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Predictions: where will the star's of GL end up?

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OUCH. She actually let them do THAT to her?!

I bet you're going to be SO right. Like seriously bang on.

GL has always looked MUCH better on my computer, for whatever reason...I would be so interested to see what the show could do as an internet soap. The show is a pioneer, why not give it 3 months on the web, P&G gets a tax write off outta the deal!

Susan Flannery, in those terrible suits, looks dignified for a 70 year old woman. If she wore better jewelry and had those suits detailed with some sequins or piping or stripes or SOMETHING, she'd be divine. Kim Zimmer doesn't look good, she just looks like a blown out hooker, a 'vet' in more ways than one...and I LIKE Kim Zimmer, but DAMN did she ever let herself go.

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I agree with DaytimeFan that Susan Flannery could glam up her suits a bit more, but she does look like a dignified older women. On the other hand, Kim Zimmer dresses like she is 30 lbs lighter. She could dress more tastefully and still look womanly at her size. She should not be wearing clingy clothes that emphasize her "curves." It is like she is in denial about her weight gain.

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