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Written by

Rebecca Taylor

Directed by


Annie, Aidan, JR, Colby, Tad, Ryan, Erica, David, Zach, Kendall)


A. Annie Room: Oakhaven: Aidan arrives bringing Annie breakfast, but she's still stressed over her nightmares. Aidan tries to convince her to face it. Annie says she might've killed someone.

B. Chandler Mansion: JR and Colby are on their phones. JR let's Tad in. Tad wonders what's the matter? Is it Little Adam? Colby gets off the phone telling them if they hear from Stuart Chandler, please call back. Tad wonders if Stuart's missing, but they say Adam was in hospital using Stuart's name. He checked out and no one knows where he is.

C. Ryan Penthouse: Erica shows up telling Ryan she's there early on purpose. Ryan says he knows very well why she's there. She's there to keep him away from Kendall.

D. Hospital: David tells Zach and Kendall that Ian's heart rate is up and is off the ventilator. Ian's condition is improved to have surgery -- if that's what they want. Zach says of course it's what they want. David warns him there are risks they'll be facing.



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Rebecca Taylor is doing good stuff with Friday's. Second Friday in a row I've been impressed. She's been a rainbow in the muck of Mon-Thur, lol.

David/Krystal. Great.

Kendall/Zach. Great.

Erica/Ryan. Interesting.

Adam teasing. Great. What's wrong with Adam's beautiful mind? Adam's back! Adam and Erica kissing! Weeee.

Annie/Aidan/Tori. Kinda boring, but I guess not Frankie/Randi levels. Oh, but the ending there was good with no-Tori.

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Lucci and Erica are indeed ON FIRE!

That last scene with Erica and Adam was awesome. I didn't expect it and I saw felt some real chemistry between them today.

I even *gulp* enjoyed Zendall today.

Lots of good stuff. Leora and David. Liked Krystal's touch with David. I thought VI did a really nice job today in the layers David's dealing with regarding this surgery.

Tad is the minus over all but even he wasn't bad today. Bored with Annie, Tori and Aiden. But still willing to watch this story.

I've been entertained by 3 episodes in a row (minus Zendall yesterday and the day before) now after that awful little run up to where David shook Krystall into a bruised face.

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I'm sorry but there is no romantic or physical chemistry between Adam/Erica. I don't feel anything but icky when they kiss :huh: Now Adam/KWAK was a different story even though I'm not a big KWAK fan.


I actually liked David/Krystal today. I felt a connection for a change other than him just manipulating her. I still can't stand the slimball though :lol:

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Sounds like alot of good stuff! Zach and Kendall are enjoyable when its real... which the stuff with Ian is..... Its what made them great in the first place.... its how they are subsequently written in the aftermath that destroyed them and has at the same time destroyed the characters as well...

Is it just me, or does that Tori girl look slightly like Eden Riegel? She could have been a possible Bianca recast. Didn't someone say she is Addie Walsh's daughter?

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