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Written by

Michelle Patrick

Directed by

Angela Tessinari (thanks Kubla!)


A. Confusion Bar: Jake and Amanda are going over the adoption with the attorney. He asks if Amanda needs to rethink this in case she changes her mind. Amanda won't change her mind. She needs the adoptive parents to take over as soon as baby is born. The attorney asks if the baby's father's on board? Jake and Amanda are silent. The guy says legally cant proceed without his okay.

B. Wildwind: David gives Kwak some Promotional Consideration Provided by Florida Orange Juice. He says it's a beautiful morning after a beautfiul night. Krystal's silent. David asks if she's alright? Kwak knows David is worried about what people are thinking. Kwak's not laying blame, it's nobody's business. David is sure the Martins will use this to help JR get Little Adam.

C. Hubbard Loft: Little Adam runs in and mumbles something to Jesse, Angie and Natalia.

D. Tad House: Tad and JR are salivating over needing to get a picture of Kwak's bruise to prove David is a maniac. Opal enters saying that won't happen.

E. Ugly Ass Casino Bar: Zach brings Myrtle's photo back into the bar. Erica enters and congrats Zach on getting the casino back, but hints that Ryan still got away with something... being Kendall.

F. Slater House: Rendall are cuddling. Ryan calls Kendall bright eyes. Kendall says she's feeling a little less bright this morning, refering to herself as Ryan's real life trophy, and walks away.



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Did someone lose their day job, R? :(

I'm surprised Angie/Jesse would lie to Little A and then allow him to skip school and make it seem like that's ok to do. And is Natalia kidding - what kid would find sitting on the fire escape looking at cars drive by fun???

Rendall - puke. Zach - puke.

Love seeing Opal.

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Thanks, y'all... but eh, well! Found out 3 weeks later another coworker who I am close with got her walking papers after SEVEN YEARS! I had only been there two and was up for a raise in seven days. No such thing as coincidences! Good news is that I have been able to throw myself back into my writing. I got a nice severance, saved a few dollars and have a healthy income tax refund this year, so I have a little time to catch my breath and see where the next door of opportunity takes me.

Anyway, back to the show.

That Martin house. God, oh God why does Krystal do that to herself (she's a dumbass, that's why)? Hell, at this point, if I were her, I'd just say "Tad, meet me at the park or Gymboree or something." Every time she steps foot in that house to see Jenny, those imbeciles rake her over the coals with their sanctimonious judgment! I mean, really. They really are NOT thinking about Krystal. JR's out for himself. Tad's out for revenge, and Opal's just using this as a free therapy session to discuss all of her Ray Garder history.

Angie and Jesse... y'all were cute for a minute, but keep on breaking laws and acting all smug, I'll be cheering David on to take y'all down! Playing dirty is never a good way to play... I mean, if you want to be smug and superior to someone else who plays dirty, that is.

Sorry. Can't buy into Jake/Amanda. He dropped her to go sniffing after Taylor. Then called her all kinds of hookers and whores. Now, he's her savior?

Ryan... suck eggs and choke, bitch!

I do have to say I loved that whole Zach/Kendall/Ryan scene.

Ryan: "I have to go pick up Emma."

Zach: "When you come back... Family meeting!" :lol:

When Zach opened the door to Erica, the lighting and wardrobe was FAB! She positively glowed in that shot!

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With all the talk about Krystal's fall, especially between JR, Tad & Opal, it occurred to me that David can easily counter by subpoenaing Bianca to tell the court how JR "pushed" her off the balcony a few years ago. Imo, it was very similar to what happened to KWAK.

It was just a matter of time before David figured out that Jesse & Angie had Little A. I hate when supposedly smart characters act so stupid! Now David can hold this over their heads indefinitely.

Zach bossing Kendall around makes me hate him even more. Isn't it odd that the show is hinting at abuse between David & Krystal while showing Zach exerting his control over his wife Kendall and insisting she follow his orders? If any relationship on AMC shows the classic signs of turning abusive, this is the one. It's disgusting how Erica keeps pimping them!

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I'm still enjoying his work quite a bit, and I think that things are going to pick up once Adam and Liza blow back into town. My main complaint is the mess than is Kendall/Ryan/Zach, and I feel those characters are seriously draining the life out of the show. Things 'felt' much better when Kendall was in a coma, and her hiatus proved that the show can, yes, survive without her.

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