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AMC: Friday, June 12, 2009

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I thought we were finally going to get a break from Zach/Kendall but then they showed up before the opening!

I still love Annie and I'm glad she realizes how Adam can help her. Even though I liked her and Aidan as a couple, I'm psyched at the potential of her and Adam. Aidan's sudden turn against her gives me hope he's leaving the show.

Jake/Amanda are great together and I thought it was a terrific cliffhanger. Will she keep the baby after all? Being spoiler free, I'm not sure but I hope not because I'm 100% ready for Liza to start keeping David's child from him.

I laughed when Liza didn't feel the dart and Tad looked shocked.

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I usually love David, but he's been whining so much about poor David with Marissa *who has been whining about poor David, too) that I'm just not loving him at the moment. Same for Marissa, but she sort of called David on his whining for a moment yesterday and I liked her again for a second. There was a time not too long ago I would have had an issue with the wedding day antics and instead on Thursday I thought he deserved it. They had found a good balance in the writing with David for a few months, but amped up the obnoxious in the past few weeks.

Jake. I like Jake and Amanda but I am not liking Jake right now. There's something not right about the way he's pushing Amanda to give up the kid when she clearly does not want to give up the kid anymore. Maybe there'll be a twist here but for now it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm not particularly getting Liza's obsession with the baby (especially now that she and Colby found those damn "evil-Adam"-letters and are so much better), just like I'm not getting why Amanda doesn't keep her baby and fight David in court BUT the Liza/David shenanigans could end up being fun here.

Tad's reaction to the dart going straight through the "tummy," lol, priceless.

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