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AMC: SOD Spoilers...

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From NewinPV/Betty at SOC:

Chuck Pratt’s Plan to Save AMC

[insert picture of Kendall, Greenlee, Erica] – Pratt says strengthening the stories of Kendall, Erica, and Greenlee is at the top of his to-do list.

Pratt says he was approached by Frons to shake things up. He's met with Agnes Nixon several times, and plans to start with an umbrella story like they use in primetime and Guza excels at on GH.

About Ehlers: She’s a war vet, and Pratt wanted a character that audiences can relate to since the country is right now at war (similar to what Agnes did with the Vietnam war). The story will reach out and include other characters, namely Jake, and only get bigger.

On current characters: Adam should be less of an “aside character.” Y&R does that with Victor, so why doesn’t AMC with Adam? Above all he feels the show should revolve around Erica Kane. She is the Scarlett Ohara, and challenging that character and keeping her strong is where the story should be.

On the formal couples on the show: Pratt wants to beef up the men w/o beefcake, and make them stronger men that are not as reactive as they have been. He wants to get Zach “off the couch”, and notes they’ve had Ryan remember he loves Greenlee for a start. He feels one of the most important things is to bring Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan/Zach/Kendall front and center, and turn it into the big questions of relationship and marriage instead of who slept with whom. He says they are all very different marriages, but [“hint-hint”] that all ARE married, or will be. He promises that the bonds of marriage will be tested.

Beth Ehlers/RPG Interview

They just filmed their first scenes together where there is very little dialogue between them.

Ehlers isn’t nervous about recreating the chemistry with RPG because she knows it’s there. Goldin agrees that re-creating that was a piece of cake as long as they are on screen together. BE explains it’s important to her that the audience enjoy them, but she isn’t trying to win an award for making them seem like different people - she only wants the relationship to be viable. They both agree that they’d also probably click with other men/women on the show, and RPG jokes that right now he has a “bromance” going on with Aidan Turner. They aren’t trying to sell the pairing because they don’t feel it needs to be sold. They both agree that Gus and Harley is over and that’s not who they want to do. This is a new chapter.

Record This:

Monday, July 28th – Zach lectures Kendall about meddling in other people’s love lives.

Tuesday, July 29th – Krystal confronts Colby with the truth about Richie.

What will Happen:

JR wants to form an alliance with Zach

Annie sets a trap for Colby and Cassandra

Erica and Sam get caught in a kiss.

Comings and Goings:

-Beth Ehlers checks in on July 24th in a very brief appearance, when her character jogs past Jake.

-AMC is casting an elderly couple that will encounter a PV duo in Vegas inspiring them to elope.

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I can't think of ONE umbrella story Guza has EVER told.

And no, throwing all of your characters into a dangerous situation for three weeks during Sweeps does NOT mean "umbrella story". (No matter what Dena Higley says)

The only one I can think of that's even close was Brenda's return/Alcazar/Roy. And even that just fizzled out into Sonny/Jason/Alcazar/Carly once Vanessa hit the road again.

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I'm most worried about this Ryan/Greenlee/Aiden/Zach/Kendall fore front thing! That is NOT needed...back them off and let them get into other storylines with other people for once.

Also, is Annie not included in that list our hint that she is a goner????? :(

I love how he thinks Erica should be front and center of this show...and more Adam!

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We'll see how the Adam and Erika claims work out, ever HW has promised that and yet those two characters have become pathetic cartoon imitations over the year, not to mention secondary characters.

And using Guza as an example of an umbrella storyteller? Please...

Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan/Zach/Kendall are exactly the characters I want to see front and center. :rolleyes:

No mention of Angie and Jessie? Eh, maybe that's to come later.

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It's both troubling that he still lists them in the atrocious sextet formation (minus Annie, but she's sort of included - Ryan's married to her) and that he talks like they aren't always frontburner.


Oh, I also don't like that I felt as if he was saying he was going to make "the girls" (Kendall, Greenlee) more incompetent (TV Guide) and yet when he talks about the boys, who have big egos and hero issues, he says "men" and talks about how we're going to make them even more in your face MEN.

I wish we got people in charge that loved AMC, that knuw AMC. Peeps that didn't just throw out Agnes' name, etc. Maybe Pratt will turn out to be a pleasent surprise despite the fact that his (paraphrased/quoted) comments are not fulling me with confidence quite yet.

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