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AMC: Collin Egglesfield & Tila Tequila's Ashley McNeely to guest on Buzzworthy Radio

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Find out what it's like to be Erica Kane's son on All My Children with the special rescheduled guest Collin Egglesfield. Then we have on Tila Tequila firecracker Ashley McNeely best known for screaming "TILLLLLLAAAAA." Get in on the fun by logging on to the [NAME NOT ALLOWED] web page to listen live, join our live chat, or call in to the station at (646) 595-4228. Want to ask our guests some questions on SON? We'll be checking the boards to see what you all want to know.

"Get the latest buzz with [NAME NOT ALLOWED]!"
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    • Of course, RSW is going to be like the only one who gets softcore scenes now that the Peacock episodes have started *eye roll* Poor Uncle Ron’s gonna have some terrible arthritis in his wrist when he gets older. I did enjoy Xander today though. I hope he and Alex have a real brawl someday. And I’m also glad that Xander unwittingly reminded Gwen that she is nothing but sloppy seconds and always will be

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      Brady needs to be a parent and stop letting his little demon spawn or her crazy ass mother hold all the cards. I would love it if he reads what Chloe said and just doesn’t care. As for that crappy mess, it’s all so pointless and stupid. Leo just needs to go away and never come back. It’s pretty telling that out of all of Leo’s fans, only like three of them are LGBTQ+
    • This sounds hysterical.  
    • Rebecca Herbst even if I do have a preference.
    • OMG same. He's not desiring of her right now but I would lost my sh&* if she does show up in a few weekas. Okay...now we are just picking to pick.   If you were misdiagnosed about an illness for DECADES, you get the right to feel a way. Now if you keep going on about it for ohhhh six months...then be shady.     Not policing mind you, js. 
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