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SOD Spoilers [4/28/09]

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Braun and Riegel Exit AMC

Backstage Buzz!

GH Surprise: Carly's Pregnant!

Phyllis Plots Against Sharon on Y&R

DAYS: Nicole and EJ Wed

GL Cancellation: The Aftermath; Ken Corday: "In desperate times, desperate measures are somtimes the worst things to resort to...what GL became was not a soap oera. It smacked of ESPN or the evening news and done without nay homage to the creator of the show...it wasn't because of one inept person in the last year or two; the show ran its course." He compliments the show and it's history, too, but I pulled out the "scandalous" parts.

OLTL: John is Arrested!

There's a picture of GH's new Michael, no more red satanic hair, lol. He's adorable, reminds me of a young Jesse McCartney.


DOOL: Philip Is Shot!

GH: Jax Confronts Jerry

B&B: Ridge Sets Up Rick

ATWT: Luke Is Kidnapped

72% of polled fans, in SOD, said they'd watch GL if it moved to SN. 18% online.

Editors' Choice: Her Town, Y&R (Katherine)

POTW: Jason Thompson, GH

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Corday has alot of balls doesn't he.... considering the crap he has pulled with DAYS over recent years? I mean there is alot of truth to what he says, but he is the last person who should be making those comments. Angela, can you tell me what exact scene of Katherine's they are referring too? Is it the episode where Marge was going around town?

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Guest dc cubs

I have watched Days of Our Lives for over 25 years. I can't believe what Corday said about GL when IMO he has single handedly put Days on the cusp of cancellation the last few years. Ken is a major tool.

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