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ALL:Grade your Soap Week?

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Well the Week of October 15, 2007 was simply amazing for Days Of Our Lives. It was flawless all through this week. John Black's death is probably the saddest storyline days had in awhile. Martha Madison and Deidre Hall broke your heart and just for this week alone, they should be nominated for an Emmy and Win. Days should be nominated for Best Series and Win just for this Week.

Too Bad the Emmys cant see how good of a soap Days is. The emmys are too fricken fixed and too bad days does not have a chance but hey we may get a surprise this year with both Martha and Deidre being nominated and Win, they deserve it especially Martha Madison. If neither Deidre and Martha are not nominated then i will put up a protest in front of the emmys headquaters or whatever and demand that Martha Madison get nominated for best supporting Actress, just for this week alone Martha fu*ken deserves it.

This Week has been the best week days had in a while, since Sami and Lucas's Wedding. Fridays Episode was just a fantastic emotional episode as well, have a nice long montage of John and Marlena was quite nice. Thank you Ed Scott and again thank u for no fricken special Effects.

If Days Of Our Lives was on CBS or NBC, they would most likely get nominated for best support actress/best lead actress with both martha and Deidre and for Best Drama Series just for this week. It was amazing.

I also enjoyed seeing Stephanie's redemption starting a little, when she made that plate for her mom kayla was so sweet and thoughtful. I also loved when Steve took his hand and gently stroked her cheek.

But the stars of this week was Martha Madison, Deidre Hall and also Allison Sweeney.

This week was flawless and i wouldnt be surprise if noone FF this whole week. Come on Sheffer, u prove to us that u can write good balance, good writing, emotional episodes, come on do it all the time. This week as for balance was amazing, the writing was amazing, the directing was amazing.

but omg that montage on friday's episode was great. thank u scott/corday/sheffer for that montage.

Also thank for giving [email protected] fans that classic Pier scene in 1991 at the beginning of thursday episode. But for some reason i am finding it hard to believe John is really dead and that he will somehow resurface, hey this is days of our lives and anything can happen.

I didnt mind the sorority story ether, it went quite well with John's Death and it was limited. I am loving that they are getting more into the sorority story and it sounds like it is going to be a serial rapist including to Billie. It also sounds like it will be handled alot better too. Dont blow this one sheffer.

but omg HISTORY COMING INTO PLAY WAS AMAZING and the mention of Vivian Alamain was great too even Eric and Brady.

Days Of Our Lives: A++, keep up the good work Days

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