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SOD Best and Worst 1986

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I remember reading how convuluted the character became. A few months into Claire's tenure, the producers suddenly went up to Susan Pratt and told her that Claire was now to walk with a limp.

They really had no idea what to do with her.

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Re Loving's sets

SOD said"...beautiful.realistic,wonderful to look at...absolutely smashing.

The Alden drawing room...wedgewood blue walls,carved moldings,Oriental rugs,fine furniture.

Cabot's study...leather furnishings,polished wood,lush rugs...speaks of old money and good taste.

Capturing the essence of the Aldens...wealthy,refined,elegant.

Kete Rescott's home...peeling paint outside,-old.worn wallpaper inside,couch in garish floral...reflecting her personality and socio-ecomomic standing,

Spacious sets that give a feel for the whole room...accomodating varying camera angles...expansive sets allow full length views of chracters...as important to the mood of a scene as dialogue.

Rooms beautifully detailed...paintings,statues or newspapers stacked in a corner.

Sets,wonderfully lit are masterpieces....credit to designrr Boyd Dumrose"

The accompanying pic shows the apartment that once belonged to Dane Hammond and then Harry Sowolsky's when he won the lottery.

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If I recall correctly, 86-87 was the period when GL went through six different headwriting teams...but Pam Long made a spectacular comeback in 87, signaled by Reva pouring herself into her famous tight red dress and going out for a night of fun at the country club...I believe SOD named GL most Improved Show in 87, although I might be wrong.

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