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SOD Best and Worst 1986

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Thought this might bring back memories for some and start some discussion.

Some are a little cryptic or vague,so if you want more details,please ask!

Soap Opera Digest Best & Worst of '86

Best Wedding Traci & Brad Y&R

Worst Wedding Marlena & Roman DOOL

Best Mystery Douglas Cummings ATWT

Most Pointless Story Asa's Marriage to Pam OLTL

Most Romantic Scene Michael Serenading Donna AW

Worst Story Line The Laurelton Mystery GH

Biggest Letdown Father Christopher FC

Most Ruined Character Jillian Ryan RH

Best Love Scene In A Tent Sloane and Ali CAP

Best Story Line Sue Ellen Ewing's addiction DAL

Most Shocking Twist Kelly's Baby CAP

Best Reconciliation Paul and Lauren Williams Y&R

Most Contemporary Story Line Teen Sexuality DOOL

Worst Amnesiac Nina Warner AMC

Best Sets LOVING

Most Intriguing Character Duke Lavery GH

Best Love Story Cruz and Eden Sb

Best Anniversary ATWT

Most Disappointing Show GL

Best Prime Time Casting Stephanie Beacham The Colbys

Best Daytime Casting Kale Browne AW

Best Scored Show DOOL

Most Meladramatic Show DYN

Funniest Show SB

Most Improved Show ATWT

Most Unusual Short Life Mary Duvall SB

Most Ingenious Natural Disaster The Flood SFT

Best Love Triangle Nikki/Victor/Ashley Y&R

Most Surprising Relative Paige KL

Biggest Cop-Out Donna's miscarriage DAL

Most True-to-Life Story Jordy's accident CAP

Best Location Scene Vienna OLTL

Best Dream DAL

Loudest Show DOOL

Biggest Waste of Talent Taylor Miller AW

Gimme a Break! Pheobe & Wade AMC Baby Ben Story GL Pregnancy Records ATWT AMC DOOL

Best Daytime Show Y&R

Best Prime Time Show KL

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Kinda ironic that they used Asa and Pam's marriage as a plot point this year

Thanks for posting these--I love reading them. What was Pheobe and Wade on AMC?

And Loving best sets? Cool to see my fave udnerated soap get SOMETHING but surprised--next to Ruach's OLTL. Loving did always have pretty good sets though

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Wade and Pheobe AMC

A con man half Pheobe's age,duped her into marrying him.SOD said the relationshipwas so unfathomable,it was repulsive.They said Pheobe lost her dignity and smarts.

Chris Holder (Kevin Y&R Peter AW Mark EON) played Wade.He was 34 at the time.

Ruth Warrick was 71.

GH The Laurelton Mystery

This convoluted story concerned Bobbie's stepdaughter Terry Brock.She had witnessed a murder in her hometown.The plot is too detailed to go into here,but the story dragged on for months and didn't seem tomake much sense.Perhaps another poster could supply all the gruesome details.

SOD called it excruciatingly dull and torturous and said Terry 'turned up the volume on her screech box'.

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If one considers 1980-1985 the classic era of GH, then the Laurelton mystery it what ended the golden age and started its slow descent, If you consider the classic period the 1980s in general then this story was literally the worst part of the best period. It was awful and it never ended.

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I thought Wade and Phoebe were great fun and their relationship provided the perfect set up for one of the show's best murder mysteries. I still get chills remembering the reveal that the brooch found clutched in Wade's dead hand was not a "W" for Wallingford, but when turned upside down, was a "M" for Marian Colby (who he was secretly doing on the side).

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Wasn't this when Asa faked his death with the help of Brad Vernon and ended up living on some island with Pamela? Yeah, it was pretty pointless.

Oh yes, Terry and the brothers O'Connor, Patrick and Kevin. Something about a past murder and Terry walking naked through the streets of Laurelton.

What was going on with Jillian?

Casting my mind back...was this Frankie & Jennifer?

Duke was hot. B)

I really liked Michael Hudson at the beginning...that whole story in flashback with him being Donna's teenage "stable boy" lover and Reginald coming after them. Michael and "Blackie" had great chemistry.

The supercouples and their 4-5 themes apiece. :lol:

I think this was the David/Jenny/Brad/Cassie story, with the four of them defeating David's spy enemies. I put some of the scenes up on youtube.

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I think this was before their time. It's more likely they're talking about Bo & Hope or Pete & Melissa.

Cruz & Eden's love story was red hot in 1986. This was during much of the Santana/Cruz/Eden/Kirk quad, the greatest quad of all-time IMO. That's when I fell in love with them. Happy to see SOD felt the same way.

Love the Mary Duvall shout and the funniest soap award. Well-deserved.

Thanks so much for posting this!

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The teen sexulaity story on Days actually concerned Jennifer and Glenn(Rob Estes)

"In a series of senitive,in-depth discussions,Jennifer and Glenn talked about birt control,with Glenn deciding to take responsibility for protecting them against an unwanted pregnancy"

Jennifer talked with Alice,who made clear her disapproval of pre marital sex,but counseled her to take precautions.The story probed into the emotional issues involved when a couple decide to become lovers.Jennifer talked to her brother Mike ,who advised Jenn to be clear as to why she wanted to make love to Glenn.

Jennifer decided to make love with Glenn,but pulled back after admitting she wasn't sure sheloved him.Glenn was understanding.

SOD called it a well developed intelligent storyline.

Re Jillian on RH

Jill got amnesia,called herself Sara-Jane and shacked up with a fisherman called Dakota Smith-who turned out to be her husband's brother.

Asa & Pam OLTL

It was revealed Asa was a bigamist and had been married to Pam.who lived on the island of Malekeva .Asa pretended to be Jeb Stuart and claimed to be a ship's captain,thus explaining his long absences.

This 10 year marriage meant at one time he was guilty at one point of being married to three women at the same time and that his love for Becky Lee wasnot as sincere as claimed.

The story went nowhere as everyone pretty much accepted it.Pam tricked Asa into legally marrying her and moved to Llanview in an attempt to change him.Instead she was driven into the arms of Pete O'Neill,basically.it seemed.just to give those charactes something to do.

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ATWT had the Channing murder mystery that year too. IIRC, the stage was set for ATWT to win the Emmy for best show the following year.

It was during 1986 when the signs that GH's dominance of the ratings was showing signs of lessening.

That year probably rounded off the height of Loving's popularity ratings-wise whilst Santa Barbara was building itself up slowly in that regard. During the summer of 1986, Another World got its highest ratings since the 70s glory days- not sure what caused the spike there.

Capitol was in decline and entering its last year. John Conboy was the only EP in the show's five-year run, and Henry Slesar was replaced as HW by James Lipton- and from what I gather, the show was quite bad in its final months.

Gloria Loring ended her six-year run on Days as Liz Chandler. She had been the only one of the infamous "class of 1980" to have any staying power.

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