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All the best? Baby, haven't you heard? That's all I accept! :P

Thanks for the love.


I think there are quite a few elements that are out of synch on the show right now. For me, it was clicking up until the holidays. Then, things were sped up, clearly messed around with, and now... I find myself groaning at all of these plot points.

People, for years, have run around town screaming about how living in the Chandler Mansion is the worst thing for any child. Now we're supposed to believe that JR's the best father ever and is able to give Little Adam the best home ever because... why? JR's been sober for four weeks? :rolleyes:

Ryan's going on and on and on about his love for Greenlee and how his whole world has been shattered as a result of her death -- but he's screwing Kendall exactly a month after Greenlee dies and is trying to move in with her? And Kendall allows it? WHAT?!

We already know how I feel about the whole "David Beat Krystal Because the Martins Say So" plot.

The only positive side of the whole Zendall vs. Rendall drama is that they're the only people (besides Aidan & Annie who are on far too little -- well, Annie, anyway. I can do without Aidan) that aren't obsessing about David. Every word out of everyone's mouth is "this is DAVID'S fault! This is HAYWARD'S fault! DAVID is the devil! HAYWARD'S a monster! DAVID this! DAVID that!" It's as if they have no lives, because all they do is sit together in their little groups and speak for about 5 minutes about how horrible David is. And then, my favorite, proceed to antagonize the man. I mean, seriously, Hubbards. Did ya think that hiding Little A in your ever-expanding Loft with add-on bedrooms was the best way to neutralize a man that needs very little provocation to mess with you? It's as if Babe's spirit really is taking over the town. You know... the whole "I make stupid choices that piss someone off, only to act like I'm an innocent victim when they get angry."

I'm really disappointed in the handling of Reese. As I've said before, even though I felt TB wasn't my favorite Carly (even though I'll take her over Laura Wright any day) on General Hospital, I know she has the ability to serve it up fierce! She hasn't been given that moment yet. I get that TB, as an actress, is trying to play different roles and not be "Carly" all the time. But they don't have to write Reese to be such a passive doormat, either. I wish Pratt & Co. took the time to delve further into the struggles of being freshly out. And, no... not play around with the whole "is she bi, is she lesbian?" thing. Having been out for ten years, I know there are plenty of tales to tell. They could've had Reese be out but still not be comfortable with showing affection toward Binks in public. Or, there could've been an issue surrounding Reese not being out at work and the drama between Breese could've come from that. So may other options, but they wasted their time. They sped crap up so they can get this DAYTIME'S FIRST LESBIAN WEDDING... which was only a backdrop for the all important-yet-disappointing Greenlee Dies story.

I dunno... I'm still holding out hope. Maybe once things get out of this awkward stage, it'll pick up again. We have May coming up, so... [crossing fingers!]

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Out of the three idiots, Zach was definitely the one to cheer for yesterday, however that is not saying much.... I would just prefer for them all to fall in some hole somewhere and never ben heard from again. While I enjoy Erica and Ryan at odds (she finally has seen the light there), her blind loyalty to Zach just sort of negates it all.... she should be focusing on Kendall and her grandchildren aka Kendall's sons.

Pratt is still getting some things right though.... Opal's presence in everything is a big one..... while I think comparing Ray Gardener and David Hayward is just a tad bit much..... I love the reference to history there. Also the Amanda/Jake dynamic is still very strong and still continues to be my favourite storyline.... the only one really what I have an investment in currently. The spoilers for down the road as I and other's have said do look promising... it appears to be going to mix things up again which is one of the main reason's I fell in love with Pratt when he first came on board. Not afraid to go against the grain and do things that surprise and entertain me.... above all this soap needs to get that camp back that was the fall with Annie.... I am hoping one of the new recruits coming in provides that.

I still think Pratt is miles ahead of the past 5 years or so under The Writer and B&E.... but he needs to get something started again soon.... or he will prove to be just as tired as his predecessors.

As much of a plot point it was to get them airtime, I am glad the Hubbards got Little A for that very reason.... at least I get to see them.... I hope something more meaningful comes down the pike for them.

R, I totally agree with you about Reese..... they blew that big time, but I still respected what Tamara tried to accomplish what the writing couldn't. Reese was my main focus for really the last two months....

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