line of bull and she quickly realizes David wants all the occupants of La Boulaie to agree to take part in his reality show – something akin to "The Real Housewives of Llanview." (or real sociopaths?) But now that David's a Buchanan, will he be able to weasel in with them – or will Buchanan money make David's reality dreams come true?

Gigi is reeling from the news that her evil sister his pregnant with Rex's love child. She does everything she can to get Stacy to leave town, but Stacy won't budge. So it'll be great news when they find out Stacy's miscarried, right? Wrong. Stacy's determined to have a baby to hang onto Rex and she will do anything (and seriously, we mean anything) to deliver Rex a son or daughter. Meanwhile, Schyuler, is pining away for Gigi, who is so ticked at Rex and Stacy for sleeping together and doing that whole conception thing that she doesn't know what to do. Well ... maybe that kiss Schyuler lays on her will help?

Over at the (Oliver) Fish tank, it seems that young officer Fish can't make up his mind about what team he's playing for. While he continues to romance Layla (much to Cristian's dismay) he also wrestles with his leftover feelings for Kyle. What's he do? Making out with Kyle is a start. Too bad Cristian witnesses the whole thing.

Cole heads undercover and works to expose the hidden drug-laden underworld of Llanview. He soon learns, along with John and the rest of Llanview, that the investigation could lead to people more powerful than they ever expected.

Speaking of powerful people, look for Viki and Dorian to get thrown together into a big new story doing what they do best – battling each other. Viki begins to weigh a second mayoral bid while Dorian teams up with the current mayor to hold back Viki's perceived power grab. You wanted a Viki story – you got it!

All the while Jessica is continuing to see "someone" (is it Nash?) in the bushes around Llanfair, Marty tries to get her old job back – but has several hurdles to jump first, and salsa superstar Frankie Negron appears on August 5th.

Link: http://sn.soapnet.go...st-2009-preview

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