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GL: Susan Flannnery Directs an Episode


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I agree that they won't drop the studio completely. Going on location in L.A. full time is probably a lot trickier than Peapack, NJ, and the wide range of sets B&B uses - residential sets like the Forrester mansion and the homes of Brooke, Taylor and Nick; offices like Forrester Creations, the beach locales - would probably mean a lot more travel time, and that might impact B&B's ability to tape 8 episodes in a 4-day week. But the true outdoor scenes (like Steffy and Marcus on the beach) were a lot better IMO than the ones on the pseudo-outdoor sets at CBS (the Forrester sky lounge and its redressed variants), so maybe they might try to find some real outdoor sets to take the place of the ones they do in the studio?

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