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Soap Opera locales

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The majority of soaps,past and present ,have been set in fictional towns.

We are all familiar with Salem,Pine Valley,Port Charles,Oakdale etc.

However,shows also use other fictional locales for neighbouring towns and the ubiquitous islands so dear to writers hearts.

Even shows set in real places eg Santa Barbara have used made up names for other places.

Can you recall some of these from current and cancelled shows?

Guding Light

Springfield current setting

Selby Flats previous setting

San Cristobel prominent in the early 2000's and still part of the show today

Bluefield West Virginia hometown of Rita Stapleton Bauer

Cambrai island home of Eve Guthrie

Please add your contributions

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The original thread was We, The Citizens of..., (Population size and Locations) by RuAsRuAnAu

I’ve always wondered about the population size and location of daytime’s towns and cities.

Another World: Bay City, Illinois

There were at least 60,000 residents in BC.

Texas: Houston, Texas

Search For Tomorrow: Henderson

The Brighter Day: Three Rivers; New Hope, Pennsylvania & Columbus

The Doctors: Madison (New England)

Desperate Housewives: Fairview (California)

All My Children: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

*Near Llanview; Lycoming County; Suburb of Philadelphia, PA

*One hour plane ride from NYC

There are at least 50,000 residents in PV with five major corporations & 4 medical facilities headquartered there.

The Edge of Night: Monticello, Ohio

Somerset: Somerset, Illinois

As The World Turns: Oakdale, Illinois

*Near Chicago; Lee County, Illinois

There are at least 30,000 residents in PV with five major corporations & 4 medical facilities headquartered there.

Bright Promise: Bancroft College

Loving: Corinth, Pennsylvania

*Near Philadelphia, PA & NYC

There were at least 15,000 residents in Corinth.

From These Roots: Strathfield (New England)

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing: San Francisco, California

The Young And The Restless: Genoa City, Wisconsin

*Southern Wisconsin --mentioned in August 2007

There are at least 40,000 residents in G.C. with three international corporations (Chancellor Industries, Newman Enterprises, Jabot Cosmetics) headquartered there.

The Secret Storm: Woodbridge, New York

Another Life: Kingsley

One Life To Live: Llanview, Pennsylvania

*County seat of Llantano County; Suburb of Philadelphia, PA

*Near Pine Valley & Llantano River

*One hour plane ride from NYC

There are at least 40,000 residents in Llanview with 5 medical facilities & 5 media outlets.

Ma Perkins: Rushville Center

Ryan’s Hope: Riverside District, New York (NYC)

Guiding Light: Springfield, Illinois

*Originally Selby Flats, California

There are at least 25,000 residents in Springfield.

General Hospital/Port Charles/General Hospital: Night Shift: Port Charles, New York

*near Buffalo or Rochester, NY --mentioned when Luke & Laura were on the run

There are at least 80,000 residents in PC with three medical facilities. GH characters did not deal with the craziness (vampires, magic spells etc) that occurred in Port Charles.

Where The Heart Is: Northcross, Connecticut

Days of Our Lives: Salem, Illinois

*Originally New England

*Near Chicago

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just an IMO on the people on GH not dealing with the vampires on PC - it was only retarded because of the fact that half the cast worked in the same hospital - however, my town isnt huge - but its big enough for me not to know whats going on in the other half of town. but whatev..

that underground city on OLTL had to be the worst storyline ever. even wose than anything passions did, revas clone on gl, days possession, etc...

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